On October 1 Day of elderly people - YouTube\u000d\u000aDay of good and respect, International day of elderly people.  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: first day of October crawls up like it's summer staring out the window like only yesterday each tried cucumber on the board put the wine and jam and cook finish with raspberries weeds and weed pour everything in the garden and already outside the window at night dark and long It will wind up homeless casting an otoscope but we will not be sad
  • 00:32: we we do not need We will live and joke and then dancing among major miracles constant friendship Throw open the hearts to take pleasure today express
  • 01:12: respect for all people gray-haired older you raised our generation and for this we thank you desire health you longevity care and attention loved you decoration our century We congratulate elderly dear grandmother and
  • 02:35: grandfather you our living history you are our pride you an example of spiritual culture Thank you for patience and persistence wisdom and kindness October 1 international day old people all the young people of the city heartily wishes you a this wonderful holiday and wishes you good health and long life optimism of faith hope and love
  • 03:05: bending guitar yellow you hold dearly splinter echo string pierce tight heights swing sky dome large and star-like snow great that we are all
  • 03:35: here today gathered swing dome of the sky and a large star-like snow great that we are all here it is my grandma I congratulate you holiday want you old call impossible despite your age you still still young, energetic and you completely ray
  • 04:06: sunlight their greesh concern us or there us no doubt you will be every day and hour himself but each all me
  • 04:40: I said that I would give to me always and everywhere guardian angel and you ask the Lord We are looking for all the prayers you
  • 05:33: Congratulations to elderly man We wish you endless heat live long but still although half a century and grieve not never be sad We wish you a merry bright days wish
  • 06:03: forget about the troubles and adversity wish you more loyal friends, and outside the window only rainbow Weather