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Jacket a hook in Chanel's style. Part 3. - YouTube

Jacket a hook in Chanel's style. Part 3. - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: welcome all to my channel we continue to knit jackets in the body coco Chanel and that's what I have to today there are already connected one shelf left shelf look from the bottom up to the armhole 40 I centimeters knit further from the armhole up shoulder 19 cm Now my length my items 59 centimeters even if it is not binding for the approximately 60
  • 00:30: centimeters will the length of the finished products the girl asked in comments by about yarn consumption this jacket you like jacket until the do not know exactly how many Yarn will flow to the entire article but I can Now say exactly that's the shelf length of about 60 centimeters in size 54 here a width of about 30 centimeters length here
  • 01:02: 60 this I have a shelf goes 76 gram weight of about 80 g's can roughly estimate how much will I have to I think that the size of the approximately 50 grams 400 If the size is smaller naturally less yarn and so on in this case 54 size somewhere about 450 grams of the perhaps half a kilo
  • 01:32: yarn and is now gone a second portion parts denied the same way the second shelf there are all the same it all begins pritalivaniya now! we do together promotional and vyvyazyvayut neck and why so I do so with both one side of the part we can see the edge here a beautiful flat no abrupt transitions he is very rovnenko here then
  • 02:03: deposited equally second row as the are we here yarns of different transitions colors go ears yarn is therefore not I will say that it is uneven but no matter how ugly more wrong carefully looks as we would like say yes I will do knitting are the two identical parts Now right shelf razvorochu inside because the pattern practically
  • 02:33: the same that the front side of that especially on the underside the difference is not so I will connect detail at the end of it Left shelf so It appeared on the front the person and the right shelf underside face here and so it will This state will be all connect and so we center Now the edge of shelves It is like this rovnenko with one and on the other hand that
  • 03:03: We will provide an opportunity neat and trim make the bar it will be more neat appearance than let's go with this longer on the sides we have all krasivenko prikroem and knit, too nothing you will not see we is not scared and Here the front part as it will be face, and all at once eyes need to rush to neatly and is now beautifully Now I'll show you how knitted armhole here in
  • 03:34: here here 3 closed rovnenko Three ticks on them provyazyvala 1 Air and between quotes of the pillar without sc also passed on pattern that goes from we have the basic pattern and already in the hall as well as the flat since rovnenko nothing Bates no longer ZAO Kruglikova but my mouth semicircular too I'll show you how knitting
  • 04:05: It is rounded for necks and to have the same transitions as I them you knit it all show and tell now let focus on the armhole so here is the second part reached already this place and will close the loop and armholes and so take our wand and here this region will now
  • 04:35: close to the armhole level to provyazyvat undergirding principle can each here here hole knit a column with one sc this too will be beautiful and gently and you can here and so the air loop and in each hole between checkmark pierce provyazyvaem 1 column without nakida like this made way air loop recovery It is my dark Green is not. and about cola
  • 05:06: between the lifting loops previous row and between tick pierce provyazyvaem column 1 sc without further air loop and on between checkmark pierce We take out the loop and 2 together again air piercing and 2 together and once again between ticks pierce and here
  • 05:37: so on three slingshots legal points we knit like this and rovnenko These checkboxes next to the pattern will not be taken into account and then pattern knit in pattern as we were tying up ie this 3 loops lifting and following checkmark inside tick with gum tick pierce vyvyazyvayut post with one sc 1 Air loop again
  • 06:08: sc and pierced digic tick and provyazyvaem column one sc and from then on pattern follows the pattern as we were knitting column one sc Air and column one each sc checkmark so on pattern is very easy
  • 06:40: Just think that without problems to cope even beginners needlewoman that's the way knit to end of row on through some time me in this case 14 centimeters
  • 07:10: I do have decrease throat so now exactly Now knit the 14 if not centimeters wrong 13 even 13 centimeters from the beginning of the armhole to I start neck 13 knit centimeters in height neat rows we continue knitting
  • 07:42: Here on this site armholes and start to edge our shelves alternating while our color corner and even as all so connected by
  • 08:14: armholes 13 centimeters here is my armhole rectangular Ever usually associated 13 kinds of PTZ centimeters pattern on the next row now I will start here is a salad in risky color yarn will not dovyazyvaya here with this end 8 ticks so you should have
