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Meatballs with rice very tasty and gentle.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone, I will cook today because we meatballs with rice also simple recipe tasty if interesting look maybe too and cook your family for meatballs diversity and any stuffing perfectly whatever you have then add onions I divided a large onion in half and ground in a blender can both want to cut through a meat grinder and why add greens spoon
  • 00:30: I love the greens of the patty whether the walls of tanks General stuffing no greens not necessarily the is there any seasoning then some black pepper add hops and managed I like not I have said stuffing somewhere about 700 grams then salt by taste is also the same and who is the risk pic I cooked a glass of 200 gram rice but
  • 01:08: you know it will be a bit too much I put aside half more just rice said washed it that is he had my legs almost ready not even up to half ready readiness but ready and now this I mix the whole mixture well I need it su to interfere with the words of the page I already did Candy showed that I beat him very
  • 01:42: okay a few times right like that ward off then yours turns out lush well as if meatballs meatballs lush and tender it turns out Generally in this way I have it now will do so meatballs repelled meat fash beat off meatballs now form this way so they were like that of kugi and here I get it from this
  • 02:12: quantities of 12 pieces they have not little ones pretty big enough all then we’ll leave them for now and we’ll do perm fills they also turn out so straight gentle soft good how do so Means, too, onion well approximately here are just a plate This, too, as you want there warmed up pan with vegetable oil
  • 02:45: I throw onions and carrots right the same carrots about here I was about the same she put it all and now a little racks simmer on low heat while stirring we are preparing to do this for a girl so let me show you how about a girl we take a glass half a glass of cold water
  • 03:15: some salt there by the field and not recruiting so that the flour was forged by anyone and 3 tea spoons bows I already measured them here and mix well this mixture to have a homogeneous mass and he points well mix and order time we fry onions with carrots
  • 03:49: then it will reduce fire a little and immediately I'll show you later you can add a tomato I have no native posts but there is homemade frozen tomatoes I just have them who have what can add his tomato paste post either tomatoes just shredded as liquid homogeneous the mass will go and add later so add we put out a little brand
  • 04:25: To services we add ground tomatoes either looking to get everything mixed we want to add water there and some bring to a boil to boil the stack so all boiled then add salt and somewhere a teaspoon course us too then try some more for park half a teaspoon then black pepper
  • 04:55: seasoning too mask what you want shuffle it all continues to stand and quietly pour in flour with water stir and stir to not com forged some body like that all poured now stir too and
  • 05:26: bring to a boil taste if there is not enough salt or there pepper can add all this a little prokipit on and off but look boils minutes two or three u I was somewhere like that five throw any greenery shuffled turn off the greens I throw it frozen mind the phrase is not already a flash drive
  • 05:57: connected so everyone then take this fill and forest fill tee in the shadow I warmed the oven 180 degrees so and here these meatballs put in the oven minutes
  • 06:28: at thirty i have a baking mode up-down and level average all 30 minutes and those body are ready so all the meatballs are ready to stand baked about 35 minutes so little I'll try to get more such Now hot sauce tastes I already
  • 07:04: tried when in the pan cooked very tasty hot like this with a gravy adding awesome yummy can be any I will cut the garnish now These are not soft with rice like this looks beautiful and tasty and as a side dish I will do
  • 07:37: baked potato in the oven if interested to see that, I will put it in the next video well all bon appetit bye Bye