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  • 00:00: [music] hello everyone my name is Julia and I'm glad you I finally got my hands before processing video tailoring blouses out Veselinka viscose free cut blouse without salt tuck chest tuck translated into side usual sleeve on cuff with buttons later show how I did this video is one of my favorite tricks deluxe treatment suite treated and here
  • 00:31: such a narrow obtachkoy then inside everything 100 vats french stitch look like from the face looks neatly on drawing center docked well let's get down to I originally wanted to sew a blouse pattern wiki sauce but my fabric is not enough with this chantal blouse and in next time I returned in general to fundamentally increase on the chest 5 centimeters seam
  • 01:01: led back to less rushed to eyes are not necessary to detail before equal to the back of the parts I reduced shoulder deepened armhole and a half centimeter cut from the jugular cavity I have 15 centimeters tuck here close and I will transfer to the side of the waist you do not tuck the tank I rounded length will be up to my hips and now let me draw the fastener by
  • 01:32: the back will leave the shoulder tuck on my slouch tap on the back is not needed either joint hands to base line and at all can't fix me in this place line to re-crawl them are asked to be a premium although a sleeve was built clearly by the standards and in building I am confident in general only fitting you can all work out the length sleeves 60 centimeters by the way decided
  • 02:02: make the cuff rectangular i.e. not building and with a bend and here is how you to because I already said that the cuff wider than four centimeters should build with bends but decided see how much worse it will be rectangular cuff and so out of length sleeves 60 centimeters I deducted a 6 centimeters cuff and added on on start two centimeters sleeve top I expanded 5 millimeters from each
  • 02:34: sides and on the bottom my narrowing goes 28 centimeters here and I set marking under the cut on the clasp but for now I did not decide how to do it all neatly so i have problems with opening the fabric very slippery tried to thread contour pave this some kind of murder all walks under the needle and on a blanket everything is fine but it is beautiful or just lay a thread on it
  • 03:06: unreal so I decided I decided use a marker with which doing embroidery markup he disappears on his own in two days or immediately washed off with water only it can not be ironed read reviews about him all the good went In general, I cut by the way shelves I will need to carve out so that the mushrooms come together fasteners
  • 03:38: in the morning I brought two news good that the marker really go a bad pen comes off faster than you need now re-draw from the contour and in pace waltz I will collect the details well i only one detail carved out per sample All cutting darts swept exuded and since ironing at the marker can not be me you are metal these places tucks here are right you rule
  • 04:08: all flows and now sweeping away shoulder and side seams shoulder tucks direct to the center chest up these places too you honey its all will be processed by a linen seam or else called french seam swept while on the contour stocks are all right by the way so far I did not disappear again, I laid thread showing how French looks
  • 04:40: Schaub I'm 5 above the contour line millimeters I give a line this face is trimmed allowances up to four millimeters turn everything straightening you are dead ironing and then below the fold by 5 millimeters I give the second a line that is at rest cuts and a line it will be exactly on the line contours of parts
  • 05:11: so I laid a line of 5 millimeters higher than necessary and for now I will disappear I’m going to have a lot of felt-tip pen iron the sleeves, too, carved and I will also grind the French stitch but for now that and on the bottom I will lay a thread while not late In general, I did not have the patience to wait I wetted the lines here this line goes clearly 5 millimeters higher
  • 05:44: so I can take this reference off already [music] ironed seam pruned at start up four millimeters Now I straighten and unstuck the seam and I want you all by them so that the seam walked clearly into the split ready now you can and final line give done I check that the seam lay perfectly in split and did not lead him away a second moment
  • 06:16: to any thread of allowances does not stuck with it from the front too look side and shoulder seams of sleeves are ready now iron irons on the edge and I decided to shoulder hull because in this case tuck them itself pushes back accordingly and lateral side cuts at start-up
  • 06:46: ironing on the back I carved further cuffs on the top 2 and bottom two all cuffs duplicated thin Dublerin grind on three sides with taking into account the direction of growth of fungi in ready-made with the hand down the direction of the mushrooms was right then trim the allowances and carving all the corners ready to twist the seams in to loosen
  • 07:16: after turning everything inside is good settled down you wrenched metal and duty live with me here 20 centimeters going to build on this length at the bottom of the sleeve cuff will be stitched from brand to brand like this everything will look like i have a training the sample here is the fold laid and in this place luxury movie no Chinese in the factory guangzhou
  • 07:48: you like that do not perform in general I am now from brand to Marked her and when starting the upper cuff to the sleeve lower cuff edge remains free all seam allowances will be packed in cuff and manually clasps machine I will fit the lines but before packing I need draw roller reserves I did not clipped
  • 08:20: and I'm starting to be ready to roll a roller so I twisted it and grabbed it and then small small hidden stitches grabbed it like this and only after that I will cut for the apiary I start packing I wrap everything up cuff and hem [music]
  • 08:53: I have already begun to hem the cuff puncture for a stitch and in the same puncture come back and so on puncture for stitch I cling and in the same puncture come back that's how it will look like in the finished the form itself is quite possible after the cuffs
  • 09:23: hand in metal all also french seam I do it sleeves in place now want to stop to a millimeter line of the middle and then from her one centimeter on one side will release a clasp and one centimeter with the other side to release on the clasp i has prepared a turn on the neck and on she taped shelves and on the edge
  • 09:54: you took her together and the brand with the chala ironed for now I will give a fixing line I want more on this cut overlock pre-walk for processing I take strings gutermann rock 240 thin does not give a long time tormented did not know how to fast not process this cut eventually went north with varnish
  • 10:24: Now for the iron and give fixing line to edge and then these strings will hold onto count of loops and sewn buttons like this I got [music] so here I am on the shoulder should grab turnout I laid out the picture I just want to hem twisted two times thats 7 millimeters checking selectively not
  • 10:54: I have lost sight of my eye anywhere processed bottom [music] you cut the metal loops I give a little life hacking and so here to i have 4 vertical loops for example sew on buttons top button sewn on the top of the loop the last
  • 11:28: at the bottom of the loop so we fix the shelf from the moves the other buttons on equal distances from each other sewn equal equals and sew the rest sewn buttons drawing combined and defile I will awesome friends place thank you for support for likes comments to all good mood links to me in social
  • 11:58: networks down in infobox while bye your July [music] [applause]
  • 12:31: here [applause] [music] get started [music] [applause] usually [music] our
  • 13:01: simply belshina exercise [music] we
  • 14:04: have come here [music] [applause] [music] found [music] our one will start [music]