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Бактус "ЖГУТ". Просто!  Для подарка на Новый Год!

Бактус "ЖГУТ". Просто! Для подарка на Новый Год!  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] I welcome my subscribers and guests channel and audience growth is not a baktus filmed know how it all happened through another place on the way to the hospital picked up some kind of bacillus like nowhere never went anywhere well, on the third day, cough and runny nose and so even further temperature and very hard after the operation, that's it so to speak
  • 00:30: double pain but thanks to all those who wrote me encouraging such supporting me I thank you very much with these comments comments you gave me an incentive further keep knitting keep laying on the channel I think now I will explain to you and who would also like to connect simply quick think they will understand me how i connected I wanted to do this bug somehow such a bezel with harnesses
  • 01:00: I wanted this edge to be sharp and it could be tied up either throwing over his shoulder could be here in this way on the mannequin show because I'm not particularly healthy I think this bactus is tied up from mohair I think 180 grams and its size height 4850 centimeters long bye your auto 5 centimeters its length is 190 centimeter but it turned out how it happened
  • 01:31: so let me show you now beginnings you will understand how it all fit how good it all can quickly tie be someone for a gift I scored 3 hinges in the classic way then two rows the first 2 knit facial edging front middle and 2 edge too front row 1
  • 02:04: second row is the same the third row we begin the addition of facial Sewn on nakid and 2 facial fourth row showing facial facial and facial here with us
  • 02:35: cover up what i do i do not knit holes I do not knit for the back wall this nakid and I get scum crossing Peter because it turns out and front fifth row 2 front 1 caps and 3 front 6 row 3 front 1 2 3 and nakid
  • 03:09: cover over the back wall I knit facial and 2 facial 7 row you front cover 1 2 3 cover and 3 front 8 years 1 2 3 nakid provyazyvayem face and you
  • 03:47: 9 row of 4 facial 1 2 3 4 caps and 3 facial fifth row 3 front 1 2 3 front covers knit and 4 facial
  • 04:21: 11 row 5 facial whale and 3 face 1 2 3 12 3 face for back all oh nakid provyazyvaem and 5 facial it's our 12 rows 13 what we do
  • 04:57: Immediately show it turns out two two three 4 5 6 this is the three we have goes on so say in a straight line here on the right side we increase dolls mean from 1 we do 2 we knit for the front wall for the rear knitted for the front for rear knit a third for the front for
  • 05:28: back tied behind the front behind that is, we need to leave here three long back to back to back to back so I knit it out of 6 loops 12 marker and then 3 facial fourteenth row 3 facial and 12
  • 06:04: purl 15 row of 12 facial
  • 06:38: 12 knit followed by our next here this we knit up to the marker and here it is following thirteenth loop do one two provyazyvaem front of the front for
  • 07:09: the back wall was knitted and 2 facial turn work 16 row 4 face places added and 13 purl at
  • 07:48: so now 17 series doing crossbreeding immediately shoot 6 loops 1 2 3 4 5 6 so for work and 6 loops tying the following one two three 4 5 six returning an additional knitting needle and
  • 08:23: I knit 6 loops with extra knitting needles 4 further goes further 18 row 4 facial 4
  • 08:59: all wrong that is here it turns out 12 purl I knit as follows way see it turns out we have a re-baptism
  • 09:34: 19 row here on the nineteenth row that is through a row after crossing I do I add 12 12 to us the board to increase the angle that doing again adding how
  • 10:04: front entry behind the front wall and front of the back wall and the shadow of the holes nothing and 3 facial turn work 20 row here we have already added and It turns out 5 facial 4 5 and 12 harness knit 12 purl
  • 10:36: 21 row all facial up to 22 row 5 facial and
  • 11:09: 12 purl 23 also with those facial 17 facial that 24 row 5 years
  • 11:51: it is patterned harness knotted with seamy side 12 seamy who is going to knit bactus atomy here from baptism to crossing 7 rows here it is the 24th row I connected and the 25th row I do the crossing that is the 17th row
  • 12:28: and in the twenty-fifth it is clear and always removed 6 stitches 6 stitches removed on additional knitting needle at work the next 6 loops are knit then I knit 6 loops with an extra knitting needles
