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Горбуша "НЕЖНАЯ"- вкусная заправка и овощи!!!Пальчики оближешь!!  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello friends are you on the channel cooking with marinade and then I'm glad to welcome you Today I propose to cook very delicious and delicate pink salmon with vegetables all what we need by prescription I will write in detail under the video I will cook in a slow cooker pouring vegetable oil onion chop I put straw into a slow cooker
  • 00:30: can be cooked skillet deep in stewed carrots three on a coarse grater and cut the pepper all you need fry fish cut into portions in chunks [music] fry vegetables in frying mode after that add tomato sour cream I took the salt and spices paste Adygei mix and lay out
  • 01:02: fish close lid exhibit mode stewing vegetables 25 minutes at a temperature 140 degrees and cook with closed the lid after 25 minutes the fish is ready sprinkle it greens and serve try cooking and you will be glad if you like Thanks for watching my video
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