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  • 00:00: [music] Hello everyone, we are preparing very much delicious snack cake Christmas wreath cooked very quickly and easily and it turns out incredibly beautiful elegant and truly festive the biggest feature of this snack cake is gorgeous
  • 00:33: cakes of such a beautiful green color and look how gentle they are incredible you see of course red lightly salted fish delicious cream Great New Year's snack there are about a thousand recipes on my channel delicious dishes to easily find the right one you recipe just write in the search for such youtube easy cook and name combination
  • 01:04: dishes or any word on the recipe for making dough for over 1000 pies I need first spinach because dough and pie we going green is very beautiful in me here fresh spinach 150 grams can be used and fresh frozen spinach how it fits here i also need 150 grams of flour 150 grams of vegetable oil without
  • 01:34: smell 3 eggs 20 milliliters of lemon juice 1 lemon peel 40 grams idle starch can be used and potato starch a teaspoon of sugar a half a teaspoon salt and 11 grams of baking powder for the dough Firstly let's do spinach it seems now what that's so much but now that grind with a blender as
  • 02:04: see i 'm stuffing a cup of blender everything fits perfectly into the blender bowl i I pour in lemon juice and I pour in vegetable oil a and now the whole mass is well ground blender [music] look i'm very well crushed homogeneity of the resulting mass
  • 02:36: poured into a bowl look how beautiful saturated I turned green now separate whites and yolks eggs yolks i send spinach mass [music] in proteins i add a pinch of salt from total and well beat them in
  • 03:06: strong steady peaks i am very good whipped squirrels now spinach mass which also has I have yolks add the rest salt add sugar and lemon zest I mix the same corollas that I rake and squirrels
  • 03:37: now sift flour and starch into mass and baking powder dough well all I mix [music] I shovel everything from the sides of the bowl to mix well turned out here is a pretty thick dough and now here I will gradually squirrels
  • 04:11: in multiple batches first one batch of proteins and mix I wrap myself in such circular movements conductive top-down to save pomp test [music] look what a beautiful lush dough
  • 04:42: It turned out I prepared the size form my form is 23 centimeters good smeared with vegetable oil and also on top I'm lightly dusted with flour to easy to get then cupcake pour form dough form with dough slightly in the address
  • 05:16: knock on the table so that the dough is good settled down and now I send the dough form to well warmed to 180 degrees oven about 35 40 minutes cupcake i pulled out of the oven be sure to check readiness wooden skewer or toothpick it must be absolutely dry baked at me cupcake
  • 05:47: 35 minutes neatly toothpick I bend the edges of the cupcake I see that I have it fits well and now turn up the cupcake on the grill to cool excellent shoot look at what handsome turned out and now you need to leave it completely cool when the biscuit is completely cold need to cut it into two parts
  • 06:19: [music] and I will now open and see what beautiful biscuit turned inside look what a beautiful green saturated color just general incredible also for cooking I need a snack pie I have about salted salmon
  • 06:49: 300 grams of shooting and see it in i'm cut so pretty in thick chunks, I'll explain later for which I also need for the cream cream cheese Here I have two kinds of cheese light and such an ordinary clean cream will need only about 300 grams of cheese also it is quite possible cream cheese replace with any cottage cheese or cream cheese or you can use processed cheese too
  • 07:20: very tasty small bunch of dill and a few cloves of garlic, garlic take optionally I will also add a little white pepper in our cream and first queue let's do cooking so called cream in a bowl I shift krym-cheese i have packs of 200 grams one whole pack and one half also finely cut a small bunch dill
  • 07:50: [music] finely rubbed on garlic shuffle also add here a little white pepper to taste salt adjust also to taste it all depends on how salty is your cheese and of course fish itself which you use too Now I shift the cream to the culinary a bag I will prepare fish pieces
  • 08:21: cut it into such long strips one strip in almost and one a little shorter course follow so that the fish do not fall bones because do they get caught in pie it will not be very pleasant [music] Now let's do our decoration
  • 08:54: beautiful cake out of the bag squeeze out cream in a circle [music] now do another strip in the middle and one more strip on the very edge between the strips of cream I spread fish pieces
  • 09:26: [music] and just as well between the second stripes where the cream is not enough to sever strips of fish we have it a little add some more cream between by carts of fish and now on top laying the top
  • 09:59: our pie everyone can decorate cake because they like I will decorate with red fish roses I just took a strip of fish cut they are thin and turned such roses are now near each piece of fish I will plant small flowers [music]
  • 10:29: and of course what fish pie snack do without greenery, without dill I decorate in a circle still dill and actually turns out very beautiful Christmas wreath and of course to the fish perfect lemon so i'm looking I insert on a small lemon wedge and our snack cake christmas wreath already ready and of course the most interesting is
  • 11:00: see what happened inside now cut it look just great of course here is the most beautiful this is this cut see what a beautiful green dough turned out and inside pieces of fish and tasty cream look i'll turn you right now see how beautiful this cake is friends
  • 11:32: it's just something incredible even sorry there is such beauty yes I will try [music] these cakes it's just something amazing what are they air gentle gorgeous taste wonderful and of course here cream cheese with garlic and dill
  • 12:04: great fish I recommend to everyone cook try and make sure yourself it's just great and don't eat it yet because I do n't have the strength to tear myself away all bon appetit put huskies write comments share this new video with your friends subscribe on my channel ludaeasycook positive all the kitchen bye [music]