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  • 00:00: [music] [applause] [music] Hello everyone, today I will show you how tie a bin cap with a turn without paddle classic cap from inside we will make a lining I tell you how to make the height of the gum you just need to sew earlier and we will knit with you with a lining the full height of the caps here I will knit the cap is just a bin without a turnout
  • 00:33: but how to connect with doorways I will repeat the classic yall I initially wanted to run with a turn but I did not like how this sits hat for husbands stopped at the usual option by will not knit with you here Such a gum color dark not worry all you will see just Well, you can not and Jim husband her hat there is red or white so you can see so dark color yarn i think
  • 01:03: I have nothing to worry about so I made five strips of subtraction can make four i will tell you how do u have such stripes central you can do a down to and after the marker then like this on the down side will not be visible I will knit from a reel of yarn dark gray color metric 280 meters one hundred grams in composition 40 percent
  • 01:36: merino 30 percent viscose 20 polyester and 10 percent acrylic she me presented here is the kind of lace you you can take any yarn because you still have to knit sample and count your density knitting how many loops in one centimeter height and and how much width and how much height of rows I will say what is my density
  • 02:07: knitting needles first let's start with knitting needles i see main canvas on the needles number 4 and the gum I was knitting number three and a half I see in the main technique the cycle so the length of my fishing line is 100 centimeters you can try to take fishing line 80 centimeters or take fishing line 40 centimeters and ideally shortened knitting needles then you can just knit
  • 02:37: a circle without such loops so knitting is my density in one centimeter wide front surface that is, we knit the sample of the front surface is not gum and measure on the front surface means in one centimeter I have two whole one tenth loop yes it is about the width of the height I have in one
  • 03:07: 3 centimeters row this is my density if you have another density then you respectively put your values I will knit a hat on the girth of 60 centimeters if you have a different girth should take respectively into operation girth 60 centimeters we multiply by density of two point one tenth loop and round now say what I got 120 loops on my side
  • 03:41: look we knit gum gum i see polish polish multiplicity and and 4 4 loops so I need to get 120 but this Here is the resulting number divided by 4 120 divided by four next moment I will close the top as it were say and than asterisks that is y the top of the head is usually closed 4 lines and I would deliver 5 lines therefore it is important to me that it still hours and share
  • 04:16: by 5 if you close the top of your head four lines as usual doing on 4 lines and here are 4 submissions then just to divided into 4 I will tell as well as close well how much to knit for four lines i I will close five so I type that 20 loops if you knit on short fishing line and knitting just circle when dialing plus one loop to close knitting in a circle we type
  • 04:47: 100 20 loops on the needle three and a half millimeter normal typing edge usual set further knit Polish gum knit it in a circle accordingly the first row of gum we knit 1 purl and 3 facial alternate one purl 3 facial the second row we knit 2 purl then we knit one face and 3
  • 05:20: purl alternate only one face 3 purl at the end you get one purl loop that is where purl this report we are repeat then we repeat the first and second rows and alternate tying height as you need me to knit height 11 and a half centimeters is 40
  • 05:50: rows you focus on your fertility want less want more further so how will I have a hat with a turn I provyazyvayu the same amount that is the front surface I turn after rubber bands on the needles number 4 and and begin to knit the front surface height 11 and a half centimeters not 40 rows why because here we sleep three with a half density height is it different
  • 06:21: so I take not 40 rows but eleven and a half centimeters multiply by knitting density my height that is multiply by 3 and get 35 rows so from the gum I knit 35 rows this part of the cap will go to the gate here further after this cap on her back height if you tuck the gum will be 25 cm
  • 06:53: so as soon as you tie 1 is executed centimeters extra you still knit 20 rows I knit 20 rows you knit 6 half centimeters ie multiply 6 half centimeters at your density in height you get the number of rows I am 20 so after 11 centimeters I knit another 6 centimeters is if you 'll close the top of my head like i
