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  • 00:00: Hello friends my name is Lada and likepromised I'm shooting a video about how I Today I process paper tubesfor weaving Earlier I used one very simplemethod for moistening paper tubes this water I mixed with balm forhair and this composition I moistened a Tubes before weavingvery much about that way I told me here in this videotube I was basically satisfied with this I really liked the way and I like it until now, of course it has its disadvantages disadvantages, for example, this composition of water withhair balm it is not at all
  • 00:30: glues twist so you can see here atweaving twisting slightly bulgedin some places, in principle, these places are not such really and noticeable if you do not have toofull tubes then twist bulges out just a little bit but thenno less if you look closely at it very much reduces the quality of the product and, of course,wants in his favorite business is the same improve trying somenew options so on and so forth and I
  • 01:00: decided to try new ways forprocessing paper tubes that offer us a wizard for weavingI know that many already so process paper tubes and are happy but I likeusually went up and so Olga Ryzhkova We propose a method for processingpaper tubes with varnish and water and Tatiana Belyakova offers a way ofprocessing paper tubes with wood protect with water I tried these two ways to saythat they are very good to me very much
  • 01:31: liked but most I think thatthe best option for me it was precisely the processing of tubeswood protect at the end of this video I'm sureI'll tell you in detail why I like tubes more processed by wood protectwell and now I will show the process itself processing tubules that I have changed a bithow it usually happens Yes, we always have all the recipes for ourselveswe adjust so for processing I I use wood protect German foilproduction on semi-matt and here you are
  • 02:03: when you buy pay attentionthat there are different shades I have without her color I somehow got myself the firstwood protect bought with a shade of oak and he did not all the tubes to the colors are suitable andso here at the manufacturer also see I have germanythis is the best option for this wood protect but 750 milliliters in our Leningrad region costs 423 rubles and so I have already prepared the capacity of whichwill all stir everything open itself
  • 02:34: wood protect it is quite thickwithout a pungent odor the smell is very similar to = lacquer on a water basiswell, because wood protect is also on it very similar in properties but a bitdifferent I'll tell you later than so I prepare the solution itself for this I takewood protect here I have a spoon here is this Disposable as a tablespoon bycapacity so I take it almost complete but without a peel all herehere and so that is a tablespoon
  • 03:05: wood protect adding here the water tablespoon and a little bit more at all a little bit I'm sure for the video youbelieve this is just a little bit because I always do all this arrogance but indescription you will see the exact exact Well, for example, if we take withyou 50 milliliters of wood protect then water I
  • 03:35: I take somewhere 60 milliliters that is herequite a small part of the water and while I I mix I will tell than wood protectdiffers from a varnish in their properties they are basically similarthis version is used for coating of wooden surfacesbut if they are used for their intended purpose yes and that the wood protect that the varnish they protect againstexternal influences of the medium but the varnish for example, it still does not protect against mechanical damage. Impregnation does not do this and
  • 04:12: wood protect protects here the impact ofthe environment for a short time is she then washed out the varnish is not inwashed so he is good here in principle that they distinguish that is, Ifor example, I heard that the finished product they even cover with wood protect, well, notI know I would not advise, I would still for these goals would advise lacquer reallyto cover because the lacquer is for protection against mechanical damage fromscuffs there from some small
  • 04:44: scratches wood protect all the sameprotecting here the sun rays from mold before some kind of fungus and so on sonext so very, very good we stir and now we will be with youto process tubes that means well stirred it that there are no lumpsand see a homogeneous mass everything was ready already we will be nowhandle the pipes now I take
  • 05:19: a small part of the tubes that is veryeasy to fit in the palm of your hand the volume of their stack and start themhandle with a brush here this one By the registration of this solution, even wood protectwith water, they turn over my friend with a friend contact therebystarts mixing with the hand I help this is all to do but you can of course do it alldo norris but I just realized that to me
  • 05:55: that's the way it's more convenient I do it allwith a brush, but here's the girls I do in one direction gave a stage on the ductsand I do and there and there basically my tubule could not hide from thistwist is still very good sticks together so here what kind ofminuses I did not find this, that is we are in different directions are very enoughit's comfortable to do it all and I still wanted to
  • 06:25: Note that what I'm saying for example iswhat proportions, but everything is always individuallyyou probably this option is not very liked let's go those who try to sayyes but one to one I do not want to do yes that's sure to try different optionsI tried to handle everything in various ways Only here it is for me it turned out more thanoptimal more suitable here you can see how these pipes we havecovered, that is, they are usually all like this
  • 07:04: it's as if I've become so wet nowI'm putting off this portion for the second portion postponing here quite calmly takesecond portion even I can already have all the pipes here I have100 pieces here that's all and so I'll process this solution is enough to handlewhat exactly are the tubules once again I say they brush with this brush in this solution andthe tubes I process the same after
  • 07:36: they after the painting I have dried up thenis I also do not treat them wet go through them after Iprocessed the pipes and put them together in such a bunch so that they start with each otherthey become a little sticky on touch quite a bit but not to each otherstick as you see very quickly they Desiccate, so this process needs to be monitored so that they do not completely
  • 08:11: they dried up now I take them in a bunchI deliberately removed my glove with one hand To feel how to controlthis process and so and now I have them a little bit here and so I'm windingI fan out to have them a little dried up they already have a completely different soundprocessed tubes they are now a bit
  • 08:43: sticky, but in principle, here they arenot sticking to each other Do not stick together of course I think that iftake more wood protect ratios with water then they will stick together withother but I'm in a lot of impregnating I don't take principle suits me and suchresult and here's how soon they start we have to dry everything up I thismoment take into account I mark
