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  • 00:00: Hi everyone, glad to see you on my channel and today I have for you there's just a super bombsky recipe not cheating not exaggerating but the slopes with pumpkin recipe like in starbucks it found on one of the American sites several times already prepared just this is such a magnificent curvaceous lush triangles covered with sugar
  • 00:31: glaze and stripes for mega azure smell smell awesome turns out look see what they are on rift amazingly soft gentle look what a curvy very cool I strongly advise you to repeat this recipe.
  • 01:01: the recipe is very tasty everything turns out quick and easy i like of course and let's see how she cooked for cooking pumpkin we will need seven slopes today tablespoons of sugar I already have them laid out in a large bowl I measured out the sugar here so measured spoon and special 1 tablespoon
  • 01:32: 15 milliliters 7 tablespoons of sugar 2 cups 250 ml flour I her already sifted half a glass of pumpkin puree vanilla baking powder spices one egg milk and butter should butter
  • 02:02: be chilled and spice today used cloves and and oh my god zimmer cinnamon cotton nut and spices are all well and half a spoon salt let's get ready take a big bowl pour everything in there dry ingredients sugar flour
  • 02:34: spices salt I have been here before mixed small bowls add here a bag of vanillin 10 grams if there is liquid is even better to add and together liquid ingredients 2 tables one or two tablespoons baking powder take one one tablespoon but it practically has
  • 03:10: me the whole bag 10 grams whole bag 10 grams of baking powder in total move it all a bit add butter needs to be added chilled dice while doing
  • 03:40: immediately put the dough to warm up oven at 220 degrees because the dough will be ready very quickly just everything mix and cut into triangles and ready now you need to grind it all a little either hand or knife chop butter can do it at all
  • 04:12: in the kitchen processor now add here let's drink one this three tablespoons of milk or cream cold nature pre- baked can bake
  • 04:45: either put it out softly mash to make mashed potatoes Now let's look at kneading everything will not be enough liquid will add . one or two tablespoons can be be and no table flour and in a bowl cross
  • 05:18: a little more literally the city of flour we knead it a little tight dough should not be very knead
  • 05:49: you don't need him either [music] let's take it once more with fire on four parts like an envelope fold and now we roll a rectangle or
  • 06:20: I roll a square like this thick to and take the wheel here so here we cut in half into 4 parts and each This square is still on
  • 06:56: on 3 we put everything on a sheet laid out on leaf and by this time we have an oven already warmed we send in the oven on 220 degrees 15 minutes earlier but exactly 15 minutes icons you were baked now let's cool them down for I want to get it on the grill
  • 07:27: See how they turned out lush orange so beautiful so juicy colors now let me cool down a little then when will be lukewarm we will glaze them on the slope here are cooled and in the meantime we will take the castle glaze take 125 grams of sugar powder
  • 07:57: regular milk and we will add a little bit how much will need one two tablespoons let's pour one for starters and rub start this frosting little let's take the second spoon fast freezes pretty fast
  • 08:36: faces and we will lay on it do not smudge the table brush we take either just put a spoon
  • 09:06: all this is my folder Glazed ordinary sugar icing slopes here I still have on the floor teaspoon cloves and nutmeg nut can be poured into the sediment and glaze
  • 09:36: Mate just inexpressible even when baking, I turned this here in paper cornet there this is spicy icing now and now you can make more and now you can still apply here such polosochki
  • 10:24: spicy icing on top Cornet broke up like that I failed him twisted all leave them now a little while the frosting will not catch everything went 15-20 minutes to the eye grabbed you can now lay them out
  • 10:55: somewhere on some beautiful dish here such wonderful pumpkin soon u I was very tasty today a bit spicy measure sweet with some coffee cheeks just great offer and you try this recipe but it just not very very tasty I am not exaggerating at all thanks for Attention
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