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  • 00:00: Hello everyone, we are preparing very much delicious seasonal pumpkin pie probably this is the easiest cake possible My name is Galina Artemenko and you watch the channel life is delicious [music] ingredients for my recipe 800 grams of pumpkin better bytes nutmeg she sweeter to taste 100 grams sugar for the filling juice and zest of 1 lemon if suddenly you don’t likes lemon zest add just juice a season the stuffing with either cinnamon or some kind of spices that you like
  • 00:31: for us chain dough I will use one regular glass white wheat semolina flour and sugar also add a pinch of salt to so that the taste is more contrasting and I will use one pack of cream oil I previously sent it to the freezer to make it freeze and rub it was easier I already have pumpkin pie on my channel American type of snow practically cream filling I will leave a link to it in the description for I will duplicate the list to this video all ingredients for cooking
  • 01:01: test as much as you can call a test i mix all dry ingredients [music] just mix everything until smooth for making the filling I will use your food processor will rub the pumpkin on here such little terochka you can rub just by hand but i will take advantage an assistant [music]
  • 01:36: I rub lemon rind on a fine grater I send to the pumpkin sugar grated zest lemon and squeeze lemon juice mix the filling until smooth sugar
  • 02:10: need to distribute the pumpkin and now while we will finish cooking dough he will dissolve the pumpkin a little bit let the juice of this juice be afraid not worth it because it moisten the dough and will tie everything together grated dry butter mixture now you need to mix it neatly
  • 02:46: dry mixture with oil does not need to be rubbed something form the dough just need I do not mix very much here a bowl of what not which is not very convenient but big for me busy pumpkin filling so I will already do everything neatly in this if oil got off somewhere while rubbing it then I just crush it to such a flat fraction is obtained sort of chopped dough
  • 03:16: which we do not bring to the test state link to how I cook chopped I'll leave the dough in the video description [music] the whole mass is rather homogeneous oil mixed with dry ingredients will start forming a pie starting to collect the pie do it i will rings with a diameter of 18 centimeters want to make the cake higher if you want a flatter cake just take the shape of a larger diameter first to the bottom I send a third dry mixtures
  • 03:47: [music] now it's pumpkin filling send half [music] need to the juice that is allocated also send here look at me here a little bit darted juice is nothing wrong with that
  • 04:17: no down I bed the parchment when the cake will be written out and we will grab all this will be clean everything will be beautiful on top of the pumpkin send another third dry mixtures [music] and send the second half of pumpkin stuffing [music] completing all with a layer of dry dough
  • 04:55: due to the fact that the composition of the dough is semolina it absorbs moisture well therefore afraid that the beer will turn out too wet not worth it if we don't used semolina and used only I can most likely get a cake so we click a little cake bake at 200 degrees 30-35 minutes or until ruddy watch for how your oven goes after baking let the cake cool and just
  • 05:30: then remove from the form immediately after baking he is very gentle and fragile but after you cool down without problems on cutting it into portions [music] Thanks for watching my video if you liked it like and subscribe to my channel also follow me on instagram I am always very tasty