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  • 00:00: hello everyone this is me this is my channel but in principle, and so you all know why summer let's start one my subscriber decided to install for your car on weight but faced the problem that he can't brew a pivot sheet shaped tube and asked me about I just have this help a small piece of necessary pipe like he has 80 to 80 profile or iron what regarding iron sheet then at least i would advise to use the four
  • 00:31: but rather there at six or even eight but I do not know exactly how correct thickness is calculated there reference sheet is purely my intuitive opinion so here the problem exists and so I decided I show it all the more so I already approached this video this way true it should not have come out today and it turns out the next video but if so the stars converged and the man asked to show but why not
  • 01:01: I have places so today you I'll show you how to weld the corner seams in lower position and this is in my opinion the most insidious seams in the lower position corner that even professional welders many years of experience does not always work brew them well why happens so let me get you now I will try to explain the whole thing is that when welding usually you butt in the bottom position schematically depict it so two plates welding bath with us between ashlag records
  • 01:32: distributed on both sides of the bath to him where to creep away and in principle its easy control at the same angle welding schematically depicted then this is our angle we have a welding bath in the corner and the amount of slag did not change by the electrode he is the same and leave him side of the corner nowhere so he is all accumulates on one side and so way its quantity gets bigger compared to the lower position and he starts to pour the weld pool climbs
  • 02:04: where it is not necessary and therefore appear lack of penetration and and therefore today I will show you how to learn to weld these corner seams so that you do not go slag where you should not but before you even start welding I want to add that you can weld this welding position in two ways first it's about colliding with an electrode in a corner and leisurely enter it like this if you slag begins to climb on bath then just turn the electrode in it was a little way to his side
  • 02:34: driving away the second way is if you need reinforce your weld it already requires such movements, but I I usually use such crescent bottom-up movements like this mind view electrode do it fast do not here now about so here the top point can be slightly delayed electrode so you do not have undercuts downstairs held upstairs held
  • 03:04: below supported and in this way and don't forget about the middle of that middle we also melt in the corner and that's the way we hold the electrode show you 2 ways first just I will spend 2 I will be already with strengthening as I will always weld ano-21 with a diameter of 3 millimeter on reverse polarity current will be about me but the thickness allows it can be 95th 1 approximately exhibited 95 that I will weld
  • 03:35: and of course this situation is best weld with uoni electrodes or others electronic with basic coating since their slag is controlled much easier but let me fail probably two angles with electrodes rutile coating and two corners with main coating and see the difference Well guys, I brewed this item with
  • 06:19: of all sides when they are your slag and let's see what we do and it turns out on the following I performed this stitch with an ano-21 electrode just seeing him but just seeing him not It turned out if you could notice something slag slaughtered wherever possible and from time to time I turned the electrode from side to side to to control welding bath so that because it happened such that slag climbs on top therefore
  • 06:50: the electrode had to be turned up to beat off the slag and only the station below the electrode turns to the bottom and here so i twirled the electrode and controlled that the pea did not fit himself stitch this seam as I made cool ano-21 but here now crescent motions crescent like You may notice that here is a chevik it turns out a little wider than that yes it is
  • 07:20: pow pow living in the walls is obtained wider here I have already done welding background 355 is just great if noticed something from ronnie there is a big welding bath and only there at the end begin to appear slag that anime cook just well and up call is amazing and a person can say he falls off and in principle with him There are no problems, it also performed
  • 07:50: crescent welder a 4 already to simple solid seam cases can also be seen that there is such a narrow shevchik and here shevchik little bit wider and what the more you will do the oscillatory you will have more movement it turns out the seam itself but if you are more fluctuations do something and actually slower welding on produce to you welding went to bed everywhere
  • 08:20: very well everywhere the same went to bed if will lead fast it will turn out not high-quality seam that guys still want to say that if you boil electrodes ano-21 you need control the weld pool to you did not fill there slag how to do it as i did by electrode position leveled or you can still a little bit increase the arc it will also counteract slag bay slag him and even more so if
  • 08:50: you have the afterburner function on the machine arcs that at distance of electrode from welding bath triggered this feature you have current increases and slag principle too distilled so that you can enjoy and in this way that a little bit it move an electron from the weld pool just not too far a little bit and control that you do not flooded slag very complex welding seams on in fact as I said before
  • 09:21: Professionals also happen to be provara happens well here only need training training their workouts like everything told all told all the secrets issued the main guys if you are cooking the era rutile-coated electrodes do not back down fight slag so it does not fill you with well, sony basic coating is much easier do if there is such an opportunity then you You can use them I hope that the video
  • 09:52: was helpful especially someone on this i will be with you saying goodbye to you was an affair all until we meet again [music]