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Итальянское лимонное печенье Вкусно Быстро Просто Тает во рту! печенье на детский праздник

Итальянское лимонное печенье Вкусно Быстро Просто Тает во рту! печенье на детский праздник  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] Hello to all, we are preparing a tender Italian lemon biscuit with glaze it is prepared very quickly and simply the cookie turns out to be very beautiful nodules on top of lemon sugar glaze see how tender it is how nice with such a fragrant lemon
  • 00:31: cookies to drink a cup of tea she just melting in my mouth on my channel about a thousand recipes for delicious dishes to easily find you just need to write a recipe in searching for youtube such a combination ludaeasycook and the name of the dish or any word on the topic prescription and to prepare this very tasty and lemon biscuits to me will need about 500 grams of flour flour can certainly go a little more or
  • 01:01: slightly less will look at consistency of dough 3 eggs 250 grams of sugar 150 grams vegetable oil odorless 11 grams of baking powder for dough a pinch of salt about a quarter teaspoonful spoon 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract and the cookies we have are lemon so of course we will add lemon peel from me here one tablespoon and lemon juice 25 grams cook the dough in a bowl
  • 01:31: breaking eggs [music] add salt sugar and beat well a mixer [music] beat eggs with sugar until fluffy light I now pour oil here and also mix well I add a teaspoon
  • 02:02: extract of vanilla lemon peel and also pour lemon juice mixed [music] sift flour and baking powder for dough I knead the dough with a shovel dough Get soft but not sticky
  • 02:34: Now I clean the scapula and will further dough hand [music] dough I got another sticky tam so I'm going to add here now. sift the flour more flour at the end of the batch I I'll tell you exactly how much flour I had left
  • 03:06: look at the result of the test I have it turned out to be very gentle but at the same time she sees me as already Hands do not stick I added another 80 grams of flour I put the dough in a clean bag and shipped in about 15 minutes fridge dough I rested in refrigerate and see the dough so gentle that 1 even flatten out a little him from the package
  • 03:39: The dough should be divided into parts like this you can do it by simply pinching pieces of dough and form such balls and of them already form a cookie a ball the size of a golf ball about here I get about forty-two grams Well this about the size I will make cookies to me so it is more convenient to roll out of course platen and cut into pieces I
  • 04:09: formed part of the balls from the dough The rest of the dough will be sent so far in refrigerator to be more comfortable with it work now I will show how directly form cookies working surface dusting up we take a piece of dough and roll out such a long platen flagellum dust flour in order to be more convenient turn off this flagella
  • 04:39: in the bundle you see without tucking up nodule It turns out that this form of cookies is very cute interesting and shift the cookies to prepared baking sheet baking tray just covered with parchment paper I did not grease the paper with anything good paper if you want you can of course
  • 05:09: and lightly oiled with vegetable oil and so I will shape everything biscuit [music] I formed the first batch of cookies and I will send it well heated to 180 degree oven for about 15-18 minutes cookies do not have too much to brown it should be gentle and while I bake the first batch
  • 05:40: cookie I will form the following the first batch of cookies I have already I baked it at exactly 15 minutes and I immediately send out to bake the next cookie I move to cool down the lattice smells just amazing now for a cookie I'll cook sugar Lemon icing in powdered sugar I will add lemon juice will add
  • 06:10: gradually I will give them icing to the degree of density that I need now I added 3 tablespoons lemon juice and begin to mix if you want glaze more dense add less lemon juice more liquid naturally slightly more lemon juice I add more lemon juice and stir
  • 06:43: and now look at the consistency of what we are happy with the consistency some more lemon juice this is the glaze I'm comfortable with when all the cookies are baked or already You can cover it with a glaze for this can either be poured over it frosting or I just just like that I'm dipping top
  • 07:14: cookies in the glaze and shift to grill to excess glaze drained [music] all of this the number of ingredients in I got 27 lemon biscuits very beautiful and fragrant look what a large plate of cookies do I have
  • 07:45: It turned out and of course she is very beautiful and fragrant I generally like baking with lemon is very tasty the cookie just melts in the mouth here is a very delicate dough and top lemon sugar coating is very tasty be sure to cook and feel a piece of italy
  • 08:16: you are at home is incredibly tasty I I wish everyone a pleasant appetite likes write comments new videos with your friends subscribe to my channel ludaeasycook positive food for everyone [music]