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3 breathes from PRESSURE - for decrease in an elevated pressure, treatment of a hypertension and arrhythmia  See details »

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  • 00:00: Dear friends greet you on reasonable channel medicine doctor Evdokimenko I am often asked doctor here you are not love pills from pressure and recommend them to drink as rarely as possible can be less than a cope with pressure from elevated without tablets my scandalous but favorite book that called secret formula of health I talked about as with increased pressure and even with rhythm often cope with help respiratory
  • 00:30: exercises of course pills drink easier of course pills more effective that is they act faster but if every day well 10-15 minutes to devote respiratory gymnastics then you can achieve what you want will have to drink tablets as possible less often and in smaller doses respiratory exercises that I I suggest you do to reduce pressure and for the treatment of arrhythmia called the general this term deep abdominal breathing and now I'm you I will teach
  • 01:01: to how these exercise is necessary do an exercise you need to perform either sitting but preferably on some high stool or high stool or even standing first an exercise fairly simple but again we will have to with you it will be like do it again repeat performed sitting on high stool or on a high chair or standing back straight and so we begin with deep inspiration slowly and smoothly
  • 01:31: start breathing belly that is fill first abdominal cavity with the hand resting on abdomen for control But the stomach does not press and so slowly smoothly take a breath fill Belly then when you reminded the belly start air continue breathing in with using the lungs that is, deep breathe first belly then light do it again speak slowly and
  • 02:01: gently inhaled and it seems that you there is nowhere else breathe in air need again a little bit yes, breathe in the air easy and now in this position hold your breath for 5 7 seconds after what in 57 seconds we begin to exhale air first from belly then from the lungs and when you exhaled All air can be even give a breast forward to squeeze out
  • 02:31: air from the lungs hold your breath on exhalation delay breathing also lasts 5-7 seconds, let's let's go through again now in a fast tempe and so we put hand on your stomach and we begin slow a gentle breath in your belly now breathe in with the lungs before inhaling air easy and complete hold breath
  • 03:02: breathing for 57 seconds now start exhaling belly slowly and smooth blowing air from the lungs and when they exhaled all air is delayed breathing for 5-7 seconds now calmly breathed and breathe for a minute normally repeat this exercise with minute intervals of three maximum four times what benefit do we have
  • 03:32: expect from implementation The first exercise we firstly, we hope what do you have stabilizes The pressure will improve rhythm of the heart except that exercise should soothe nervous system then there is when you started do this exercise within a week we hope to achieve overall your state but what will I ask make a troll pressure up to implementation of exercises and controls it after if for some inexplicable
  • 04:03: reasons of pressure will not come in standard but on the contrary increase then all the same it's better this exercise is not to do but it happens very rarely most people pressure the pulse is equalized aligned and nervous system It calms down and if this is how we through a week go to the second Exercise second exercise done approximately like this same as the first but with some differences So we start again a deep breath belly breathed
  • 04:33: then breathe in the lungs before we breathed the air we Now we do not breath holding at 57 seconds and immediately we begin to exhale and make sure that this issue was about one and a half two times longer than was inhaled that is begin exhalation slower than inhaled belly easy to exhaled air for 5-7 seconds delayed breath you exhale but Now do not do minutes between
  • 05:03: exercises and immediately repeat the exercise once again and again and so on how it looks fast version breathed belly up inhaled the air lungs exhaled it still now immediately begin slow slow gustatory exhalation slowly slowly now blowing air from the lungs exhaled lingered on 57
  • 05:33: seconds and immediately repeat the exercise again they held their breath for 5 7 seconds on exhalation and repeat exercise again check after exercises again your health pressure and pulse evaluate our emotional state if the second exercise passes
  • 06:07: you are well the first exercise is no longer we continue do the second option follow the second exercise about two three weeks if you yourself well feel if she You can help go to the third Exercise Three exercise is reinforced version the first exercise the very first that is, you start deep inspiration belly to inhale air lungs spread out rare they inhaled the air
  • 06:37: detained on inhalation breathing for 5-7 seconds then starting slow exhalation belly slow exhalation from lungs and when you exhaled all the air we put a chin on breasts that is exhaled all the air put your chin on the chest and on the exhale hold your breath on as much as ideally this will be 20 30 seconds that is on exhale hold your breath for 20 30 seconds like this
  • 07:07: looks fast was inhaled air belly up inhaled the air lighter and more a little bit held their breath on inhalation for 5-7 seconds now you have exhaled from the abdomen from the lungs we put a chin on chest on exhalation and hold your breath 20 30 seconds this exercise
  • 07:38: only once exhaled held their breath on 20 30 seconds and then catch my breath relax second third exercise can be perform one and the same same day straight in a row executed three times The second exercise and one third exercise again repeat check his condition pressure and pulse evaluate the state nervous system and Besides be sure read under our video contraindications to this
  • 08:08: exercises on completion expensive friends want to say that unfortunately of course these exercise fit not all of them just hard carry out someone starts strong dizziness but in the whole in general this gymnastics very useful start with the first exercise done for two weeks is good you with this exercise our we continue to do it then you can strengthen this exercise going to the second option for example you switched to the second option he does not approached then come back and
  • 08:38: do only the first exercise came the second option feel yourself with him is even better make the second option in a week or two try the third option exercise and if this exercise helps you leave the second and third option 1 already do not look evaluate our status and do we understand to achieve persistent effect need regularity zeal Well, let's say so responsibly approach to my recommendations
  • 09:08: which you gave and in completion of expensive friends want to say about why we decided again write this gymnastics, after all, she has we were already only in shorter version elephants of fields if you compare the two video then this video more extended more detailed and probably therefore video you will just easier to learn this gymnastics that is, this gymnastics extended full version and for today it's all Dear friends remember that pills Of course maybe they but effective all the same the respiratory gymnastics with
  • 09:38: correct implementation of it is certainly more useful it hardly is incidental effects in contrast to pills stay with us see us and subscribe to our channel