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  • 00:00: good afternoon dear viewers and channel subscribers winter is great time for breeding conifers not everyone is true but here is thuja juniper multiply winter perfectly reproduce it is by cutting to do it is generally very simple to find interest your copy and break off from him cutting yes yes precisely break off do not use your hands knife do not use secateurs and some need to do it with hands need to find annual gain increase this year
  • 00:32: past and break it off but break it off in such a way that a piece remains the wood of the year before last biennial wood well or more simply to form the so -called api . here it is the conditions of good one hundred percent rooting of your cutting how it is done with your hands cuttings and as they say Gardeners need to slip it from it pull away from maternal bush
  • 01:03: when you unbuckled you number of cuttings you get out of the bag ordinary plastic bag fold cuttings in this package carpenter wrap and go
  • 01:33: home where actually we will them root the next important point find a suitable size container then maybe the container is naturally not it will be superfluous to remind that below should be sure to drainage holes through which there will be surplus when watering water to leave and fill their container loose mixture is a mixture it can be anything i usually use a mixture garden land with sand in about equal quantities it could be peat it could be in
  • 02:03: end sphagnum or just could if with a kind of one word all that it will be good to keep moisture but at the same time will have a porous structure to surely there was air moisture the air is exactly the guarantee that the roots your cuttings will be formed it will be useful to remind that this soil mix should be wet do not worry in any way much so that there is no dirt and although if you make this mixture right i'm rock there should be loose dirt there and there won't be all excess water must be drained
  • 02:35: from there fast enough and should be I repeat wet and not dry and not much dirty not much liquid here in this soil substrate we will root our cuttings themselves cuttings before directly rooting you can process in solution and some roots forming the drug root heteroauxin pin zircon are many in principle you can not do that juniper rooted enough well and without this these heels that we specifically did
  • 03:05: broke off so if they turned out too long it is better to cut them a little scissors rounded so to say well, we they are neat enough and do it no need so take the cuttings and remove from them extra needles here this bottom needles need to tear it off we don't need this part of the cutting will be underground this is what should remain as a result to and many will not need to leave evaporate moisture and since there are no roots so it is not worth doing so better conifer
  • 03:36: leave less leave only upstairs and such cutting already just stick in this wet loose substrate of course necessarily after that you need to cover it with something maybe plastic polyethylene some kind of package is naturally transparent light and without any drawings it is desirable that the light penetrated our cuttings well, the best option traditional plastic trimmed
  • 04:06: a bottle you can periodically unscrew the cork air periodically through it the hole can be using an atomizer moisten our cuttings the key to good rooting is almost 100% humidity must be under this cover because the moisture that our cuttings will be evaporate in the rooting process should somehow compensated I repeat the roots yet, so we will compensate regular spraying but don't forget air periodically because
  • 04:36: may well be formed mold-mold is bad for cuttings therefore airing such will and destroy but at what temperature the cuttings should root simply put their room put on window sill the truth is not desirable to the south because even in winter it sometimes comes out of the clouds sun and shining brightly enough respectively, behind the glass, our cuttings will be very fried find for them windowsill east or northeast
  • 05:06: western extreme case if on the south then pull them a little bit at least a sheet of white paper under the well, windowsill naturally installed battery heating that works so the temperature is generally like normal residential order of 20 degrees here in such conditions cuttings so will you take root today talked about how easy it is to can be propagated by cuttings in the winter conifers plants but I say goodbye to you today watch my video subscribe to my
  • 05:36: channel try and good luck in your endeavors