Синабоны с тыквой, цыганка готовит. Булочки с корицей и тыквой. Giypsy cuisine.

Синабоны с тыквой, цыганка готовит. Булочки с корицей и тыквой. Giypsy cuisine.  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] sinabon and with pumpkin for this I took 80 grams butter soft already someone the temperature she stood long limp even Milk glass lukewarm milk take not necessarily on the hot course not cold milk add a spoonful of sugar and yeast i have such yeast i put two pachechki if you are in a team her good would be contributing enough and
  • 00:30: fingers 1 days 10 12 grams I put two packs of 12 grams of it can for someone a lot but believe this yeast so two packs of glasses work the usual 250 grams is 250 grams of milk pour 2 spoons of sugar into butter 50 60 grams rubbing with sugar oil grind break eggs add sugar and butter and I put a pinch of salt and of course we will crush now
  • 01:01: our yeast and activated yeast activated from that of us such a foam cap pour the butter yeast on now we will add flour I will add 20 spoons flour is about half a kilogram or 3 seconds half a cup of flour well, about half a kilogram for sure there will be 20 spoons of flour Now knead the dough and so on. five or six spoonfuls it will strew knead the dough about 5 spoons
  • 01:32: I'll pour out a crust full of a bench and sift im kneading and so-so five spoons it will be 15 spoons but now all take a spoon or whisk you all like a lump collected dough now need to knead all take out the corolla or spoon something knead vsypayu more four spoons of flour and a fifth spoon
  • 02:04: leave on the table will sprinkle about a spoonful of flour left ie 19 ears Knead and 20 I will remain on the table put ear to bridge landing knead fist hand inside cam and knead the dough at synnabon and this is ordinary dough easy for buns very suitable for everyone barrels easy not stylish much here both as you can see, just a little bit of dough it turns out cool now we need to put
  • 02:35: Now it's the dough well pantries network in the dough knead minutes 5 at least when place the dough well long tadano very good dough air and let him insist about 40 minutes an hour somewhere looking which yeast until the dough increases 2 3 times all dough does not stick to hands at all here is the dough now we remove it in warm place i am heating the oven and in warm oven put a cup of dough and I have it there just do not forget
  • 03:07: turn off the oven when reheat literally two or three minutes warmed up turn off Does my son help me with my fingers? a little bit poppy with corns and we send a cup we cover with a bag You can just put in the package tie and we, too, with a bag put oven lip warm place all covered with a towel to warmer I had and wait 40 50 minutes for me she rises quickly even for 40 minutes rise well then prepare the filling now in our sinnabon am i took the hotel
  • 03:37: club I will have 400 grams better take less can take more the fillings already know how if the fillings more will be tastier and so grated these are common sinnabon and cinnamon too sugar will be wood opab rub the whole pumpkin and so you rubbed good prepared everything sent to the cup in a separate container we put it aside at the end when we're in the barrel already wrap
  • 04:08: Well Now prepare cinnamon and sugar as usually done hay won and Cinnamon Sugar Blended and Ram Oil thirty to forty to grease dough roll well now take sugar send a spoonful of cinnamon sugar I have three spoons cinnamon to a tablespoon mix it up a little it's ok like this on now got the dough oven or gene
  • 04:40: there you had a warm place tess street with well me almost 3 times half test I left I'll storonochku cook another cheesecake with cottage cheese we will do half the test Sinnabon and worth your well Well time knead padme force a little bit now Flour our bone and rolling pin and now roll out the dough about 30 on 40 like this we sprinkle flour are not afraid to roll out well so that nothing
  • 05:14: stuck look first to the end roughly nude roughly 30 centimeters width and length 40 centimeters now take oil butter should be soft and spread the dough layer of dough like this unwound now take cinnamon and sugar and we sprinkle usual synnamon and cook rather as usual sinnabon classic slot so sprinkle all the sugar and cinnamon leveled trimmed all I'm all stuffing
  • 05:48: spilled costa well now our main gland pumpkin spread directly on top of sugar finally y on butter and dough . One centimeter forgot to say not enough sleep sugar and cinnamon too pumpkin not reports that is, ska around the edges of the guide centimeter dough stays free as you see
  • 06:18: in order not to get enough sleep when we are wrap sugar and cinnamon not spilled out and edges to slip well and when we have we roll our roll lightly wrap it up first with a diva knife to him so neatly and turn into a roll like this neatly wrap as usual Sinnabon and then and this all yes we lie
  • 06:50: I used to thread me now samur's good knives i cut with a knife sinnabon and now here is this edge which we still have some non-cinnamon free and not sugar like that surging those put she stuck well all our eyes are ready now we need to cut into synnabon and neatly and sprinkle doses of a wheelbarrow to it was convenient to cut not to cut
  • 07:21: kleyonochka we take a sharp knife good i have samuro thanks to my general knife Lena herself sponsored knives link promo code on samuro under video in description sprinkle a knife well with flour so that the dough does not stick to the knife and cut about two centimeters with thick very thin do not cut two centimeters regime buns so boldly cut if Of course you have a sharp knife like mine
  • 07:52: if not, then take a thread and heaters thread how to cut a certain video leave a reference to the video under the video in the description Well Well, cutting further and spread on paper covered baking tray baking like this on the highway at the tip beautiful are obtained they are baked for 20 minutes 25 if the usual cinnamon and no pumpkin for 15 minutes Well put on a baking sheet
  • 08:22: oven on with reheat otherwise for 5 preheat 200 degrees Celsius in advance I still have a small cake I turned out neatly folded now cover with a towel and leave for minutes 30 by 40 bye our sinnabon they will increase two times in three prepare pumpkin caramel take 100 grams sugar here at 100 grams of sugar 4 approximately spoons or 200 grams of pumpkin and old some water we chop a pumpkin small for small to make it fall off quickly people over 5 pour sugar into a saucepan
  • 08:53: water we pour out the language to the same place and send put on the stove like a boil five minutes cook no more than five minutes and our caramel will be ready when you a blender let us boil all this 5 minutes not more than an hour harwood boiled down and will be like that or also wreaths of myeon bak like syrup usually syrup but we will have caramel and we will water our cinnabon and pour any dishes to faster cool blender take
  • 09:23: we lower and we hammer everything in the blender when caramel will cool a little send refrigerators on us cooled this part thickens and will be the usual caramel usually pumpkin syrup well buns on sublime and through what those here these tails that are not to spread our buns are corrected and so under bun tails hiding like this hiding under the bun, these are the edges all manage the oven for 20-25 minutes twenty minutes will be enough if
  • 09:55: do you want them to turn red then hold for 25 minutes 200 times he spiritually as you see up and down I will leave your recipe under the video in the description even under the video in the description of the reference to our family channel come subscribe my buns are ready I didn’t get them much fry they redden me how much for no local time baked here then something soft to the pole to overdry and now we take our caramel she cooled looped fill above our buns and my barrels are ready
  • 10:25: poured and surge to our side and our sinnamon ready everyone thanks for comments for like and your kind give wishes late video necessarily I will cut the shelf and show [music] [applause]
  • 10:58: desperately animal [music] rekam [applause] dalida and there you are this David is not a city
  • 11:29: let's go we him long lead lead Editor 2nd dalida [music] and food food food, etc.
  • 12:14: I will give you I play the role of the river always fly in and walk and lift in the winter
  • 12:45: it's not my one in the winter [music] like put like subscribe on my channel [music]