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Щьем жилетку из меха своими руками  See details »

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  • 00:00: sheepskin vest in the store is worth thousands 5 not less from just because she will cost thousands of rubles the ambassador of our waistcoat will be simple and functional semi-adjacent silhouette stand-up collar and leather ties strips This vest will suit everyone without exceptions on the vest let the remnants on this skin right in the middle we will make a hole out of it in our shelf vests and this skin is generally one left store but does not throw housing out of it
  • 00:32: we will make the side parts if make back work out combined double-sided vest with one side blue with another cream first make a pattern We put flew to your favorite vests and outlines along the contours like this the pattern is almost ready attention to your vest sat perfectly needed cut the back of the tank and shelf in Separately now we define
  • 01:02: the direction of the pile and the edges of the shelf such There should be two parts we circle as vest with us bilaterally it's the wrong side should be as beautiful as front line so the whole line we carry white cosmetic pencil this line because it will be easy to erase and cut out also back cut out two of the skin with blue fur side parts when cutting fur fray so collect his vacuum cleaners
  • 01:35: Now we collect the vest so that the seams are beautiful and not too thick We will not sew our vest like usually overlapping and superimposing one piece on the other and sew first sew the side seams then healed and leveled the edges left to make a stand-up collar cut a strip width of 7 centimeters and
  • 02:05: length equal to the length of the neck attach and sew we cut thin strips of this pair of ties stitches and vest can try on here this vest is not some sheepskin coat and inexpensive and looks very decent look at this vest but isn anyone guess what she's stitched from holey skins and unnecessary remnants of olga
  • 02:36: Nikishicheva novel mihaylenko first channel