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  • 00:00: Good day to all this channel to cook just today we will cook 1000 pie we will need 3 eggs we drive them music not giving yolks from proteins like this together where we will beat beat eggs until thick foam on a big speeds
  • 00:32: when did you get such a thick foam parts syrup sugar sugar should maximum dissolve but how much perhaps it is clear that the number is stupid sugar is not completely dissolved but pour it does not melt 6 tricks to maximum break happened to me thick enough light sugar almost completely dissolved but still a little bit we remove the whisk for a bit add salt here literally pinch salt I put it like that on the tip of a knife
  • 01:03: Here we take flour Flour walk parts desirable immediately beautiful if you butler sifted flour spilled to you can mix manually then this mixer it is not important the most important thing to him sexual dough to now add baking powder to dough teaspoon or soda extinguished also a teaspoon of soda and a tablespoon
  • 01:36: vinegar pay off and here you are what you have today it is at hand or good now pour out the remaining flour more when we make cakes like for mom with a pear with a pumpkin that is not in imagine some kind of filler all
  • 02:07: Shuffle so that I have flour look there should be no apparent flour should make dough well now here send 7 tablespoons ordinary sunflower oil is important without the smell the whisk dough should get tight and
  • 02:37: but not very thick Now let 's do pumpkin 8 in the pumpkin room clean its skin cut 300 grams pumpkin pumpkin need rub on here so here is the smallest the grater is not on a large anonymous like this that's the way send in our dough can we still add 100 grams will not reach the spot You can take for example 150-150 apples will be
  • 03:07: too, you can take 150 pumpkin 150 carrots will be so very vegetable pie we learn that you have at home with apples and delicious for you and just a shame you also look very tasty for what beautiful color it turns out the dough is good mix everything and prepare the mold I today I will bake in a slow cooker but I will tell you how to bake in the oven because what was originally this pixie pie
  • 03:38: original in the oven just now we appeared in the slow cooker and we do in a slow cooker means in the oven take any form that you There is also a bottom of the molds oiled or powdered or dusted parchment until I smeared why because in the dough itself there is butter and if we grease the sides then the pie it will be bad to rise because you need cling to our walls we put the dough we warm up the oven 170 180 degrees and bake until done
  • 04:10: wading we check tooth such toothpick wooden stick any how do you have it to be dry then there is in fact it will be pie eat This they do with it here on the type of biscuit something in the slow cooker needs to be lubricated all our whole cup oiled because it says in instructions pour our dough here and we put on the program pastries for 60 minutes actually like ordinary pies we bake like a sponge cake and bake on top
  • 04:40: if in the oven at what matters you will have beautiful golden color multicooker stylishly golden color were not because something is a slow cooker so on top we always decorate the powder general that at home there is so drink and see what get us a cake ready look i did multicookers look like turned out both sides it is enough highly cottony carpenters are very fragrant very much if you did in the oven then you
  • 05:10: here's how I have a hot side here you should be exactly the same apex because in a slow cooker the tip does not fry okay i'm all rapier vara of something i'm like this Here is the most logical side named you got it if not with you by chance slightly burnt or clean it but should not fit if we stood temperature and time well take top regular icing sugar and sugar vanilla and i just all together in a coffee grinder
  • 05:40: grinds it turns out the very place with you all of us together now we drag with powdered sugar and in principle you can leave and you can decorate with cranberries because now started cranberries can be decorated such red cranberry bombs it will be very beautiful we get this beautiful the pie we have it should be
  • 06:11: completely sharp and then it can be cut and eat bon appetit at home and you will like pumpkin cook a lot of delicious dishes on my channel there are dishes that are made of pumpkin and baking and not baking therefore necessarily look thanks for being today me and thank you for subscribing to my who liked the channel like the video comes out twice the idea of ​​medium and Saturday bye