The recipe TASTY GENTLE and FRAGRANT pie we Cook DETACHABLE pumpkin PIE with Lyubov

The recipe TASTY GENTLE and FRAGRANT pie we Cook DETACHABLE pumpkin PIE with Lyubov  See details »




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  • 00:00: [music] hello my dear subscribers friends and guests with you and paradise channel cooking with love today we will cook very fragrant and delicious baking detachable pumpkin pie the pie is obtained by a gentle wet middle and very tasty pumpkin pastry is bright and gently and uplifting
  • 00:32: this pastry creates warmth and comfort in the house cooking with me and please your relatives only delicious fragrant homemade baking first we need to cook pumpkin I cook it very simply pumpkin I clean it less often on cubes it can be in advance cook and a little more than you need and add then to different pastries pumpkin we shift the form of ceramic for
  • 01:06: roasting I am cooking smeared with vegetable refined oil put pumpkin in oven warmed to 180 degrees bake until soft pumpkin cooled mash ruim using an immersion blender pumpkin puree ready for dough need the following products 120 milliliters warm milk 2 teaspoons dry yeast or 20 grams of raw
  • 01:36: 1 teaspoon salt without top 2 tablespoon spoons of sugar and 50 grams of melted butter 160 grams pumpkin puree and 300 grams of flour will first do a couple of 120 milliliters of warm milk add one tablespoon of sugar and 2 teaspoons of dry yeast all mix
  • 02:09: leave the needle for 15 minutes and a couple with us lifted the cap now knead the dough add another tablespoon of sugar in the dough add salt teaspoon without top whines melted butter room temperature do not burn and add a little flour I sift through
  • 02:39: skete mug now add to the disc still on the diagram stir color is very beautiful it turns out bright so saturated sunny and now we add a little flour sift through a sieve enriching oxygenated we mix now flour poured all
  • 03:09: here I have 300 grams of flour dough we should be soft and sticky and viscous so then for adding I will add grams 100 flour that's so sticky here should make dough leave it on 1 hour in the heat, see how lush and I made the airy dough through
  • 03:41: an hour now I measured out and all 100 grams flour and now we will knead the dough and shape our pumpkin pie sift feel [music] [music] it should be elastic
  • 04:16: too much dough don't need it should be soft hands smeared with vegetable oil refined knead the dough and now we roll it rectangular
  • 04:46: Plast 100 we sprinkle flour take a rolling pin and using a rolling pin roll out the dough I rolled the dough into a thin rectangular layer now take 50 grams of soft butter and put it on our dough thickness rolled
  • 05:16: a rectangle that's about dough approximately 3 millimeters believe this cake will not only delicious but also very fragrant tender must inside so it is worth a little tinker well you get just fabulous pastries how do you pour or in the dough we have quite a bit of sugar now on top we sprinkle with sugar
  • 05:46: here you put sugar to taste and it now remains to add spices I took one and a half teaspoons of cinnamon and half a ton nutmeg spoon all mix well and sprinkle on top spicy blend smell will be divine now our rectangle I cut into 4 strips of longitudinal not convenient to do it with a plastic knife you
  • 06:23: see who as cuts now see one strip lay out on another decomposition eat all these spices mo top sprinkle
  • 06:58: Now we cut this strip into pieces I got 6 now take the form for baking a brick it is desirable me on a long but narrow I have an aluminum brick length 29 centimeters and width is only six
  • 07:29: now I will show what we are doing next take here a piece of dough and here lay out now take the next roll out a piece of dough and spread form fold as a book and lay out
  • 08:04: Why I did not take silicone Silicone is plastic and well, how would a I need here to have walls solid in this cake so he is better off we all will rise perfectly fit the rest of the spices sprinkle top 40 minutes later our pumpkin the pie has increased two and a half times now send it to warmed
  • 08:35: oven at one hundred and eighty degrees on Intermediate Pumpkin Pie baked 40 minutes now turn off the oven and leave it cool in it we get a pumpkin pie with a form he flavor we will prepare a fill for we will need a small stewpot a little put 50 grams of cream
  • 09:05: butter 25 grams of sugar here add one and a half tablespoon of low-fat cream me heavy cream 10 percent times just a little bit more set on fire until completely dissolved sugar and butter melted with sugar now add 90 grams powdered sugar it will be ours
  • 09:36: fragrant pouring me powdered sugar here are the lumps but growing stir well and You can optionally add to this fill. one tablespoon of brandy or some liquor You can also add lemon zest pumpkin pie pour icing believe it will be very tasty no one refuse a slice of such a circulation and the icing is slightly warm and the cake too
  • 10:08: warm glaze should soak in 1 pc pumpkin pie turned divine delicious cake has tender flesh with crispy crust and fragrant glaze above and now let's do the tasting why is called a tear-off cake somehow you tear it off it is divinely delicious very soft the flesh is wet inside bright color
  • 10:41: tender flesh and unique taste please your family only home baking subscribe to my channel put the huskies and you had the apper and channel cook with love for new meetings bye Bye