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  • 00:00: guys all hello romance with you and how it says i'm a welder with experience today wanted to talk to you about what It is important to choose the device with before manual arc welding, I still caught it time when mostly worked on Transformers probably now no longer there is a question of choosing one or another welding equipment always chooses inspector but just in case I will mention and and transformers and so in my life power when still just finished how do i called lyceum professional goal by
  • 00:34: Professions Welder I got a job in the military unit to me there was my first welding machine was a transformer he was half the size of a meter attacked meter and height meter and to regulate the current it was necessary twist the handle 30 times for example on the right either tracy about left again to at least somehow adjust the current now in This issue is much easier easier with the arrival of a new technological
  • 01:06: equipment namely in vectors and well let's in this talk in more detail and so and so guys which is better or rdr or international qualification transformer for manual arc welding is denoted by ni to understand this manual arc welding so firstly guys transformers biggest problem I tell you this as a person who collided with transformers it's their
  • 01:38: unstable operation of the welding arc and news depends on the voltage in network if you have currents jump networks when arc will be unstable unlike inverters they don't have this problem because they have current rectifiers cost and they give more reliable and stable arc which is not depends on the input voltage and many inductor work in the range of 150 even from 150 volts incoming and there up to 240
  • 02:10: until about what they themselves stabilize friend and the problem is that you have at least some jumps occur in electricity no, this is the first difference the first thing the main difference is stable arc on vector and the second advantage of investors from transformers it is their smooth adjustment unlike transformers which need to handle 30 times and as I said above even when I came new transformer later on on
  • 02:41: a couple of years of work he was already portable different from this pandora which weighed a kilo of one hundred and fifty two hundred he weighed dinner for a kilo of 25 it was possible to pull the handle himself he was on wheels but he had the same adjustment I had to turn the handle I do not know how many times because if you don't know the adjustment transformers depends on and on coils from the position of the coils relative to each other
  • 03:12: friend inner coil outer potatoes and that's when you twist the pen and you regulate the internal coil on height current depends on the external coil will you take everything differently from them one twister which can pick up any current and in some models envy healthy as well there are additional features such as hot start or hot hot as old as our artworks
  • 03:45: afterburner and anti stick anti sticking talk about this a little later and now we will save for now this second difference is smooth current regulation third follows from that what I already told you about transformers like i'm not huge big it dimensions and weight and and even portable transformers they will weighing much heavier than in vector but I'm up to 25 kilograms at least difference from victors that weighs 45
  • 04:20: a kilogram maybe six up to kilograms of pores can be safely hung on the shoulder and somewhere at a height for example boil with a transformer so hardly you will rather fall off your shoulder says and accordingly also minimal well other gifts and they are more convenient and practical applications and remains with us pricing here sti new transformer policy just Still much cheaper than Victor 4 prices unlike
  • 04:50: injectors that stand on our about ten thousand market I'm talking about budget and victors of course transformer will probably cost thousand three three and a half In this their huge plus still forgot say about energy consumption 5 and victor consumes much less electricity on simple household in vector consumes
  • 05:21: well maybe cedar three three and a half kilowatt unlike a transformer but even i don't I know I did not use the transformer a long time ago but maybe times a half or two they will consume or electricity more than 5 answered trafford transformers I told you how to which side is the greater choice to make you decide to buy a transformer or in vector I have already decided on this case I bought imagine that’s such and victor this is ian victor
  • 05:53: German fubag German company produced in France 180 amps no extra features no ordinary well milan principle not needed no extra overpay wanted and worth it is broken either 99 is my called in the way she gave and chose it myself but the transformer can take if you work for example in
  • 06:23: the garage gave will be cheaper it is not necessary drag anywhere if he will let stand by you in place and already with regulated current how do you usually are using dart principle you can buy a transformer but for more convenient and comfortable work if he moreover needs it move constantly move go then it is better to use an inverter the more so the vector can work from a diesel or gasoline generator of war 4 will be for your eyes and calm
