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  • 00:00: comrades officers ask to present
  • 00:43: documents curfew who are you such Your Mandate for Eligibility Assistant military commander 132 stage on captain's commandant's office nikusha I beg you are welcome and eat looking
  • 01:19: and surrounding areas so apple kidding it do read read it all there it is equally often to be noticed comrade captain that the forest is not the most the right place for such conversations she is officers of the commandant's office means to us except for us, this is supposed to be here
  • 01:49: there is nobody and who else can hear it hundred left handed is not a fact and what other documents do you have and what these aren’t enough well in the city it was enough and here it is not quite you I'm sorry of course, but here we would
  • 02:19: check wholesale such as i don't for example I know well, yes, we, too, this from the commandant's office please duty assistant what are you interested in the passbook clothing
  • 02:50: food this tattoo art ticket award documents well let's let's the law to Greece on the order requires service and service his dances opa pancake red banner Order of Patriotic War, 1 degree write-off agent is this surety senior swing it checks they are not afraid who are they and how were the dacha forest
  • 03:24: borscht and generally in advertising doesn't keep well features and in Russian I am faster kovalev ivan short upper lip mannanov caught in the heat of war caught serdyuk walk what other documents do you have Chubarov Nikolai Petrovich
  • 04:11: hospital certificate Form number 16 slope corresponds his eyes are unkind not even very kind we are with you talk it countrymen in one hospital I was there this is also about being wounded for about a month brought up woman was cook smoothly you know just warm Here is one word Kohl
  • 04:44: you know probably yes elizabeth Lance Sergeant I am interested in mini cook Vasin Mikhail Sergeevich Order of July 17 44 years freshly baked and you are lieutenant colonel
  • 05:14: Vasina from the front headquarters you are not related not those hard as you wave I thought straight weeks brother or uncle who is also also Sergeevich oh smart scarlet man general up we him near Smolensk you know how hard and my main thing is how to meet so says how are you the grid commandant's office I'm burning
  • 05:45: Normally I say while I am alive, and he told me you surely understand that you have the flu kvass of rear rats is made gerd from a cannon you will not live okay number series photo card quieter play easier senior lieutenant lefty really there
  • 06:16: ceiling Petka force fact fedulov gray eyes narrow chin signature to the commander of the part naturally and the lieutenant tensed on indirect and all it's not a fact, download it, download it: paper texture density south russian dialect catcher caught the cast iron Altunina your walk in Russian Mishchenko's blue eyes eyes with a squint really can't mishchenko understand
  • 06:49: chief of staff of the battalion so commander companies platoon leader so and where is your personnel? task you can do it here without subordinates do not understand I do not quite understand you that she is in something suspect what was going on why such check such interrogation this is due to the necessity of what and what which means
  • 07:23: so we need and cinnamon in the performance you owe it to us don't insult the law as they say order requires correctly Does the service I ask where is your part in a new villa not Is it really beggar Mishchenko nine hundred and fifth year of birth to him 39a this vine with a squint of southern Russian dialect sketch perhaps maybe it's just me lacquer for the police
  • 07:56: catch the capital of the red army twice order bearer and they have this Mishchenko the figure does not say forehead is not a fact that it Mishchenko is not a fact that they Nieman shakes Pasha swing your task make them manifest your essence all flawlessly all fit well what have they not so that it can only seem checking documents they care nothing probably will not give Why is the assistant commandant silent? forgot
  • 08:27: passive behaves to hell and now comrades officers will ask present for inspection your duffle bags on what basis in What's the matter inspection of personal belongings is need what does need mean I am not ordinary sergeants you are not foremen Who gave you the right to search the officers and we didn't even think of searching you I ask that you yourself have shown that you have
  • 09:00: duffel bags understand to make a reservation voluntarily and if we do not wish that is, how it is not willing okay let's say good I tell you this as an officer only you understand to mention it to anyone you are 16 means bullets whore but all were
  • 09:30: that and it is understood 16 into a lady from an artillery warehouse lost two boxes of explosives we have a parable here and there is an indication that she was carried out all bagged officers understand and taken out of the city and why not known understand no instructions can this is a fish jamming and maybe a bridge to blow up
  • 10:00: some kind of crap we were not any stock and who knows that comrades dear let's for good you are Soviet people have an indication and I ask it humanly please show that you have duffel bags must state with all responsibility that we were not in the lead in no stock know any explosives and do not want us searched
  • 10:31: absolutely right then you have to drive with us this commandant's office you still have a platter right here at we have this sheathed things car there in truth bodywork but nothing on you there is a place asking asking kindly please if it is you so interested in searching and only
  • 11:05: work for yourself unfortunately we have no time with you ride there is more business in the area but I will complain here
  • 11:38: you are welcome tightened the knot cleverly cute this is a trick for my not once seen surrounded from the sides perfectly calm
  • 12:08: for them can any and yet not a fact be kind and stand on its place in what place what's the matter kindly and stand on your place here you can still stand at attention
  • 12:49: put it if i need put we are officers of the commandant's office we understand on duty Jagr have become council Arise as a standing like this
  • 13:31: where did he get on him that the eclipse found
  • 14:05: be that as it may be they will not leave tomatoes if everything is from ruza Yes
  • 14:44: order two surely warm you are not wounded no scratches and small shop you broken head let's tie it up have time I do not remember this Mishchenko here she is telefunken to lie
  • 15:19: Vasya vadka troops your troops Pasha Pasha Vaska killed x cube you
  • 15:49: bought you Vaska killed my friend pasha pasha you tuber you you killed him no i didn't kill anyone it's not me i'm gonna live nobody killed you still dare me can him the transmitter callsign of your transmitter
  • 16:38: quests and who came here got it someone I nickname for the fence can not hear Ishchenko
  • 17:12: patel on that he and where is he that officer what handler just so that you are a radio operator like you name is good name Well, that's what if you did not kill Vaska
  • 17:57: and give us matilda then you can only breathe like me I will say understood and if you think of turning do not be offended if you think about it twist it will be the last minutes I understand your life pancakes
  • 18:28: comrades captain grandmother arrived
  • 19:02: that's for sure you didn’t get better I answer rush first
  • 19:38: Tomorrow I live for