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Миома матки в сочетании с аденомиозом: симптомы, диагностика и методы лечения  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] to write to a specialist from this video in some moment click on the hint in the upper right corner women like asking the question how I treat myoma or how do i treat an ovarian tumor or how to treat and hyperplastic processes endometrium or how to treat endometriosis Unfortunately I must say that the disease the only kind and the only kind
  • 00:33: occur less often most often we see combinations of all 2 3 in different ways happen and therefore need to be prepared what if there is a hyperplastic process that is, the growth of a particular tissue endometrial muscle ovarian tissue then the approach can be and should be different depending on how many diseases we
  • 01:04: We set the time at what stage is disease 2 and what symptoms do they give three symptoms are much easier since symptoms despite the diversity of forms and diseases very modest it is heavy monthly or intermenstrual bleeding bleeding and more of a force related to the cycle or not how would neither did it look simple and no matter how
  • 01:36: it seemed to today's women that it is possible read on the internet of three symptoms make a diagnosis is necessary after all imagine that only a doctor can you give the right direction in terms of in accents and respectively as a result treatment often see fibroids combined with endometriosis both one and the other disease and if we say endometriosis separate os mean
  • 02:07: muscles of the uterus affects precisely the muscle of the uterus there are many similar symptoms in a number cases there are different drugs for treatment but endometriosis is insidious disease and is not found in one localization in the muscles of the uterus and can itn collapse and in the ovaries first visit, which should be necessarily comprehensive not only inspection on the chair must be annual
  • 02:39: woman’s examination should include ultrasound without ultrasound can not determine not small size endometrial cysts in the ovaries without dynamic ultrasound surveys cannot determine they functional and that is, it is a cyst yellow body or is it really endometrioid cyst is a very important point for determine treatment tactics and if we we find for example a combination of fibroids and
  • 03:10: ovarian tumors endometrial specimen so let's say something absolutely not necessary surgical treatment again tactic based on age resolved or unresolved reproductive tasks This is the first regular item for which we focus on choosing treatment plans and if there is myoma which gives no symptoms on exists as a fact of small size
  • 03:40: put up to two three centimeters and when this is an endometrial cyst which is also up to two three centimeters there are currently allowed options do not resort to surgical treatment try different options to achieve pregnancy or allow come this pregnancy and then deal with endometriosis fibroids if size and other if symptoms
  • 04:12: other then of course you need to do an operation only endometrial cyst clean up leave the node is in place or not these are the ones individual programs that can to calculate only with a competent doctor only when large numbers of patients and large the duration of the observation that actually there was in our clinic
  • 04:42: be valid do not operate liama operate endometrial cysts or not to the metro it is seen benign ovarian tumor with subsequent hormonal treatment for endometriosis is practically mandatory binding script there is an opinion that You can try to recommend a woman have a quick pregnancy after surgical treatment
  • 05:13: but unfortunately statistics proves that probability of pregnancy without treatment not as common as more often there is a relapse for endometriosis this very characteristic course therefore surgery then hormonal treatment which also it is necessary to choose if there is combination with myoma some drugs that are very good for achieve effect in endometriosis
  • 05:44: not at all good for uterine biome but there is different principles of combination therapy off menstrual function using those or other drugs and all depending on the goals and objectives and if this pregnancy is both a goal and a goal then of course we want to meet the short course of treatment 6 maximum 12 months in order to further implement plans
  • 06:14: if it is not an endometrioid cyst it may be mature teratoma dermoid cyst is also a must for surgical treatment if sizes and and not one and a half centimeters more and if it is a combination with myoma again if the node is worthy surgical treatment and giving symptoms Of course you need to calculate the surgical tactics so that there are no two successive operations let b and with
  • 06:45: a gap of several months or years You can build a plan right to have one surgery solve this and another problem if there is combination fibroids and hyperplastic processes that such hyperplastic processes excessive growth of the endometrium mucous in the uterus or endocervical mucous in cervical channel which may be diffuse or
  • 07:15: in the form of polyps and of course the situation hyperplasia requires mandatory verification of the diagnosis that is it is small gynecological surgery as universally accepted hysteroscopy with examination of the cavity is there any deformation fibroid score or not removing mucous with subsequent histological examination and further combination treatment and in view of what this hyperplasia on food polyp only
  • 07:45: if it's just a polyp then let's say happy occasion that does not require hormonal treatment and it is very important because in the presence of fibroids long treatment we do not consider true drugs to be good choice so if we can take polyp and for evidence of the absence diffuse common hyperplastic process believe task completed
  • 08:15: move on to the next plan if this hyperplasia that requires hormonal treatment then of course it requires hormonal treatments but again if this reproductive age and if not ideas have a pregnancy then approach completely different and aged perimenopause we offer such an operation under the name of the endometrial cloud we remove the entire mucosa with receptors
  • 08:46: separate technology that is permissible in the presence of a certain of tools they eat and removing completely receptors we rid the woman of the subsequent required by histological result of hormonal treatment and very We widely use this practice and even with the presence of fibroids if it is fibroid small
  • 09:18: sizes, and we believe that it does not can not determine bleeding do without large-scale operational treatment however if there is a combination a typical form of hyperplasia and fibroids then two opinions can not be in need time to move to surgical treatment no longer keep the body talking only about the age of perimenopause
  • 09:48: we remove the uterus accordingly we treat it way and hyperplasia issues and ovaries in each case is also worth separately if there is a combination of these two pathologies with ovarian tumors of course remove ovarian tumor if intraoperatively we understand that it benign tumor and perfectly optional delete both ovaries at the age of beginning
  • 10:19: perimenopause 45 50 years if there is suspicion on ulka process of course the format of the operation expands so it is clear that known for every woman name diseases of ovarian endometriosis myoma hyperplasia can be in different combinations and depending on which then combinations of some age of woman may be quite different
  • 10:50: attraction tactics only conservative in combinations with surgical only hormonal or not therefore no decision can not if there is no conviction right recommended treatment is correct to find such a doctor who definitely explain and the patient will understand everything for making a decision is completely conscious awareness of their illness
  • 11:20: which actually defines so let's say almost 50 percent success in a number cases to make an appointment to clinic tselt please click on link under this video [music]