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  • 00:00: I greet you and you Nina Panova I am a financial consultant of one wonderful community mercury global we have a new website cool enough interesting here you are can watch the video of the top leaders of our community but the most interesting thing is inside us I enter my office on the new site of 12 wonderful programs
  • 00:38: which you can participate now I work two programs this self-help program and program cryptocurrency in more detail I you will introduce in another form in this video I want show what the program really is works and money is withdrawn in a timely manner on purse mani
  • 01:10: so go to the program here is a mutual aid program I donated 250 funds long pleased in our general outline of the program mutual aid and from them every day I receive before the definition of means 2 percent of the amount or is it 5 dollars
  • 01:41: except sunday sunday we have the weekend I go I go community and I press after the right side charge premium here from you see me premium is 20-30 dollars now push accrue an award booted as we go in again
  • 02:15: program how and how you see time added by 5 dollars the counter is right here I earned tomorrow I can award you to you again here I see one hundred and fifty four dollars 40 cents is a premium i already got right here is 41 dollars here
  • 02:49: here you see the bonus for the recommendation here are amazing bonuses 12 percent for whom this is included in participant who fund your account and Ebbon Activation Bonus advice bonus for finger leadership not enough for all this all these bonuses transfer
  • 03:20: let's get to the most important thing is to conclude funds every day i charge myself a premium and Tuesdays can withdraw money today just tuesday i'm pushing to withdraw the premium continue like this but you have to continue after the prize so well here and now you see remove the premium
  • 03:52: here on my legs here's the total amount $ 35 I brought me so translate to main account 35 dollars ready to live now I must have them on basically all those go to the main here you see 3475 Dollar appeared on my main
  • 04:27: account you may have a question why I rummaged 35 dollars on my master account I got it 3485 20 percent is withheld and they distributed as bonuses between other members click here to request funds for
  • 04:57: conclusion I put the amount 34 dollars round sum request all as you can see right here on my main only 65 cents left so now let's go structure my requests So
  • 05:37: see 1501 so is it time I asked for 34 dollars later request meet after a while when they will come to my wallet overheating money so move on to the current time so that you
  • 06:07: it was clear like this Moscow time accuracy i 1303 in our community mercury global more half a million people from different countries and there was not a single case the money has gone somewhere or didn't come a couple of hours now let's go here Moscow time
  • 06:41: current 1648 so turn my office structure my requests so often spinning because as you see here it is already written paid off go to perfect mani go to perfect money here is my account
  • 07:12: by really this is my account here chintz you and here it is vanilla so go in history history and you see 34 the dollar came to my purse perfect mani from mercury global so come back cabinet and confirm that we are money received confirm all confirmed everything works everything is fine thanks
  • 07:50: mercury be in the community mercury It means to live in abundance contact me in any convenient way contacts under video