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Новогодний Торт СНЕЖНОСТЬ. Шикарный , Сказочный, Зимний торт - пирог с кремом.

Новогодний Торт СНЕЖНОСТЬ. Шикарный , Сказочный, Зимний торт - пирог с кремом.  See details »

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  • 00:00: good afternoon my dear friends today I want to offer you a very interesting holiday cake pie which I called such a name as snow because it is very similar to winter and this snow the recipe is not my personal idea of ​​this cake i saw on foreign channels and how it says fell in love with him from the first look we start cooking for cooking this cake pie to us
  • 00:31: need to prepare the dough brioche it french pastry is very popular and everyone's favorite pastry dough is dough preparing for a long time but you do not worry your personal time the minimum will be spent just here the process of waiting is very long now dry ingredients i pour in Mixer bowl mix well then add liquid ingredients milk and
  • 01:06: eggs and also two tablespoons cooking oil and knead the dough when the dough is almost ready we add slices soft butter dough ready now we shift it to the package and send in the fridge for 12-24 hours for making this pie only I need a form of 28 centimeters grease its special form lubricant or
  • 01:40: vegetable oil or creamy and sprinkle well with flour roll out the dough approximately 1 centimeter the dough for this pie is brioche I need 600 grams for this form is distributed dough evenly and pierce it we cover it with a fork and send it to light bulb oven the dough should increase by two two with
  • 02:10: half times Now prepare the strudel and dough for decoration butter sugar and flour mix with a mixer or manually and distribute the dough between two persons baking paper I roll out with a rolling pin thickness of about 7 8 millimeters and ship the freezer now Prepare custard base for the cream gelatin pour water chilled and
  • 02:40: set aside milk we put on stove and bring to a boil in a bowl for stirring mix sugar starch and salt mix and add eggs hot boiled milk we pour in egg mixture trickle and pour the stew pan back on stove and brew the mixture as soon as
  • 03:10: the mixture is brewed add swollen gelatin and set aside the stewpan until full cooling frozen met on and cut the dough in small pieces about 7 by 7 or 8 by 8 millimeters and lay out on top of the dough which we fit the dough for the cake and send in preheated oven
  • 03:40: the apron is ready we leave it to form minutes for 5 10 and shifted to the lattice prepare the impregnation for the cake we need orange zest and half orange juice survive clean water add here mix sugar and a teaspoon of liqueur cooled custard add vanilla and beat it in parts add a mask
  • 04:10: she and beat until ready to cream was so soft and lush cream ready here so he turned out the consistency choose it in the fridge cooled pie cut along in half the upper part is cut into eight pieces like pizza and turn over slices well impregnated with prepared impregnation
  • 04:40: she has a very fragrant orange smell and also impregnate the base all the impregnation you must go to the cake turned out very wet in the cream I add all part orange flavoring can not add mix and cream we shift in a pastry bag with round nozzle we lay down the cream on the bottom of the cake
  • 05:12: Fill the entire cake completely on top. lay out the top of which we cut up by sectors the cake is ready to sprinkle a little powdered sugar and can be served cake very tasty tender air
  • 05:44: soft with aromatic cream be sure to try cooking this the pie he requires a lot time but the result will please you brioche dough process takes a long time so i always cook more dough what do i need for a recipe in common the complexity of my dough turned out one kilogram and 500 grams for cooking
  • 06:14: of this pie I consumed 600 grams dough I used the rest of the dough for cooking wicker congratulations to all subscribers and guests my channel happy new year and merry christmas I wish you to be happy not only New Year's Eve but always