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  • 00:00: Good day to all Today I want to show you this the pattern here is on my sides and snake and then the main pattern for this pattern i scored 25 loops and chic I see my grandmother's eyelet edge
  • 00:30: removed the wrong side now we put on caps and here 2 facial knit one loop facial together blue ambassador
  • 01:03: then I think like this, with a tilt to the right knit together 2 facial and here wrong side the main pattern here is in my middle wrong side of this side 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 7 facial of this 7 and in the middle of the purl and now knit one facial second facial
  • 01:38: third fourth fifth and sixth knit facial with a slope to the right put on caps knit front and back knit knit the front is the second second half
  • 02:15: pattern now nakid and 2 face knit together with a tilt to the left and also knit facial 4 facial wrong and again goes the snake nakida
  • 02:46: nakid 2 facial together knit again seamy and edge knit wrong side this is our first row of pattern here we have the middle of the pattern there is a purl then on the face and after front from this side we do
  • 03:24: We knit 2 loops together with the front and from this side and now our wear purl knit knit by drawing unfold the product and knit according to the picture rave hall purl row knit second the edge pattern row we take off goes purse after edge now
  • 04:03: we were on this side we had capes and we this side is now knitting 2 Facial them here and so do blue ambassador a little 2 face tilt right together knotted now do nakid with this
  • 04:33: hand knit purl after purl one two three facial 3 facial and we put 2 facial facings with we knit the tilt to the right together next now we have 2 facial faces
  • 05:11: our back purl eyelet here now purl knit knit facial another 1 facial nakida 2 loops of facial knit with tilt to the left in place that's what we have it turns out three facial loops seamy . 2 face loops
  • 05:50: we knit together here purl and 1 purl 2 row of our pattern we expand knitting knit purse row knit purl row 3 ideas a series of facial edge trim removed wrong side now from this side
  • 06:23: goes threw over tied up 2 facial with tilt to the right together purl 1 front 2 front now these two facial knit with tilt to the right nakida
  • 06:56: and 3 facial here we have facial decreases here are increasing the wrong side in the middle we knit 1 2 3 facial nakid 2 facial knit with tilt to the left and 3 face 2 together two
  • 07:30: separately and purl nakid 2 facial together purl 1 more purl edging again deployed
  • 08:00: our knitting and knit the wrong side of the picture knit seamy we will knit 4 a series of facial edging pattern removed wrong side as we had from this side nakid now knit two loops
  • 08:30: together nakid purl face 2 facial knit with tilt right nakida and facial here is the fourth pattern row vice field get purl
  • 09:03: 3 4 front nakid 2 front with a slope to the left another facial again purl 2 face wraps together 2 purl 4 row of facial pattern
  • 09:40: master unfold knitting and knit purl sides for the seamy side 5 front row knit edge removed seam nkida
  • 10:13: 2 eyelets together facial wrong and here are two loops together facial knit nakid and all facial until the middle of the pattern knitted purl
  • 10:44: front covers 2nd made a cape here again two three 4 5 5 right for her nakid 2
  • 11:15: together facial purl wrap snake our two loops together purl still 1 purl unfold knit purlut knit purl row we will knit our sixth row of facial edgeband took off
  • 11:50: purl 2 eyelets together facial nakid and for night face 2 3 4 5 6 6 faces 7 left here and now we are in every
  • 12:20: hole pulling our loop pulled out in so exactly put look dubrovnik knotted back the second loop into the second hole again exactly laid
  • 12:52: knit and again on the left spoke returned again in the third pulled out knit back in the fourth stretched out tied back
  • 13:26: on the left knitting needle at 5 we get the fifth kyan thuy elongated loop laid and exactly I shot and it starred and knit with us here two times
  • 13:56: three 4 5 5 elongated loops on a loop knit and now my all together we take and so like this we take this one a loop that is 7 in our pattern
  • 14:27: unfolding this little loop here return to the left needle where we are all here these 5 loops knitting like this face so our eyelet lay down flat
  • 15:01: knit purl here is one face and now we are with this the sides also knit like with this pulling our very first our very first hole
  • 15:33: knit the eyelet on the right needle with tying the second again on the right knitting needle with 32 what are you pulling and tenge
  • 16:07: knit and fifth knit it all on our right knitting needles return it
  • 16:43: on the left 5 loops stretched and knitted and now left not tying return again pouring unfold
  • 17:15: we knit our loop need to trim and then knit facial
  • 17:48: further knit by drawing what we have go snake unwrap knitting knit purl row
  • 18:30: then another facial still purl and again we repeat our pattern here it is our pattern so cute i 'm writing