Пирог с тыквой, чесноком, луком, имбирём и курятиной. Просто, вкусно, недорого.  See details »



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  • 00:00: [music] good afternoon or evening or night so on the pie I make constantly this time decided take it from chicken I took about 600 grams gourd his cake can be rubbed on grater but since today also chicken
  • 00:34: I probably will cut example of a meat grinder such pieces that passed take the ginger and take the amount of ginger about one and a half walnuts cut a garlic plates dharma pretty could how see somewhere six seven cloves
  • 01:06: [music] I cut finely but not but not exactly take one onion hatch a little modest onion weight weighs 450 grams specially weighed love big bulbs this 1 bulb is enough for me eyes olive oil pour the pan Well, grams this milliliters Well, well, well 80 this is how I start to fry onions
  • 01:39: In short, I have it today I took the filet hips well i love this meat you are tasty and we process the processing here is minimal cut something out there like that to lead a lot of fat that too cut what is connected into a meat grinder processing the minimum somewhere I took grams of commercials
  • 02:10: 400 chicken onion roasted launches through grinder miss chicken and then you q but there was an idea to put a layer first chicken on the cake and then on top where are you since the Viennese stuffing I changed my mind everything mix it will be easier and salt and put in a pie
  • 02:43: zero well, where its half a teaspoon rubbed two griddle adjika but it tastes and archers well half the time can used a little more spoons salute sentence them shore grind in mortar
  • 03:13: easily and quickly he went too pan well, in about a minute you can add garlic [music] once
  • 03:43: garlic will start to smell its powerful it is necessary to turn off the heat that is, fragrant and ingredient with us skillet already have mixed and que ce chicken meat some amount so you have defended the side won't understand it fit or not when I will be laying mince flight pie I spoil this mixture with freshly ground pepper
  • 04:14: add any more metro spirits natures at your discretion can even Do not add fat to more added fragrant ingredients mixed try wasp this time it is because of which I usually
  • 04:47: apply not kenzo but parsley daddy somewhere but why parsley leg wanted diverse example you can use at work or at your discretion of course hero for the dough puff yeastless [music] thawed 2 pages
  • 05:17: I immediately take and cut off approximately 30 percent this will be the top pirogue and what's left is rolling it will be cake base we roll compare to size baking tray
  • 05:47: so that this layer was bigger a little bit than a baking tray in each measuring well about a centimeter at a half unrolled rolled up laying on baking tray with padded paper for baking overclocked to make it all neatly can be laid stuffing that
  • 06:22: done lay flatten out and see what can you add the rest of you fit send pan to grab the remaining flavors and there add
  • 06:54: even add some salt and a little more oil added here too, at your discretion and still added a little bit slept at your discretion and pepper egg yolk I'll grease the top of the pie
  • 07:29: squirrel is married somewhere I am right in pie roll out the top and I cover the cake if you forget to use let's say chicken breast then you should it will be just grate a pumpkin chop the breast finely enough slices and no time kellan then unnecessary
  • 08:00: or you can still beat off the breast attack grate and everything else is fine I will also be there a hole formed in the lid of the pie Well, any piece took cut off in the corner too much dough will cover this one putting the patch quickly night went by
  • 08:40: winding the bottom layer on top yet plucks don't just press lightly cut to remove excess air in baking time to not really not much handed out to a vampire he will still bloat take a fork and prick boldly vertical I'll be hello 220 degrees 220 210
  • 09:19: Well, 20 minutes somewhere you will not be a little bit the heat is on top and the slipper he's already there the oven before if you are watching an advertisement which offered thanks you helps and the channel here it was able to something dina I was ready to wait a little well, at least ten minutes began too I'm hot and I fall by the way in primary
  • 09:49: frames what was right there did a jar of yogurt is a white salad this I give the cake with white salad but regular viewers know that I am very often use peony salad in this case he will be very fortunate to this find his recipe in the salads playlist and sauces snacks pie turned out very delicious
  • 10:20: bon appetit to [music]