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  • 00:00: hello my comments you are very often ask to show this or that welding connection show some certain position when welding and so further which is relevant specifically for you in I’m trying to walk you right now I try to meet you as soon as possible tell about it show but understand that you are many and I am one machine of course show it all in one video I can not you so guys be patient and wait for this video sure to come but not immediately of course
  • 00:32: but definitely see it for sure today we will consider welding end-to-end pipe if someone snapped crooked it's pretty often found therefore we will consider in detail but for that to me you need to change clothes like that first drove the guys found in his garage here such two crookedly cut profiles which we will now try to cook together of course I try to weld minimize the distance between
  • 01:06: profiles to make it easier and more convenient cook how do i just turn one from profiles and such profiles so that we have as much as possible less distance like this it turns out that experience in this position, easiest to cook but i will show Of course, if this option is not possible what have you got there details for example welded here is welded and you ca n't
  • 01:37: in no way turn therefore we will cook as it is necessary, let's take an example so doing the way that we It turned out one edge in principle you can brew calmly it adjoins and all the rest are obtained we have a huge big hole this is no gap is just a hole and how to make this seam of course we
  • 02:08: now and consider if you decide profile for yourself then surely better than him trim a little bit if you're crooked cut off immediately but it is better to try, of course, to cut it right away if you don’t know how I can prince to show you in the following videos if you would be interested if you less often someone else then let him learn cut right so now it's not about this we weld our part to be Immediately say what to say, I will
  • 02:41: electrodes ano-21 diameter 3 millimeter let's write you right here ano-21 3 millimeter current we will have about 80 ampere how will we weld
  • 03:11: Firstly, Steru Firstly, we sounded fix all four corners so that later on less led away weld data gaps I will show 2 ways but the first is usually electrode just how it will be to look like schematically let's say ours it turns out like this goes with his roughly draw here more or less straight
  • 03:42: here at an angle it turns out we will grab first this corner then this yes all four corners so first put one tack on one side second to the other side and then already them together we fix you can of course be out of three at once tack so his grab so maybe here are two tacks with this hand two tacks because to connect the same way from here
  • 04:12: maybe one two three here three with this parties and only then maybe in the middle of the tack then so same way and will cook first with one sides on the other annoying on the other and in the middle we deal with one the other to cope with one of the other the middle and so will weld this seam here already in this place already may need 3 tacks with
  • 04:43: on the one hand with the other one right they from another fuses and in this way we will cook and in the second way we will use additives additives will be the same electrodes the same diameter just stubs in this case we will use here 2 immediately put the electron and I will cook two electrode together how we catch first from one edge these two electrodes and then if there is
  • 05:16: need to push them apart that the distances were the same everywhere and grab from this side and then scald all together and at the same time guys show clearly how to grab such pipe with such gaps and then I already grabbed it was ready to cook but then thought it would be useful for you too know so I had to cut off and he weld over
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  • 07:23: well guys tack we did with
  • 08:11: all parties as it should so that we have a pipe less vadim and electrode just electrodes i brew eggs are two sides with the least gap any one side with a large fence eyes just electrode plant and the second brew already with an additive that you it was already more or less clear this
  • 10:44: hotels
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  • 14:41: repulsing slag we get this result
  • 16:01: as I said before and I will be this way three sides this is our problem with big hole making such a seam and so no longer suffer better you mind boil with additive I will show you the second way much easier and more convenient how you saw welding in this way
  • 17:39: perform much easier and more convenient and much faster that's what we did [music] Here is such a shevchik all another spoke and still wanted to add that when welding additive can add a little current if i cooked all these three sides on 80 first who I have already performed this 90 amperes and a little added to the parish
  • 18:10: additives themselves also melted about therefore guys are not shy where necessary take we use additives but I usually use the same electrodes you can use the usual some wire there to the tank and so on looking what is your hole well and in the same way you can of course speak and as vertical so and the ceiling joints are basically no I do not hope much that video was helpful to someone especially so subscribe to the channel if you are not subscribed yet
  • 18:40: write your opinion in the comments and not need to write that max will not pass guys But it is natural that garbage q is write on this i will say goodbye to you all until we meet again