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  • 00:00: hello today I'll teach you to do this lovely rose with ribbons to decorate a hair bun For this we will use just tape in this case about satiny four centimeters wide let's cut from 9 to 10 strips about 10 centimeters long ie our tape is
  • 00:32: about four centimeters half wide and will cut 10 tours 10 centimeters well let's cut a strip of about 15 centimeters After that we will burn by edges with a lighter of the two sides to avoid telling we will also use thread in this case I'm using white you can use matching thread rose
  • 01:02: Today the needle scissors transparent nylon and of course a hook for hair Furthermore we will use our Liquid silicone to attach the hook at the end of this beautiful pink enlistment materials and is extremely attentive spence for this cute tutorial where
  • 01:32: They learn how to make a beautiful rose hair ribbons to our following model bow for hair and a rose will work with in this case we tapes tape about four centimeters half wide you can not do smaller if I want I'm working great for they can observe good we have Indeed we burned the edges of the tape so I can not tell time Now what we will do is roll
  • 02:06: thus to form what would Button way to do there for a good roll wound di well adjusted and then we will proceed to here we pass needle with thread and Here I am working with thread but you can use white color according to the tape that is in this If we're doing a rose
  • 02:38: yellow are supposed to Working with yellow thread I'm by simply passing the thread to set the botoncito we have done and now what we will do is what Next we will continue rolling forming a kind of button this will serve as vashem and We are as picking and every so often we are simply ensuring stretch
  • 03:08: with small stitches what would be the Button rosita This will be the basis for then work what will be petals then once there have been more or less advanced Centrito our pink will bend I so you tape me aside and observe abel side over here to here as
  • 03:38: angle and I will continue to collect there you are watching forming what will be a button made this Lito angle and I'll cut this height angle I'll cut the rest tape there is and I will continue to rotate in this way to achieve what will
  • 04:08: cerradito be a rosebud for then you look around giving and winding round and round giving way nor well as I'm not ensuring allows me to this form of rock button and now just using my needle will fit perfectly the center we will not cut this
  • 04:41: Twine over this part because we It will be helpful to go to work what will make the petals then there is we vote here and now let's cut piece of tape about 10 centimeters long the same thickness of tape and we will burn the edges using a lighter
  • 05:11: then I'll finish and cut here to explain how we will work the petals of this pink cute for hair now let's do the following with this strip ready so let's bend in the form of an angle and spent our needle having little knot hide the knot inside angle and let's just make a basting
  • 05:42: in this way That is we will do two angles one pays to one side and another to the other there we are there we will accommodate you observe you look there is bent Now I will bend to the other side so it is over here and seen by the backwards and we will proceed to continue by basting
  • 06:14: I will work these petals 9 It can be nine petals 8 or We want 10 petals or more depending on how pompous or ramos open or composting make our pink there are good and he stretched it just now I'm picking you are watching This way I have to look good inside out
  • 06:44: it will do so on the back and let the front this will be one of the petals our hair rosita well and adjust the back we will proceed to do the auction just topped it if we cut then as I said earlier we will prepare eight nine or ten petals
  • 07:15: if we can be more quickly if thinest tapes and we pink plumper we can work more petals there you are us seeing then we will proceed to start the Armed with our pink base This little button to start work of the video there are you watching me here I already have all the petals advances appropriations this cute pink I will put a
  • 07:46: side so let's not confuse and start assembling this rozita have there you simply watch and will look fitting not take watching the appearance of pink we catch this way we thread hiding what you look hide Indian ago can work here also with nylon thread look ay
  • 08:16: look how it will go running and now I I'm with small stitches and fixing and setting the petal to the rosebud Simple and simply do not have stitches It is something special is not something specific Stitches are we going to do so I'm putting white nile as jogo I tell them they can work with him and the color of the tape or if you wish
  • 08:46: They can also do with the thread nylon fully transparent That is there we have the first Petal that we have added to our buttom from the Rose Now once we are here we will out the side here to mount the next the pp with a small space and let place the next petal
  • 09:18: How you look you are taking appearance Rose will go to what is important is that it will look slightly mounted we see where we place no you go look for turning looking like pink and just let ensuring again with stitches That is as simple setting
  • 09:48: stitch the petals of this pink cute Look how nice will go well being we will be putting together all the petals as I say I have worked for the 89 light effect It depends on you on how flakes in the want or the love in an thinner than the tape is suddenly does work with organza ribbon around how it will look noting that nice aspect of our
  • 10:18: pink We are ensuring we simply look you and we also now place the next petal there is look look sandwiching we have put two together that is here we behoove a third petal I will place three petals to say more quotas or the button and there will keep putting the rest of petals
  • 10:50: flowers look here always riding slightly as I say observe first observed first and I want to place and small tip ditas Lobban are fixed in this way will to work Look how beautiful are staying there the how we look you observe there is turning the look like a cute and lovely pink
  • 11:21: then I'll go assuring this Likewise each and every one of the petals look there how to achieve It is taking shape this cute pink and so we will continue I placed the remaining petals will place and look with manitos
  • 11:51: so you can see if I am not They look good setting to go watching and not put all the group but look are watching You will go running I will continue fixing the remaining petals to finally show how it will be This cute monkey for hair roses as you can see here we have our and narros is over you observe What has been the nice've pasted Liquid silicone hook couple
  • 12:21: it also can be used as prendedor whether to putting a pin especially for entrepreneurs that depends on the taste of you then I hope you liked do not forget to subscribe to my channel click on the button I like and Share this video with your friends and friends thank you very much and see us next