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  • 00:00: hi friends this is the kitchen inside out I'll show you a few quick ideas today holiday snacks if there is very little left before the holidays time such snacks usually help out I'll start with the sandwiches are preparing very simply of the most ordinary products and look very festive on the holiday table such sandwiches are hard to miss very thin plastinochkami cut cucumber i make it a peeler dried with paper towels from excess moisture cut off the edges of each
  • 00:31: slices of bread so that only the pulp I cook on the mask in a bowl exclusively spread herring curd cheese a clove of garlic and a couple of spoons of mayonnaise add some black pepper and grind if necessary on the mask now I can add some salt
  • 01:04: I put sandwiches on one side of the bread on the mask properly distribute and spread prepared cucumber ribbons overlap and lubricate like that bread on the other hand I sprinkle with green Onion 2 a slice or just as well grease on the one hand and spread cucumber I put on the mask on the other side and
  • 01:35: sprinkle with chopped dill connect two pieces of bread like that the cucumber was outside I cut off the excess you can do scissors but I was more comfortable with a knife here's a double sandwich wrapped its in cling film and before the arrival of guests I can put a cucumber in the fridge to lay and like that, too, it turns out beautiful before filing remove the film
  • 02:06: I grease the edge of the sandwich with cottage cheese mixed with mayonnaise or remaining on masked cut in half to get here such triangles I sprinkle the tank roasted sesame seeds can be put on the table very unusually beautiful and tasty and now very quick appetizer from herring which is very
  • 02:41: love my guests onion cut into half rings add sugar vinegar and water shuffle and leave so minutes on 10-15 then merge the liquid in the bow bowl we combine carrots in Korean pickled onions and pieces of herring I fill with vegetable oil and I fall you can cut all the fine put on
  • 03:11: sandwiches but i like it like that salad again quickly and tasty immediately show you another salad very tasty a combination of fresh vegetables boiled chicken and carrots in Korean bright fragrant and very well very tasty Peking cut cabbage and fresh cucumber I put in bowl add vegetables boiled or baked chicken breast rip it on
  • 03:42: fiber like this now carrot in Korean and dill cut help homemade mayonnaise and you can mix to add salt to taste all salad ready very simple and incredibly tasty here this salad is not never highly recommend now sprat pate I cook such a snack not only on
  • 04:14: holidays when you want to quickly and tasty to eat such a pate exactly fit spread bowl sprats oil not add one boiled egg and one boiled carrots now a little black pepper and salt to taste grind Here is such a homogeneous beautiful pate
  • 04:44: it turns out smear on pieces of bread and fall can be decorated with fresh cucumber and greens can be pre-bread grease with butter but i'm serving just so it seems to me that there is nothing to add here now baked eggplant with very tasty eggplant sauce here and so notch and stuffed with bacon bits and garlic cloves
  • 05:18: if bacon is not salted then eggplant need dosolit [music] that's what happens [music] I put the skewers on both sides so that eggplant does not fall apart when baking [music] do the same with the second eggplant foil do the shoes and spread stuffed eggplants in them
  • 05:50: the oven is heated to 180 degrees , eggplant 25-30 minutes for this dish I usually cook green sauce we love it with any baked vegetables in a bowl blender spread good bunch of cilantro bunch of parsley a couple of garlic cloves and a few
  • 06:21: pieces of parmesan squeeze the juice of half a lemon add black pepper salt and olive oil you can add basil here and a little mint and today unfortunately less succeeded buy them grind it all in a blender [music] and shift the sauceboat such sauce is good
  • 06:52: to many dishes but especially tasty baked vegetables eggplant spread on lettuce leaves tidying up skewers and spread the sauce on top like this with a spoon can be served one more snack which prepares for 15
  • 07:31: minutes of the most affordable products fragrant and insanely delicious croutons here is really every ingredient on in my place I rub on a fine grater boiled carrots chop eggs and cheese onion finely and fry in a small amount vegetable oil spread on a plate to cool it time fry croutons tastes best
  • 08:04: from dark bread [music] cool onions add to bowl here I usually buy canned fish dance for salad with him tastes best but you can take any canned food drained liquid and crush fish with a fork salt and black pepper add a little mayonnaise
  • 08:36: I mix everything well and spread it on start toast is ready one more snack with canned tuna right here you need tuna pour out the liquid and spread it in a bowl about 100 grams add chopped salted or pickled cucumber half an onion and some parsley I fill with a tablespoon of olive
  • 09:07: oils and mix for this recipes buy arteezy from wheat flour but you can use pita bread dipping into the water and spreading on the preheated pan red a little on both sides and in a still warm cake wrapped prepared stuffing
  • 09:38: These are the delicious envelopes are obtained and again a quick salad recipe for this Salad I took from my mom in my notebook the book and often he helps me out guests gladly enclose it yourself a plate and make such a salad Can I try it for a couple I'll be glad if such a salad turns out to be on your New Year's table we cut boiled eggs here a little bit
  • 10:08: green onions jar of canned beans liquid I drain the beans I wash and send to salads here pickled mushrooms salt to taste and mix mayonnaise and serve like this on lettuce leaves and now lettuce salad with perhaps
  • 10:38: would you believe that of these ingredients of which there are only three delicious snack this salad is so delicious that despite its simplicity its not at all ashamed to file for the holiday table just try my salad leaves dry and cut can break the salad hands but pressing faster I fold in a bowl brush and cut 2 eggs
  • 11:08: send to salad and fill all homemade mayonnaise here any of those recipes that I showed a link to all the recipes mayonnaise in the description under the video that's all salad ready [music] festive snacks for me that's what preparing is very simple and fast and in the result is tasty and beautiful To ponder the ribbon one of such
  • 11:38: snacks here they run out before than sandwiches with red caviar potatoes brush and cut into these pieces here 5 millimeters thick laying them out butter pan lightly we add some salt to the potatoes on both sides golden brown herring I usually buy in portions already ready spicy salted the main thing that there were no bones left make small sandwiches
  • 12:10: spread green onions on him a piece potato top herring ready to tie so I was not torn I spread it on the table in advance then he becomes soft easy tied up that's all for today as always, I am waiting for your feedback as always all the recipes under the video in description until the new year is left I want to congratulate everyone a little upcoming holidays
  • 12:40: let this year bring your life all only good work success calm love and understanding in family financial well-being peace and health let all the troubles of anxiety remain in the outgoing year and let the new be only joy good mood and Smile loved ones write in comments the city in which you now see me I want to say hello to everyone, thank you for staying with me thanks trust cooking according to my recipe and
  • 13:10: write such nice comments I do not say goodbye see you soon New 2019 and many interesting things