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  • 00:00: [music] Hello everyone, you are the master on the channel I suggest to cook water today wonderful pumpkin pie with apples it will be amazing your dessert than drink and stay with me i will tell what will it take to prepare for cooking pumpkin pie with Apples we need approximately
  • 00:32: 550 600 grams of pumpkin we clean the pumpkin and cut into small pieces I also need apples here 5 small apples if you circle apples can't take two three apples three eggs a pinch of salt a half a teaspoon of soda soda will need to pay lemon juice 100 grams butter cream butter we need to melt
  • 01:02: 250 grams of flour 150 grams of sugar all the products I have already prepared and we we can start cooking delicious pumpkin pie with apples shifted pieces of peeled pumpkin blender bowl can grind pumpkin with using a meat grinder or grate on fine grater as you prefer and turn pumpkin with mashed potatoes homogeneous pumpkin
  • 01:33: a lot of pumpkin puree we get now I will process the remaining pieces of pumpkin and send it all empty cup the rest of the pumpkin is also mine milled and spread it all into one a cup of such a beautiful rich color autumn on the shield of caviar we remove for a short time a cup of pumpkin to the side and let's do it dough now we need a mixer for work in the bowl of the mixer break eggs 3 eggs
  • 02:05: srach break into the bowl of eggs we will beat at medium speed and gradually add sugar to the eggs first whip eggs alone but to such a state they beat eggs and now gradually beating add sugar in small portions that's what we have it turned out such a Mars of eggs and
  • 02:35: Sahara now we are sending this mass melted butter field of such states I melted butter we shift the oil in a bowl with whipped weight and again everything is well whipped add now here salt soda extinguish lemon juice we send here soda and continuing beat in small portions
  • 03:07: now here is the flour [music] Beat the apples and cut them like this in chunks absolutely any arbitrary pieces parts I'm cutting the circles are part of such stripes look here is the dough turned out she's thick creamy now this dough we need to connect butt which we already grind gradually into
  • 03:38: dough in small portions pour pumpkin and interfere and well interfere so See here is pumpkin dough with us it turned out completely homogeneous and now we will proceed to shaping our pumpkin pie with apples I prepared a silicone mold cook the cake in absolutely any form in detachable silicone glass
  • 04:10: what form do you have such a use as the cook in this form is not the first time then lubricate with oil and and not I will if you cook silicone For the first time, be sure to promazhte form of vegetable oil spread form part pumpkin dough is exactly half distribute the dough around the perimeter of the form Now we gently lay out the apples
  • 04:40: I laid out apples and the remaining pumpkin dough poured everything on top neatly distributes dough I already warmed up and bake the oven pie I'll be at 180 degrees time baking 30-35 minutes guided by your the oven and so proceed dear friends our pumpkin pie with apples is ready
  • 05:11: take it out of shape and will try neatly remove the form of the pie is still hot look how wonderful he is looks like an amazing scent of autumn first course dish can sprinkle powdered sugar or pour honey but there is no particular need for it as baking is very sweet and tasty let's rather cut our cake let's see what pie inside look here is such a wonderful cake
  • 05:43: turned out visible pieces of apple pie lush a little bit wet yummy apples give a light sour to our sweet pumpkin dessert dear friends we are with you today cooked a very tasty pumpkin pie with apples the pie turned out a little wet above incredible aroma please loved ones cook such a pumpkin
  • 06:14: thank you for being with me don't forget subscribe to our channel master of the business like leave your comments to everyone bye new meetings [music]