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  • 00:00: [music] this is a harvest from one bush how are we getting it try tell more in 2016 for my sake entertainment planted potatoes bucket bottom buckets had a hole a potato was planted in clean compost without adding land The result was paid this video exactly look at the link at the top then I also wrote if you want to get something worthwhile you need to plant capacity without bottom is only for the first
  • 00:32: glance it seems that at the root of the potatoes and located at a depth of 30 centimeters on in fact, the roots go much deeper write one thing and make another You can amassed from boards 2 of drawers put on each other height 30 centimeters size 60 to 60 centimeters the volume is large so when landing we we will use the same bucket compost like last year and the rest usually the earth want to tell a little about
  • 01:03: your compost is not humus many know that where my compost produces a worm purchased where my compost looks like this I recommend to all men post produce maggots over the summer season they recycle foliage which we fill with spring spring video look at the link on the top and see what as a result turned out from sheet for today, but back to the potatoes
  • 01:35: potato tuber 6 and produce and germinated of course in the dark comparison of yields by germination in dark and light can be seen in the results of the experiment by reference to top the tuber has six big sprouts and one very small more large tuber can not be planted uterine the potatoes will remain whole and the harvest will be small if someone thought that I would fall asleep potatoes when
  • 02:06: seem sprouts Yes, and not once that clearly wrong these statements are wrong initially potatoes form tubers of us coupons and he became grow on white etiolated stem stalk parts will be white until potato sprouts are not will see the light fall asleep green cotton useless stalk green already started other processes instead of stolons on this stalks of leaves and even if you fall asleep
  • 02:38: stolons on it will not be from lack light stalk becomes pale green care until July 26 potatoes in a box mulch freshly cut grass but on July 26th I noticed on experimental potato germinated in the world blight is a signal now to protect the potatoes in the drawer from phytophthora I switched to mulching hot grass with field
  • 03:08: I try to lay out hot grass lest it touch the stalks about hot grass video on the link at the top of such We put grass 1 2 weeks 1 October harvesting like this tops potatoes and not watered for two weeks but Now let's see what we have together has grown according to plan to remove the boxes one for to others and see what's inside the view gives hope for a good harvest
  • 03:43: It seems that the tubers in this volume was cramped but nothing cramped what we have under the mulch life boils mulch eat worms when watering necessary substances pass into the soil as the worms got here I can not say I They did not sit down and remove the second box is not it turns out the bulk soil became one whole with that land upon which and poured now understand where they came from worms
  • 04:15: and you say plant a bucket fig se bo this has not seen well unusual shot of a potato bush view from the inside I did the right thing to wait the arrival of the son of a neighbor would not have turned this box but here still to see all the same the most but without land would be interesting to tell the truth I knew it would be a lot of potatoes but I have such a result she did not expect
  • 04:47: in this example we see potential opportunities to harvest from one bush of course planting potatoes boiled such a crop does not get lonely standing bush of sunlight gets a lot maybe some think it is better to plant 10 bushes and collect 10 kilos or plant one scrub when caring for it to undermine its health and at harvest get pleasure and on six acres such
  • 05:20: landing will be very relevant only Sunlight cannot be planted in partial shade need always know that many at once the question arises what kind of variety it's not at all in the sort I have already shown you two bushes of the same variety at the cultivation of which all care has come down to single layer mulch hay and everything and as a result of such harvest and this is from two bushes despite
  • 05:50: the fact that potatoes sprouted in the dark the video is called a bucket from a bush potato growing the box cutters you have already seen and not to to deceive the audience expectations pour potato bucket we already weighed a little potato more than 12 kilograms weighed on without let the box weigh half a kilo means eleven and a half kilograms potato from the bush I asked someone what is the maximum number of tubers
  • 06:22: I was I have never counted here before it turned out 72 tubers of which 12 are club less chicken eggs are tiny there was no tuber suburbs October 9 looking for late blight in the greenhouse Anton and then roses do not see yourself announcement except tomatoes are not harvested cabbage zucchini are trying to grow but they have it not good at garlic not yet planted
  • 06:52: I will try to do it today to all Good harvests with you was Natalia Smorchkova channels site in the garden about