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  • 00:00: Taxi World Russian Post sometimes show tangent wonders delivery speeds we will assume that just a package very far from place I will come here in this way sent from Khabarovsk region 5 December
  • 00:30: what happened all 8 3 accordingly i I came to the post earlier, well, that is, we still did not study just looked at the site that it came what she came out of our sorting compartment idea knife should go to our population oh I came this way and already processed this night
  • 01:04: and in all tasks in general not all work it is not at the same time tormented parcels okay there was such here the second spare plate i made for green on the handle and but a very good thing here is shorter on Venus she came 30 years right from vologda and
  • 01:37: accordingly today on here already can be closer what does Khabarovsk mean here with us far eastern timber guys i just I want to show you I hope that the light It will be visible all will be well seen
  • 02:09: it means black poplar I understand that something suvel black poplars just black why not rus myself general because well rocks and much so here he is such a white but Amber are overflowing because his essence Then it comes as a divide under
  • 02:42: title or here these are all the places they are on the cate point They are not like many caps with holes i.e. match well as holes yes there are very few where there is micro holes that is, when used on the handle and holes will not need to be particularly strong somehow there you shut yourself up i watch it
  • 03:12: I just hope that everyone can see super wood of course beauty means Where is the tattoo that I can not say about everything in my opinion this is a bar and this is a bonus his sock
  • 03:42: and his handsome generally similar too Italics whether suvel and releasing s about anal an account of these things afterwards This is what I understand the level of ash if I'm not confusing anything also
  • 04:19: just want to watch any color excellent still post all this whole thing stabilize or saturate then at all sorry I saw you know that something that handle this is the fate that is, this is the whole point but unfortunately with pepper steve or as necessary as in 2 2 parts dangerously take off but very one third of the thickness exactly
  • 04:49: will leave a year ago at the end result of course just be super and this cup manchurian walnut here right there beauty I didn't even know me, not the sauce, this one
  • 05:23: cup he will go to this hook what is it 125 steel I think it is quite appropriate the metal will be the material of the handle that is, but these are all the bends Here you can watch patterns for a long time
  • 05:54: Manchurian nut that is Maggiore it means this is a Chinese region to ride grow in the far east height that's bonus bonus vovy bitch tree traffic
  • 06:25: This is an edge saw cut birch quality stabilized here and beech also stabilized wedges you can see a little bar especially how much less
  • 06:58: She can not just okay to be a lot remove but principle if at least we to almost any grip he will go to and this one here is a bigger size principle I want to say met with the person who sells in Russia in St. Petersburg particular load atrophy afterwards french tree but of course very dear and then there are big pieces that's how
  • 07:29: saw on 2000 is worth it in half cheaper Here is my looked on colors principle I I chose the most interesting colors here is a beech here it is such a good color American principle to stabilize beech here and here I will find the color although I would like Of course that does not poraznoobrazney ie you see that there is a difference with color with
  • 07:59: the pattern here doesn't compare it simple end saw cut I don't know, I think it's good. quality take-tion but here the word boys I would like more varied drawings atrophy that is, see why they take me for example, stabilize it late then there are mostly mostly of course
  • 08:29: quality is good at home by drawing me more of us our family tree stabilized in quality too our university to make good stabilized wood i.e. atrophy strongly would like more fish variety of colors of course cops here of course offer inferior our in terms of colors
  • 09:02: variety so on here thanks to everyone I hope for watching you I liked it and all the weight is very liked it thanks for watching everyone good luck and side