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  • 00:00: Hello, I am pretty needlewomen and I glad to welcome you on my video channel my left knitting fancy and if anyone else is sleeping she is afraid of me name is Olya and in today's video speech go about hats it was your request show how I see my caps it was this pink hat that caused your I showed interest along with one of my cravats at the beginning when i just opened my channel and I will dress her again That's how it looks and I often tell you
  • 00:33: I will show a few of my other caps Ilya I see everything alone manners and how I came to exactly this the style of the caps I just noticed that I I have a small thin face and a big head and here are the caps which are tied and lush english gum ready some braids they attach here on top very large volume and they are not us look like a daddy's headdress and Finnish I mean it is not at all
  • 01:03: like and after some observation thinking of some kind of analysis I came to I deduce exactly for me personally tie the hat that suits me right here one more cap they all look like between that is, they all have the same here's another form of thin mohair cap that is, they differ in principle only
  • 01:35: by and behind the yarn I used or the color of the new hats that quite recently tied and all these caps one distinctive feature you know how wide elastic they are not on top of the head here and they are fluffy that is, I am in all my hats add some mohair thread here several caps
  • 02:05: but a little sharper here too everyone is just not going to be very very just a time ago will push back two hours hour and a half at most here are tutorial and the example of this hat I tell you what moments you need take into account to get exactly such the form and the very beginning of the video where I
  • 02:36: showing how we connect the loops by circle so that we have the first row smooth neat i'm inadvertently meat the words More about saying the words you need when i talk about how many loops need to type on the gum that is us you need to take one big loop on gum and then I had an error but now you know it and my dear I I wish you a pleasant viewing Now I will show you how I connect the loops when I see in a circle in principle not
  • 03:06: only the cap also applies sweaters or so we start it knit in a circle knit bottom that is, we we collect the number of loops that we need and one loop need why because it is an extra loop then it will disappear here and see here we have the last typeset loop here on the right spoke and I threw it on left needle and please pay attention here we are not tying any nodules that is, we leave these strings so here are free here we have a set on
  • 03:36: her . this short loop is thrown on the left knitting needle last our typesetting tab on the left spoke she pulled through this loop that is, the first loop from the left knitting needle pineapple is pulled through this loop [music] family see in four threads and then here this here is our first loop with a dial in
  • 04:08: the center of the spoke is simply removed and tightened here here we have it here typesetting loop disappeared extra and because I put the loop back on left needle that's all here is our first loop in our circle and I dress marker here then immediately here you can do not do what you want and just here next we start to knit 1 loop front 2
  • 04:38: facial then 2 purl now I start to knit rezinochku 2 on 2 and leasing in a hat is quite wide when the cap is not worn on the head the width of the elastic band 11 centimeters and when we him when we we put it on her head about half a centimeter and it needs be sure to consider when ready rating
  • 05:09: I see further on the facial smoothness easily mid simple pattern until here's these the edges will not reach the top of the head that is if you doubt how to determine it that is, you can put on the head line and the edges of the ruler must touch the ruler must touch the edges of the cap kids It was done only when I have a hat reached the top and after that I will tie another 34 centimeters ie from this place from our top has knit more
  • 05:41: no subtraction makes 34 centimeters and after that I will literally turn down 8 loops that is, I have here 36 I then in the next row here from this place I will take off 4 eyelets on 4 loops I will tie a row and I will close the cap and you ask why I will be here reduce here 8 loops by this amount loops and went out experimentally i just tied several caps and concluded to
  • 06:16: get this form you need to subtract somewhere around 25 percent loops and that is me here on this hats on pink gum dialed 36 loops and I think it is one hundred percent and how many loops we need to turn down about 25 percent that is, we we make the proportion 25 times 36 we divide by 100 we get 9 loops Well, I made 8 and here's a hat that less lies side by side ie i recruited for gum 52 loop and that is canvas hats, too, knit
  • 06:48: I have fifty two loops here too and here are 25 percent loops from this amount how much is 25 multiply by fifty two divided by 100 . it turned out 13 well I made 12 and these here I always turn off the eyelet in stages that is in one thread diminished uniform 4 between these additions are always one row the front then the next rule turned down 4 loops evenly and then knitting