  • 09:18: we still in the apartment are very very warmso they quickly dry out these tubules and now, as soon as they a little bitslightly dried up, that is, they are not cold to the touch of steel and a little bit suchcool and straight here are less steel stick to my hand I wrap them completelyin the package for the together with the tips wrapping and leaving this wayjust can not leave on the table
  • 09:57: The battery you can on the battery is evenpositive here as you try so and so I tried here on the table of theirleft the same effect the same on the table, they have me 20 minutes to liethen turn on I'll show you what's next So it's been about 20 minutes, I get it againthe tubes from the package are already practically they absorbed the wood protect and stickiness of thempassed, that is, they are not at all sticky they are still here in such a way airedthat they slightly dried up
  • 10:35: but here I will say so that only by feelinglook like they are drying out at you because well, here it is not describe in wordsto what extent they should dry up here I'm about to try, of courseit's all to describe to you but you need to experiment and trynecessarily different options that is for example, in one way they tried it from youit did not turn out never to add
  • 11:06: hands try again try today notit turned out to be postponed for some time in next time try it because in our business it's just experiments because as wood protects are different, for examplehere I am using dufas you can not find gays and in your city region soof course materials of different manufacturers onproperties will be slightly different here see still a little tubes have dried upthat is, they certainly feel cool
  • 11:40: but already slightly warmerhere I do not know how to explain this by sensations but that's how I try so hardand I put them back in the package somewhere already for an hour manipulation is a lot of ladies and this way Ithink very time consuming but so at least a tube is very goodit turns out in work so I think that these costs are good enoughpay back and so tubules in the package
  • 12:13: put another hour they lie at my feetturn on I show what I'm doing next So it took about an hour Isuch a strictly did not detect the time I I take out the tubes from the package again and againthem slightly here so that I air that they are even more dried becausethey are still wet and at this stage if I do not have time and I need themnow I can weave them with a hair dryer
  • 12:43: but again not to the point that they are straightdry dry here they are dry on top and inside they are wet on sensationssuch cool but if I'm not anywhere I hurry up and this is often exactly the way Iresort to the following manipulations you Now I'm a little airing them afterhow I again have them slightly like this they aired, they dried a little, Iagain put them in a bag, and with tips
  • 13:13: I here so I wrap everything usuallysuch manipulations I spend in the evening that I process the tubes in the evening and alreadythe next day for the morning I start from them weave here and so it is most convenient for memy time to organize and so I wrap their bag together withtips but if here they are so sticking out do not worry about sticking all the paintwith scotch tape so that nothing has opened up in us
  • 13:44: and that's how I clean the tubes inthe freezer it turns out that they have me all night thereare but this if I have them in the evening I process, if not in the evening and for examplein the morning, then I clean them for an hour at 3 in freezer then I get out after three hoursan hour or two they have a little it is laid back and they are ready to work thatis I of them start to weave something
  • 14:15: all the processing steps that I useI will definitely write in the description under this videoagain I say that I so adapted myself their processing is possible for you you foryou will find yourself more optimal or generally other ways of processing the tubes thenthere are stages will be slightly changed Well, I say that again, I soadapted to handle so you can
  • 14:46: and this option to try and yoursome options to find in general need experiment in any case, alwaysneed to experiment I've already got the pipes from the freezer toyou two hours in the package still lie down at room temperature I think they have already reached their condition and in principle of them you can weave how I determinewhether they have reached the condition but personally for my feelings are that they are so ontouch slightly lightly that indicates that they are not completely dried but at the same time so moist
  • 15:20: and here's another such indicator when they areraw and they have a certain roughness is so small a littleon here in my opinion is noticeable when they reach me before the condition, theybecome completely smooth and on them as if such a film formswhich glues together and gives tubes such smoothness such tubulestreated with wood protect I like more than tubes treated with varnishfor the reason that in my subjective
  • 15:53: look lacquer tubes very quicklydry them afterwards time-consuming restore to moisturize them but requiremore time to soak themselves in moisture but the tubes with wood protect just the samemoisturize as it seemed to me faster if they completely dry up as soon asthe tubes I have for example completely dried up and I dip them somewhere 5 minutes into very warm water I pull it out and back into the bag with the tipsoutwards, they'll just lie a little bit
  • 16:27: such to the touch become sticky butthen stickiness pass and in principle their structure is restored but alsothey are such good plastic neat at workthat I like twisting is not even glued together resorting to the help of a hair dryer but now if wewith you try them out like this wrap the squiggle see that they are withoutbaths this is done without any micro macrocracks that of course I like well
  • 16:59: immediately come such a good kind of courseif their constant so wind up back and forth inlook here if I go there their wind it then of course they then lose sightat least I can have a little wood protect add, but in principle, here I am fromtubules not too many manipulations do heresee yes they are a bit smi nation media I start the camera does not catch thesemoments at all. But maybe you see, so here I am
  • 17:33: four times they twisted here they arestart to crumple but I for example do not need a tube fourtimes to twist in the weave so I such a tube itself is very goodwill suit Well, I showed the process how Iprocess tubing wood protect and can be something new for yourself to knowof course all these stages can be a little bit you can simplify them and do not put them infreezer and then dry and immediately start weaving but then I say you need to experiment and try
  • 18:06: adjust yourself to find the bestway for you to be the most optimal way Decisions I hope that this video is for youI liked putting big fingers subscribe to the channel and I wishall light weaving inspiration See you very soon in the following videos andbroadcasts for now