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5 exercises from pancreatitis, cholecystitis, dyskinesia of a gall bladder.  See details »

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  • 00:00: I greet you dear friends today together the elephants of the fields we show you set of exercises for treatment pancreas and gall bladder what diseases do you need to do with exercises Well, firstly with chronic pancreatitis with cholecystitis but without a fireplace and gall dyskinesia bubble really need to be borne in mind that for these exercises are very tough and Contraindications this gall stone
  • 00:30: bubble but if you have big gallstones then these exercises are better not to do if you just sand then this exercise is not contraindicated but generally all go by larynx you need to read will be under our video all the exercises we do on some smooth solid surface of course in ideally best to do exercises on semi bed yoga mat be sure to put under the head small flat pillow well and now we go to the exercises themselves first
  • 01:01: exercise we put a bent leg on the floor and from this position very slowly stressed very slowly and smoothly We begin to pull up the bent legs to stomach slowly and smoothly pull so how much do you get then the same slowly and smoothly lower the legs down into starting position slowly and smoothly tighten your legs slowly and smoothly lower your legs
  • 01:32: once again slowly smoothly pull up slowly smoothly lower the legs down slowly smoothly pull the legs to stomach do not put too much effort and slowly slowly together we do it exercise depending on your physical abilities 5 to 10 times I started enough in what
  • 02:02: the meaning of all these exercises to us need to pump the muscles of the abdominals and when performing these exercises and gall the bladder and pancreas will very well stimulated that is from gallbladder will be squeezed out bile and blood circulation will improve pancreas but also these exercises are still good helps stimulate the intestines this for
  • 02:32: those people who have constipation is not very strongly but here is intestinal stimulation all equal will happen now the next exercise she is a little harder we put our hands on the back of the head but in no case need to and in c spit that is hands just lie on the back of the head does not spit and fingers now do so right elbow to the left knee down smoothly much down the left elbow to right knee slowly smoothly
  • 03:02: go down in no case pull the back of your head with your hands just free to lie on the back of my head slowly down again tighten your leg slowly smoothly down the right elbow to left knee slowly slowly down left optics right knee slowly
  • 03:34: down again slowly smooth down we do everything very slowly and smoothly just drop it down and do it exercise depending again on your physical abilities with each hand each foot from 4 1 to 6 and now we move to more complicated
  • 04:08: exercise again hands lie on in the back of your head do not cling to them we put our hands on the head and now we tighten both legs to hands and slowly smoothly down slowly smoothly upwards do not pull the back of your head hands don't snottly them hands slowly down slowly up slowly slowly down
  • 04:39: slowly smoothly up slowly down slowly up immediately there will be an exercise we perform 4 to 8 times the following exercise is quite heavy so if
  • 05:12: you are over sixty years old or have you there is a tendency to increase the pressure then This exercise you miss for all rest doing so lying on his stomach slow plans bend body up slightly reduce blades slowly smoothly down slowly slowly we reduce blades up don't lift your head shoulder blades slowly smoothly down slowly plan up we reduce the shoulder blades slowly
  • 05:43: smoothly down slowly plan up none on smoothly down slowly smoothly up slowly plan up down to relaxation once again slowly smoothly up slowly slowly down to relaxation is an exercise we perform
  • 06:15: 5 to 10 times again emphasize if it's too hard for you to do it if you just and doing it exercise starts to hurt back there chapter This exercise can be skipped and I remind you that you will need to read under the video all edit testimony to our exercises final exercise our complex at first glance very simple but still i think you have to some time to practice it
  • 06:45: do an exercise sitting hands we put under the ribs on the stomach now do deep deep breath exactly belly then have a stomach need to drink and now exhale and blowing belly and with palms slightly we press on the detailed area again inhale belly exhale exactly exhale stomach exhale slowly gently slightly give palms a slow smooth breath
  • 07:15: now exhale slightly-palms crush is not much do not provoke pain slowly smoothly all inhale exhale and here we do abdominal breathing 5-6 once inhale exhale, you can inhale again and exhale
  • 07:48: relaxed when you get used to it exercise then this is breath let's say back and relaxation of the abdomen can be done even 8-12 times and that's all for today dear friends this is the whole complex which is needed to stimulate the gall bladder and pancreas and we say goodbye to all the best not be healthy [music]
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