Marina Drugova

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Узор спицами. Вытянутая лицевая петля на изнаночном полотне.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today I want to show how I am I see pattern with a stretched facial loop and so the beginning of the row in the front we start knitting do 2 nakida stretch 3 backstitches three times come again front start a knitting needle do 2 nakida stretch leagues lines remove bye 3 purl again start the needle 2 on the nakida stretch 3 purl so
  • 00:33: do until the end of the row second row knit as follows we remove our nakida do not knit on the loop 3 purl it again we shoot at you pull the loop to nakida in a drink noose
  • 01:03: 3 purl remove 3 purl and so again until the end of the row in the third row 3 getting lost will be the last in this report we knit as follows remove front loop extended on the needle is not knitting on 3 backstitches again remove the loop throw out and 3 purl again remove for glitch 3 purl and so again
  • 01:37: until the end of the row from the next row you will start a new report will need to also go into the loop to do 2 nakida 3 purl and so on