  • 06:54: work even somewhere on sites where there is no electricity and so what additional functions up in vector of it a hot start hot start arc force arcforcing and anti stick anti sticking let's talk talk about it more detail and so here's a star hot start we need to make it easier and more effectively ignite up to your lips if you for example , amperes 100 are set to
  • 07:26: injector then using the course start when you serve arc to product you have a moment of touching increases amp and we may be from different manufacturers may be different percentage of 10 percent there up to 100 percent there are devices that have manual adjustment hot start a node percentage and you can build if you are standing The first steel on the device, you can
  • 07:57: expose so hot start was 200 ampe meaning when you touch you somehow the temporary excitation of the arc will 200 amps and the electrode will light up instantly it's good for the bad electrodes of some kind that don’t need exclude can not kill do not spoil plastering and so on he's just models on will ignite the second arc force afterburner arcs This feature is very similar to the hot feature. start only increase in welding current there is her moment of ignition
  • 08:29: electrode and in the process of welding welding in order to avoid clipping you cook for example some kind of rusty metal and it can some kind of dirty and fall for example on some sort of dirt and maybe happening open at this moment automatically welding current increases and penetrates this dirt is well so simple words on In general, this arc boost is needed for
  • 08:59: stable thats and welding and the last function is anti stick anti sticking contrary popular opinion that if there is a function of anti stick to like wouldn't stick electrode this is not true if you saw an anti function on victor sticking think all guys i professional i will cook like professional everything will be clear yes dick there he was he now either not does not act at all on such
  • 09:32: the principle is most likely arc force This will help you in arcforcing not give you fly the electrode because it's like I already said with sticking tearing arc loss it increases the welding current arm time anti sticking good jed if you without this function electrons are decent metals it is already considered short circuit start to hold current and redder blush brush
  • 10:03: then it falls out badly tear off and so on and the arante function sticking is when you happen electrode closure and at this moment reset to zero and welding current and the stress you just does not occur circuit and therefore the electrons can calmly tear off and without hurting facing further them cook that's what anti sticking is
  • 10:34: so guys like everything in more detail I have more or less told you the function. Nectarov told what to choose transformer either in vectors you told and now what is the vector choose you on as i said i chose this fubag it's probably hard to hear about ventilation here is a smooth adjustment current he gave me 180 opeka to 180 as much as 4
  • 11:04: you can cook freely but I work in 95 range probably 110 but 90 is even less than 80 110 maximum 5 colors no why I took and viktor more current 180 operas if I work at 80-110 amps, everything is simple
  • 11:37: guys this in order not to burden myself in vector if you take for example rector at 120 amps and work at 100 amp aw110 amps this leads to that it overheats triggered protection it turns off we need cooling and so on you always need to take and dependence of how pim you are only will work if you will work hi current of 100 amps better thrown over
  • 12:08: 50 percent on top take well that's 160 Amp to better take 160 amps to be power reserve that you or this is not overheated worked more stable long and you also felt confident in your machine Now let's summarize our video so take if you need to go somewhere in vector necessarily if not be sure to take you work in one place you can take
  • 12:39: informant and functions hot start arc and anti-furious sticking well i don't use them I don’t need them at all if you are a novice welder maybe yes they you will come in handy best then take the fast and the furious arc so well this is more stable continuous had you arc and these sticking hot experience well so principle you can learn and light dogma to He did not stick in the third which device
  • 13:09: take me between the firm which firm I have already chosen to work with many firms welding makers it's like a cup Resanta boiled down then I sap catch what then i had Taman company worked some were Inverter was Russian Victor in my Ryazan in general he worked on
  • 13:42: most probably already manufacturers victor welding headers and mogu say one thing for domestic needs and you don't feel much difference its injector is simply no choice between expensive and cheap but I would advise to take middle sleep average average here's a wife not chinese and not too fancy and well, here's the limits of 8
  • 14:12: 12 thousand you will be here for the eyes domestic needs no longer need to give close will do professionally either already industrial some kind of bridge scales there you already need more reliable and high quality products for domestic needs we don't need this at all probably we will finish what device will work to solve I gave you only a few of them. tips well all with you was a novel thanks
  • 14:42: what are you watching my channel subscribe put likes do not forget to write comments well all the guys so far than cocoa