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  • 00:00: hello everyone with you affordable house today there will be an instructive video Today I will tell you several ways how to kill a house of aerated concrete that is, if you built a house from aerated concrete and you need to get rid of him either somehow spoil it follow these rules and so go the very first rule is not to build technology that is with build here this house to build a house of aerated concrete
  • 00:30: thickness without calculations 300 millimeters from d500 i.e. a failure of aerated concrete to 500 300 millimeters you are the same to you the plus is that you will need everything freeze through the next step maximum thermos in the house that is what it means that he has to take the ceiling the cheapest film that can be which does not perform the function
  • 01:01: vapor barrier and just performs as simple flew that is, take and attach to the ceiling tightly then here's how you see to pull more for insurance suspended ceiling that is to the whole humidity which will be in the room she went nowhere and the most important moment is the most important moment of no ventilation that is, if you have some ventilation then this result you do not
  • 01:32: can achieve close all windows completely we press the ventilation gaps We look to have Tim we seal was working well so that nothing is not sold and we get the best result to kill a house of aerated concrete so we look at the result that is she is our beauty that is, see how it is
  • 02:02: everything looks beautiful black mold right in the corner of the house here it goes right along corner where i can froze when in a room when in a room on chasing the humidity ie it needs
  • 02:36: evaporate somewhere we close the windows catching up drying things for example in the room close the doors and get this one the result that is who wants to decorate the wall black and black textured decorative plaster by following these instructions you will get this result there is quite a budget The principle here is that the texture will not be affected. from you, that is, how come
  • 03:11: so it will turn out that is, well, actually it's all a joke now see the result of the aerated concrete house built first not by technology but here it is even if you build a house from aerated concrete not by technology as in in this case d500 300 millimeters only this avoid was hair ventilation ie this house was ventilated
  • 03:41: it was done on the windows this one the valve that is just man froze shut all valve shut windows that is here on chased the temperature was chasing the humidity in the house humidity of course you need somewhere to go Well, where or go and additionally
  • 04:13: we were frozen the walls of you but we are frozen through a corner there are so if you take just the wall wear of course not freezing cut through angle because by angle by angle in war the amount of severe frost is valid by this corner always freezes us faster so here is the most important moment the main point is that in this corner before so close did not stand anything that's worth just put the bed in this corner
  • 04:45: bed close the windows man naturally himself walk on being in the room highlights some moisture and get turned here is such that there are several factors worked put the bed shut the windows nothing to ventilate struck frosts and it all started to mold like that once again showing here such a pattern and
  • 05:15: now have to be with him now fight in principle, who likes this is possible leave but in this case have to here take some measures to remove this black mold which looks awful just so build as much as possible by technology not
  • 05:46: break technology don't think that if technology exists then came up with some people from the street and not build at your own risk that is, you learn from the mistakes of others not step on a rake when all this is possible make qualitatively and most importantly in our homes new homes when used film on the ceiling we do stretch ceilings we install
  • 06:17: plastic windows is very important though you log house even if you have a wooden house which brick aerated concrete always need very good ventilation i.e. it will save it might save if you were good in this case ventilation maybe this is possible it would beat avoid even when frosting however what happened is already happened so learn from strangers mistakes with you was an affordable home subscribe to our available channel
  • 06:49: construction see you soon