  • 07:20: also the facial row in this case diminish when 12 loops are added in 4 in 3 stages that is diminished 4 loops of a row Knit 4 cuttable I knit 4 bavil and a series of knitted that is, if they were here there were 16 that is in 4 stages would have reduced if it were 20 means in five stages for as i have already mentioned here i am knitted after the top three more centimeter now I will reduce
  • 07:51: 8 loops fought note this hat is not a poster yet she is here that is after washing on the most likely stand out and if you are unsure of us for sure find out how it will stretch that is you can at this stage and and even wash if you metal spokes straight with the needles drench and if you wooden as my case you can just and loop to throw on the label to see how to pull out the unit cap and If you ask a question in what places I
  • 08:22: I tie the loops together I was here the first row where I have the loops were tied together that is 36 and divided into 4 I got 9 I knit 7 loops and eighth and ninth ninth tied together then knitted one row now i see a row which again I will have to decrease the loop, and I am his I will do in this place in the middle between the first two as the decrease would have give me a decrease are shifted in each
  • 08:52: chessboard row here i am diminished two loop four times that is, I was here 36 on a rubber band here is a network here and here i have 28 loops and now I will close the cap where the marker is the beginning of a row for me here I have already cut off here how do i do this i body so how as if I am still knitting but this thread I'm pulling
  • 09:23: that is, I seem to be knitting a loop for later this thread I pulled and then so i do until the very end and then all these loops will just stay together [music] so I stretched the thread through everything
  • 10:00: loops here's a marker marks the beginning of a series now I just here it is very much to tighten all this thread thread there inside and sew and that's our hat and prepared not just I will say a few words what kind of yarn used when knitting all these caps and how am I mixing her to you a little bit was the presentation This is a pink hat that you so I liked knitting it from bitumen yarn and
  • 10:32: two strings krupsky think light pink color this hat i knitted in 3 threads two different colors copper yarn is wool and added here is the thread of mohair splendid prostatitis I knit gum on the whole canvas caps 2 by 2 decreases it did exactly the same as in other caps the case of this cap and gum got tangled in 4 threads two strings spin credits too mohair right there that you Seen in the previous caps and two strings
  • 11:03: media is also different colors and canvas caps I knit the keys also in 4 threads two threads be this thick pink mohair and two strings splendida this hat I knit from yarn the end of something new and used here three threads of this part of me knit of 2 red and one gray blue threads polosochka tally there are two blue
  • 11:34: one gray and this dark blue part knit from two dark blue and one gray thread this hat knitted of fine mohair silk yarn there was a snare from the company lana grossa took her in four strings and elastic here in difference from other caps connected 1 on 1. eleven gum came from two strands of it light beige
  • 12:05: and these two threads of red are these part of me knit of 3 red threads and 1 beige can shichko reds two strings of this dark red and two threads more light color I will say a few more words about these two hats I tied exactly according to the magazine that is there it all came together tightly beach bundles for sure same and the number of loops all the same but here I just did not succeed in this
  • 12:35: the hat turned out to be too small here though a set of loops and drawing was day in one like a magazine due to that that here are the pigtails right here canvas and gum turned out very wide and that is in 10 minutes after wearing this hat head starts to get off just up then i'm going to these two hats because that i like to dress them just their conclusion I just want to say that you can experiment with yarn
  • 13:06: no end so many beautiful different shades just try to interfere with yarn and you Be sure to get a beautiful code and style here are my darling subscribers and guests channel this and all I hope was that you were interested I went unfolds your stop stop kusha tank and pereda to my with you say goodbye to me I wanted to thank you for all your wonderful comments I have to this video my past videos that you leave
  • 13:36: and also but subscriber to subscribers too say thank you so much because they browsing old videos I leave also very you are so cute indeed comments that I have right there tears of tenderness in my eyes my dear thank you so much for your attention i wish you all the best good coming weekend and so in the summer which ends unfortunately pleased you with warm wonderful weather stay with me goodbye