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  • 00:00: hello dear mistresses hurry you to please very tender and juicy delicious pumpkin pie that will not take you have a lot of time in preparations so like dough but let's not even knead it will be dry but you need to take a pumpkin the mellow and juicy and grate on you are the largest chainer to us need 1 kilogram add 1 teaspoon of cinnamon 1 tablespoon lemon juice if pumpkin very juicy and the door if dry
  • 00:30: a good mix of desire can be add 2 tablespoons of sugar sand on the side set aside prepare the bowl and knead our dry mix for filling the cake take one a cup of semolina Do I need all the same circles ? because 250 milliliters capacity pinch of salt one cup of sugar 1 bag of vanilla two teaspoons of baking powder for
  • 01:02: test [music] this mug of sifted flour that's all our dough is ready to mix its as it should be and leave aside now we need 1. creamy oil 180 or 200 grams which cold need to grate and split into two parts one part we will put on the bottom of the prepared form in
  • 01:32: my silicone shape is good tamping and dry cake mix visually divided into four parts exactly so much we will have layers of dough in one fourth of the cake we pour out on oil and, if possible, tamping flatten the bottom [music] the next part is pumpkin and and visually
  • 02:05: we will divide into three parts as you can see my pumpkin wants juicy we level and we stamp on top one layer of dry filling for the dough and another one layer of pumpkin again dry layer of dough and again pumpkin so we have It turns out 4 layer of dough and three layers of pumpkin and the top and bottom are soaked in layers of oil pour out the last layer of dry backfill and
  • 02:39: do not forget about the remaining oil evenly distribute it by surfaces just try trample you can rub the oils right from Terochka on the cake itself is how you will conveniently [music] prepare oven warms it 180 degrees for 15 minutes put there our finished cake and bake about 45 and sometimes one hour here
  • 03:12: such a gorgeous cake we have with you it turns out sure to let it cool about half an hour and then reach out Forms it turns out with a crisp very cynical and appetizing enjoyable to you appetite subscribe to my channel before meeting