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  • 00:00: [music] I'll cook the walls today wonderful biscuit cookies with the filling is very tasty beautiful you can apply for the holiday table putting next to sweets can pack some beautiful to give a box to one of your own close it just for family tea party she turns out very cute I would even said to look like such less cakes are made it just so easy that shine he can handle absolutely every
  • 00:30: start cooking dough with wants something capacity separate the whites from the yolks [music] add a pinch of salt to the proteins and beat mixer soft foam [music] now gradually add sugar and increasing the speed of the mixer beat up hard peaks here's oil well from help
  • 01:00: before the start of the mark it falls, it means everything This is the main thing to follow. the squirrels did not get alone a drop of yolk because it lived only fat and squirting into mass will be bad prosper, and the main thing that has capacity will catch why I still say that no one need to give yolks beat with a fork so phenomenally easy to mix
  • 01:32: [music] and add protein and neatly shuffle bottom-up ready now mix dry ingredients are added to the flour in the game starch and sieve in two steps and also gently mix
  • 02:03: movements upwards like this airy, what get dough now we shift it to the bag cut the corner and drop off the droplets dough at a distance from each other [music] send cookies to the oven warmed up to 180 degrees about 80 minutes up to ruddy
  • 02:34: Cookies ready but a bit already filed bodies above and below also start redden the second batch too I only got 46 of these halves and now we will make a cream with kuschenko heat in a water bath or on low heat constantly stirring as soon as condensed milk became hot add white chocolate when it starts melt mix until homogeneous smooth homogeneous should turn out
  • 03:05: filling now leave so that she cooled to room temperature and then we will collect 5 so that the mass cooled faster, you can put another tank of cold water until the filling can be picked up similar in size cookies [music] filling left shift in the bag and convenience actually do it not
  • 03:36: you can also have a teaspoon spread too convenient and someone a little bit faster cut the corner now on each squeeze half on what Well, so fasten slightly pressed here such a reason to dig in again right away
  • 04:08: for all squeeze this then someone can not enough and only left [music] [music] Part of the cookie can be rolled for example in coconut flakes or devil or chocolate pieces such as nuts Well, this is already in its own way a desire and
  • 04:38: teacher if you do not want this stuffing you can just let go use boiled condensed milk will get this fish [music] [music]
  • 05:12: as you may have noticed the cookies just although his soul didn't say it was a cookie it's like a little uncritically with delicious stuffing for his the structure they are very light air so stand the probability of eating a lot try to eat double servings right away turn your loved ones yourself think you she will like me today too Thank you all very much for watching the video subscribe to my channel put huskies we'll see you in the next issues bye everyone