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  • 00:00: good afternoon dear friends are you on the channel nursery marina stick new 2019 is coming soon frost is coming and like no one other our little charming pet chihuah closet need warm clothes for walks in the winter season if suits with vitara overalls not so hard to buy today large selection of different sizes from different
  • 00:31: materials then warm our beautiful big ears hide their hat turns out to be much harder to find a convenient model in our kennel can be purchased ready hats for their pets different models of different styles proven convenient patterns with different
  • 01:02: ornaments without ornaments can be with with ruffles can be with pompons can closed cut ears can be with open all models of these caps knitted helmet to form and very comfortable puts on doggy and also fixed at the expense of tying rezinochka on the neck and not fall from the head the cost of models is different and depends
  • 01:34: from the size of course first queue and from what is used if it's just a cap without any jewelry here such a plan just hat with open ears without a bow without pompons and the price of such a hat is worth 250 rubles if there are any politics type decorations here hat with open ears but with decorations
  • 02:06: or ryushechki both on and and models of ears open clothes the same over the head or bows you can add bead or stone of some multi-colored price of such a hat will be 350 rubles if this hat with such closed carved spoons like our little ones modelki the cost of such a hat from 500 rubles depending on the size of the cap also there is a New Year offers
  • 02:39: hat with carved horns deer which can be easily removed and not see sewn to ordinary cap after As will be held New Year's holiday and You will be just an ordinary cap and also now unfortunately I don’t have much amount of free time but was linked before and can be purchased as on sweethearts holy rock is very warm
  • 03:10: all the yarn we used wool soft complete with this hat Well the size of the spirit, it is slightly too big so she lies to me very much comfortable he is gay too big for a dog well weighing a kilogram of points 3 good thick with the original here is so viscous with cells such a set together with a hat with carved ears in that will cost one and a half thousand rubles and also holy hands here with such a New Year
  • 03:42: themed and lurex here he is present shines not know if it is not visible on the shooting in sight but he not from wool this synthetic it's not warm it's just so beautiful New Year's drawing such a sieve rock stands 500 rubles he is all decorated with such a pattern checks the size is about the same as I tried on my soul even one dog somewhere around three
  • 04:12: kilogram should weigh in principle everything it is measured very easily on the back chest girth and you can find out will suit your little dog so ready products or not suitable for what hat I went to your dog very easy to know what size you need take a hat should be measured like this centimeter taken from the chin like this as the cap goes between the pebbles of the eye and
  • 04:42: check this circle with a centimeter we are interested in this circle and neck girth if you know these two sizes and without fitting we will be able to pick up finished products on your dog but ideally, the best thing is of course come dog and try on because at the case of chic for example the height of the logic of each dog has its own daughter forehead High somebody forehead low and hence there will be a circle here now
  • 05:14: different heads these hats are sold by st petersburg to other cities i don't send who can knit I googled yesterday on google request and Knitted cap for cover I was given internet google so many channels there special channels for knitting clothes there are specifically here hats for
  • 05:45: I even knit dogs for myself though I already see these caps for more than seven years Here is such a well, different models on this one most successful model most convenient form how well the helmet is not easy to attach need no strings and good rests on the head and despite the fact that it seems I have already tried all the patterns all models and checked everything already on their dogs I found all the same for myself in
  • 06:16: online new options how to link I tie a hat with a hook knitting needles Some products use a little crochet hook for example knitting here these horn deer so who knows how to knit can be a variety of patterns found in online and link there is with detailed descriptions who can not
  • 06:46: knit please can contact Our nursery phone numbers will be left in the description under this video or write to the personal page of the nursery VKontakte reference will also be left in the description under this video Our nursery is located in St. Petersburg is repeated in other cities knit I do not I just do not have this time who is not subscribed to our channel invite to subscribe
  • 07:17: who signed stay with us until new video and see you on channel nursery mari mystic health you and your pets