  • 08:45: the color of the olive armholes see here too armhole It is going up 13 and a number of Now I see this series of knitting in a straight line and do not dovyazyvayu certain the number of ticks my case here one two three four five six seven ticks do not press on already the eighth provyazyvayu just column one nakida not provyazyvaya tick, and so at first
  • 09:15: We start knitting pattern since the scheme we It goes as 3 lifting and each tick vyvyazyvayut column Air and bar and so here we come
  • 09:45: to the end of the row 7 and we do not ticks provyazyvaem 8 from the end series and now 9 I nedovyazanny seeing only have 1 column one sc 1 Air loop on sc in the same tick not able to take provyazyvaem post with but not one sc dovyazyvaem did not close to loops and 1 column one next sc checkbox and now
  • 10:16: Again nedovyazanny column and three loops here together provyazyvaem and here a decrease in our Now it turns out these two columns are common vertex get checked and Here is a check mark in our 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 from the end already fit is not checked one column with one with a single sc apex with a column previous tick
  • 10:47: then turn work and this one land has to knit we are not 1 air loop and knit pattern on seamy side as we were knitting on pattern before time such I will decrease do 5 on the sixth there will be a number provyazyvatsya since there is pattern and this will be already finished our
  • 11:18: neck and correspondingly shoulder here and so then I turn on the next color and show once again how do here this decrease for mouth on second row from the will decrease provyazyvat just well here's my armhole here and we rise, and the ranks here the neck we here until we reach
  • 11:49: the place where we subtraction were exactly also about We call pattern and here our last checked and penultimate provyazyvaem penultimate check post with one sc 1 air loop column one nakida not dovyazyvaem even 1 column with one
  • 12:19: sc in last tick also does not dovyazyvaem now 3 loops together here thus we again will be here a decrease penultimate checkmark is knitted Likewise, column 2 and air and last tick knit only column one sc overturn work and go to start knitting more
  • 12:50: such decrease will do trine continue another row rovnenko bind and it will be all and enough to the neck no longer knit provyazyvaem and here kill them our looms the neck is already here a semicircular
  • 13:20: corner so on the third row with subtraction here at I now have a yellow the color you see is first decrease It was olive green on dark green color of the second decrease and now there is a third number decrease again as we have last checked and penultimate tick here last and penultimate
  • 13:50: at the last provyazyvaem post with one sc 1 air loop even 1 column with one nakida not dovyazyvaem last tick provyazyvaem post with not one sc dovyazyvaya it further three loops on hook provyazyvaem together like this way we meet pressure overturn
  • 14:23: and we continue to work decrease knitting doing so how much we need to the height of your mouths you see here rounding here is and continue to knit so I connected 5 series with subtraction here 1 2 3 4 and 5, and the last row determine the dark green will knit without subtraction
  • 14:54: just by the pattern tick in a tick and Here is the latest tick sometimes in provyazyvaem her as well as on the pattern we column one sc 1 Air column one sc and that's where We had a decrease in We stayed here previous column a number under it hole
  • 15:24: pierce vyvyazyvayut post with one such nakida here's a way finish number tick and bar with one nakida here so all safe to say what my shelves due the last row backing that we provyazyvaem column, without sc and air loop Air loop over
  • 15:54: tick and bar without sc between checkmark before the end of this series way provyazyva and can be considered our shelf that connected I want more say on yarn I took each color 2 mA. now I I began to knit and used for
  • 16:24: whole hank yarn yarn with me yet He remained at It is known for 2 shelves so it's all one shelf and here it is 2 floor points, and that's that yarn dark green hangar mohair Well even so remains well maybe 30 grams of 40 and although most of all I go since it is in two times more than
  • 16:55: yellow and olive Now yellow motochek him even more than half still left and correspondingly olive color the same most in grams I will watch later Well it turns 2 shelves due then you can freely to start back knitting the same principle We recruit the number of loops
  • 17:25: that we still It will be two shelves It can be a little bit less than one a check or 2 and multiply by 2 and it will be the width of our back We do the same decrease for pritalivaniya and armholes on the back of I plan to take exactly and neck to do if anyone of you wants neck and do the back of the principle
  • 17:56: could have done 2 such subtraction for gorlovinki as shelf we did here it will be enough 2 series if not if You will cut exactly like me I will probably most of them all but rovnenko that we get I I tell the next just as long as vyvyazyvayut and shelves today all bye bye comments leave your Issues and Opportunities Note to new meetings