  • 12:59: crossing see see what beautiful up to no any Edging here they are gone because this side turned up here if you knit thicker yarn Well, not the one she tied a little bit thinner then this here is a harness will be very well stand out 4 facial
  • 13:30: 26 row 5 facial 5 then expelled side harness 12 purl we turn
  • 14:06: 27 row as in the previous rows I want notice that after a row of purl is the addition of 12 facial 12 facial and from the first loop after the harness first knit for the front wall of the front
  • 14:36: then behind the back wall like this welded and 4 facial turn job twenty eighth row already six facial and 12 purl harness turning the work further i think that
  • 15:19: you should not knit why because now I'll show you again baktus because here these crossings You see here these crosses will be 13 where I add loops in seven rows
  • 15:53: that is, in this case it will be 13 crossings and 118 rows on the spoke there must be 28 loops then I switched to addition through three rows and here it turned out 1 2 3 4 crosses and on the needles it turned out 36 loops it's a hundred forty-fifth row well and then moved on
  • 16:23: addition through row and two two hundred forty- seventh row here you see this i decided that this would be enough for the height of the harness to be optimal normal is two hundred and forty seventh row I will not show all this of course there are eighty-five loops so what
  • 16:53: concerns this yarn I think tying bactus this way her elephant's voice baktus will be expressive in itself harness will be so very know look original in this tank i'm Now I will show you here such a char newcomer them of course there are a lot of records 247 row here are the crosses and 85 85 see previous row purl row 74 plus 12 here it turns out 8 6 that is
  • 17:23: I finished not 85 but I have 86 goal and in this place I decided decrease but decrease now I will tie before crossing and show you the decrease as I did this here's the decrease for starters, I will now tie before crossing and show how i am diminished this corner and now I will give you
  • 17:53: I'll show you how I knit this corner I put off the reduction before the crossing to the height I need here in this place my deduction is eighty here six loops and make it go down I take off first crossing 4 5 6 at work leave for work and knit 6
  • 18:28: loops forgive with extra to do crossbreeding and what do I do next I do decrease how do i shoot the first loop after crossover after facial tow
  • 19:03: I knit the second and pull through first shot like this diminish the loops here on this little corner everything and so on, that is, after crossing again repeat 2 loops together and knit the very canvas of this baktus and so come back my draft
  • 19:35: and according to him, I mark the series in reverse ok see in the reverse order i made an addition means I subtract and so then you see in everyone here I have everything these arrows that is everyone can write it in your own way it's important for what so that the angles of baktus a and baktus itself were symmetrical and these are all ours
  • 20:07: should be symmetrical addition reductions should be right but you can of course without problems all knit well knit let's say immediately through three rows then go let's say in one row well I am I will try in the next one of bonuses correctly of course i first I connected then I summarized and that was understandable because every row is impossible
  • 20:37: knit takes a lot of time from you and I think I want mature tie baktus harnesses think you have succeed and even beginners needlewomen and then you decide what the size will be my girl's handkerchief Good I want to show what colors me alize lanagold who can tie wonderful bactus i'm here even decided to bind bactus with these harnesses to combine here, look at me color orchid purple beetroot
  • 21:08: then video dark green azure chocolate and coffee with milk pink dark pink can be very beautifully half combined let's say that's dark green with azure or chocolate coffee with milk and even here it's orchid bright orchid you know purple will be wonderful look but i think i will tie out two colors with combine without knowing only
  • 21:40: in this way or not I will be very I'm glad this will refresh here such a baktus my story as I cut it finish my video subscribe to channel and press the bell to get notified of my new videos see you bye bye [music]