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  • 00:00: [music] modern sewing technique of many scares its structure diversity not only newbies but also I will tell you not professionals need to be afraid of it lately all knitwear becomes more popular fabrics and to work with him need special technique of being questioned their cars and overlockers based on your questions and comments we picked up a more detailed course on working with industrial industrial
  • 00:32: typewriter in the course I told in detail how to fill the machine as much use not as many needles as can be customized stretching fabrics and or and planting how to maintain the machine how to clean it lubricate where to follow the level of how tuck the stacker and how to take it off if you don't need him learn new sewing tops buy our course and as says Irina Mikhailovna be varied [music]
  • 01:02: good afternoon you are on the fashion practice channel we remind you that our videos are coming out every day today we want to show you ready outfit for which we already passed two lessons in the first lesson we laid out lace on a basic base on the second lesson we have prepared a skirt done for guests cooking for the skirt Well, we first worked with the dress then you can wear a dress with a skirt separately without this skirt but you can along with
  • 01:33: this skirt allenu spin a spin not so fast slowly twist to All-all considered because what I want to bring you this video I want to you bring this video please skirt plain rectangle fabric rectangle here is no cut no no look at all how luxurious a belt is just an even piece nothing is necessary nothing just rectangular here is such a straight skirt a rectangular piece of fabric and
  • 02:05: please turn around so well, here's another a little bit there turned out to be absolutely so romantic evening dress well, it is already very certainly smartly I don't even know where she will go This dress well, probably come up with where go to make such an outfit need to have a basic basis or need to have you can hide the base on the pattern without patterns we have very
  • 02:37: many lessons on yu tuba pattern without Patterns about it are common base stop here someone will have lace someone will not be lace fu someone It will be such beadwork or at or some piece of mesh for combined with something and up here such skirt but Olya does not expect to wear a skirt only with a dress and still make some outfit that will also wear this skirt but i think that the most beautiful is so here is a skirt stitched together podgibka 20 centimeters remember 10 10
  • 03:07: due to the fact that here two layers are three layers 10 centimeters see us but very dense and due to This heavy weight is not attached to it. skirts such well how to say I do not know what some such makes ole such aristocratic belt width we have probably 6 half centimeters now remember that we had a bow meter twenty eight one half and see here just right
  • 03:39: well, thirty-thirty doesn't matter just banta just together 262 55 so here someone will do this skirt on the lining is fine too but we have this the fabric that we do not need here we saved here we did not sew lining well i want it oh well tell me how glad you are i'm happy i'm full delighted and of course and find where it is outfit to go i thought i would be in
  • 04:11: the center of attention on this holiday we tried with you before the new year give you some such models so that you do not suffer and look smart and before giving some model we thought for a very long time first gave a red dress with scallops and with such beautiful shoulders then they gave this is a dress that we are not in style gucci and then this one is my outfit passed so we specifically chose such models that will benefit people can of course be confused and make some kind of incredible over there
  • 04:43: there are generally just drapery details and some kind of inverted something but we will give someone one even she will sew will not justify that time spent which we spend on shooting to shoot our entire team what will work but I want it to be with by profit so we went out to five since such models are well bring you pleasure and we will take two now skirt here's a dress I think that so quickly we will not tie up as
  • 05:23: We Natalia Ivanovna tied and if so here it is possible on its side and on its side need side look all is born fantasy on the go how are we Natalia Ivanovna Bank and tie so of course no one can we so do not know how well that's how tied up tied about look at god too beautiful well i want to say this what we all
  • 06:03: We want to find those models that bring you the pleasure of doing yourself the dress Well, of course you can sometimes do sometimes something is very, very compound sometimes i love it too but like kamaz channel training and I know that we have a lot very people who Well, not tailors, and this is their hobby people came from the main job and they need something do it for them precisely for we selected them all these models
  • 06:34: we picked up this time we tried to find those models that are unmarked with very good the result is my dress this she in general without any patterns made just here is just a dress without a pattern and please what dress did you get be in a good mood for the new I wish everyone to look good year discard bad thoughts think about good put huskies subscribe our channel look into
  • 07:04: our store share our videos on this we we say goodbye to you all the best We were a street Michael spider baby and our whole team [music]