  • 07:26: leave five stripes if as usual classic hat we insert 4 strips you knit up not six and a half centimeters but four and a half centimeters that is to two centimeters less why because down line these here are 4 lines you will be longer and I have shorter and to get exactly 25 centimeters you knit not 6 half and four and a half again multiply count how much you will have
  • 07:57: it is in the ranks knit and the next step when I see it, he will show as follows stage we will place markers and make a decrease let's tell immediately on the example of another the caps of the model here on me will be a tear to turn away I'll tell you how to tie a hat if you just want to link bin cap that is, without a lapel how to do that is you knit gum you can you may not have it
  • 08:29: 11 centimeters and if it's benito you but add about 65 centimeters and knit facial stitch further close the loops accordingly from start to downs should be about 18 centimeters 17 8 on dtsat and here already be guided by gum do less more above sense
  • 08:59: me less more and higher below here either without it but down to 18 cm further slow down and get you beanie classic hat that is not tied without sagging you knit 12 centimeters either this you gum 12 centimeters or gum 32 centimeters here is the front surface but before the downgrades you should have twelve centimeters it does not depend on
  • 09:31: what girth of head do you knit absolutely on any girth 12 centimeters and the next you start doing down is to close the cap here are four stripes if you leave if will do 5 then they are 12 and 14 centimeters that is two centimeters more and for the classic 4 stripes 12 centimeters and reductions then the cap will be ordinary classic which will
  • 10:03: just sit on the head I measured my husband and a hat with a gate and you know, I somehow didn't like it very much how it looks exactly in this turnoff so all the same I will knit just a beanie without a turnout and you already see for yourself choose a model for your discretion means you have the right you add height according to your choice your models and
  • 10:33: it is necessary to divide the number of loops by 4 or five by four if you the lines of the beams will be 4 I will have them five so i divide by 5 i have 120 divide loops by 5 we get 24 loops the yellow mark is my start knitting we break 24 loops in half we get 12 and from the beginning of knitting we put off in this side 12 and this and 12 loops on the left
  • 11:04: parties set a marker if you have an odd number Well, for example, here is 11 here is twelve or vice versa Role absolutely does not play just to increase ubavka she was not in the center and on the side because here we will start knitting this first line further count 24 loops and set 24 a marker and so you should have four or five markers and one more mark
  • 11:34: start knitting giveaways I will do by tying 3 loops together here i am already here start knitting it will turn out such from the front center loop you can make an increase marker before marker and subtraction, then there are two markers and after the mark as you like more I I will show you how I do now. leaving to the marker before the marker one
  • 12:06: noose lobster to me and here is one loop I see classic loops so see me loop is in front of me right stenochka if you knit grandma you will
  • 12:36: the loop is like this two loops up marker and after you will need deploy like this stenochkoy right on myself then we remove 2 loops on the right knitting needle loop with marker and denmark we remove on the left right like this next loop we we knit front and 2 loops we remove we throw over one knitted here so it turns out a decrease of 3 loops together and
  • 13:08: central facial loop like this looks Donati on the yarn is not very visible do i see a hat to my husband from the dark yarn so further you do now so way to drop all the promotional line raglan on all lines of delays one row subtract one row
  • 13:39: knit in the usual way so continue to knit after you done all the downs you should stay on the needles of 10 loops if you're on a downgrade left not five or five a4 lines then 8 loops further cut the thread leave a small tip and dress in needle and thread through all the loops then pull the thread inside out
  • 14:22: well side we tighten we can still walk round do one more knot and hide the thread and This is the head we have a principle on This can and especially if you knitted a hat with a turn if ordinary classic or like mine
  • 14:54: just benito hat i want more what make to the height of the gum from the inside sides incise another facial layer smooth so that in this part the cap is not hat to insulate the hat to not blow above so i take the face towards myself cap I joined here on seamy side thread could of course immediately link this part of the face
