The Moldavian vertuta with pumpkin yum-yum and simplicity  See details »



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  • 00:00: hello everyone again my dear friends and subscribers I will do today Moldavian Yummy Moldavian Dish the kitchen is called a swivel with a pumpkin it sweet twirl with pumpkin and so for start i need dough to make dough for dough I will need a pound of flour 2 eggs half a glass of water and 2 tablespoons vegetable oil and everything was oozing all these games will throw in the tank for bread makers and there I will become You can also manually make with that it is possible and on the combine so at first
  • 00:30: liquid ingredients , year 2 eggs vegetable oil and last loaded capacity in bread maker mode put them enrolled
  • 01:00: just do it for a test for dumplings and turn on the machine for 15 minutes and be at least that during this time I I will make pumpkin stuffing cut into cubes diced pumpkin necessary rub on a grater but I will skip through the harvester the orc boss from the shallow nozzle rubbed pumpkin need a good big
  • 01:34: get rid of the juice so we are ready the dough I'm good again for bag on the table cover with a rag
  • 02:11: I put the dough to rest for 10 minutes May 15 dough rested defended and now I will divide it into 2 parts I will do uppercuts first roll into thin into thin layer one part of the test and so here is the first twirl ok
  • 03:22: and thinly rolled layer I pour vegetable oil and spread all over the dough right hand straight palm here half of my pumpkin reported
  • 03:54: since i will have wind toil and and distributed throughout the dough all vertug you I sprinkle with sugar as
  • 04:42: this is someone sweet pumpkin she should be sweetie sprinkle with sugar and start rolling mine vertu turgut will ask my vertu in a spiral and clamp opened