  • 15:24: Satin sweat gum and the front part tuck but I just want to lie so that I have a clear transition here classic ordinary set therefore goes pigtail I take knitting needles number three with half the same on which I knit gum thread and I have here a pigtail consisting of two front walls and far back from me here I will
  • 15:55: type loops for one wall behind so here you can crochet can be knitting who is more comfortable next loop only behind the back so i type here in every pigtail every loop that is y I have 120 loops here respectively I also dialed 125 and this I type in a circle, respectively
  • 16:26: and I will knit further in a circle face Stitch knit us trade wind gum gum the height of the gum in my rows 40 rows so I also knit 40 rows I tied my face 40 rows turned the cap on the wrong side and now this part I will wear here on gum That's how it will look with
  • 16:58: three not sides here fix the edge and We look at the length of my gum and here is my facial surface see how much longer so watch run maybe 40 Rows and already periodically turn out because the cap inside out that rows are likely to be required less and watch it to be flush
  • 17:28: with a rubber band and further on the purl to the side covered with eyelets most likely for the next row after the gum you need to sew This part how to sew online because i didn't sew i I can not show you and it will be one of the options for insulation hats in steep Lena rubber I still I’ll dwell on the second version I will continue to knit further lining
  • 18:00: so after you tied here This part of your height and gum go to the spokes number 4 and which we knitted the main canvas Again, I do not advise you to navigate a Reed better turn out like this inside out here here find the edge attach and see how much you Rows left to slow down
  • 18:30: because maybe they will need rows do less so as from treasure he is not there should be two niche caps herself or in equal because but it's a lining the inner part so that there was exactly and that there is no lining on front side the pad should be about centimeter shorter than the main cap so take the knitting needles number 4 knit up Facing surface yes gambling and repeat all do the same thing exactly the same both
  • 19:03: reductions are also left 5 lines or four how much did you leave and make reductions possible last subtraction will not need to do that is you will tie you will already be here again attach turn the cap off if you have here the lining does not come out like this then do the last one if it comes out perhaps the last decreases will not be necessary
  • 19:33: do maybe even some more if you come down on below there is the usual row maybe it also will not need to knit and then just need the remaining loops pull off the thread so that after all the hat there was a flat lining lining not performed and everybody want here top with latch fix thread as if not to run away want No, and this is the second option for cap insulation I will now knit it for him therefore
  • 20:06: take the knitting needles number 4 and continue to knit up so I'll tie you all I'll show finished lining cut it down and I began to make reductions in the pickup I slacks a little bit differently i also divided accordingly by 5 because I have five lines of reductions on one central loop I hung marker and downs I did to this loop obtained in the office and we knit from here
  • 20:37: 1 grandma with an inclination to the left 1 front loop and the second folder is tilted to the right and so all increments also alternated one row turn down a number of normal business dovyazala until here when I have between these here central facial remained on 7 loops I made two rows of pure delays before and after the third row I make a decrease one facial loop diminished with
  • 21:08: central this front where is the marker then there are two together before the face and tap facial smart 3 together and that's it Five times so did not work on the needles 15 hinges on all also the strings are closed and the top is turned out lining I got about centimeter less than the main cap and more hide all the ends we erase dry the cap and
  • 21:40: turn it inwards like this I got on the consumption of yarn so far I will not tell you because some scales me the authors and the scales are broken I am somewhere so I lost here that left reel I already started to knit same cap but classic version also with lining
  • 22:11: Bobbin I was 300 grams I tied myself from her pencil skirt with a high waist just below the knee I see this hat and see how much I have a hat is enough for sure maybe even a little bit left therefore I think that no more than 100 grams but as soon as I get new weights I will write you in the description how much did the step take Aushev yarn on the cap bean with lining and
  • 22:41: on the classic cap with lining Well I put it now, see photos Well, I wish you a good day to new meeting [music] [applause] [music]