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  • 00:00: Hello everyone in this video will show you how knit here such a rug sure to be using jacquard crochet thread unused will contact us in column so in fact we have a rug will be double-sided that is like a facial so the wrong side will look absolutely the same knit I'll be from here such a yarn called go'zal would big o tan x and still eat just rendered Bibiku from but it is thinner but I take excel here 50 percent acrylic 50 percent tangle and in 50 grams 105 meters color i
  • 00:31: I use a white and black hook which i will knit the main canvas four and a half millimeter and I also need a hook less than two and a half millimeters for In order to hide the tips let's look at the pattern of the pattern she looks like that means rapport is wide 44 loops and a height of 22 rows I typed a hundred on my mat eighteen loops that is two complete report of us two times 44 the 88
  • 01:02: loops and plus another 30 for symmetry for so that my drawing was symmetrical and you should remember this too the more loops you will type or less but if you fold the mat in half you must have the right side absolutely mirror left side the same thing and with 100 me just some random the number of rows and much more there wants or sound you exactly how much yarn mother you should fold the mat too in half and the upper part you should be a mirror image right here
  • 01:33: project need to remember as for yarn consumption given my density of me from two hanks from one black one white me I think that black when I spend completely white I already have a little bit there it remains but when I am black I end up with a segment It means that 5 centimeters are transferred and 17 centimeters high respectively of the four skeins of me get 65 by 35 and then the river is all depends on how tall you are
  • 02:03: you need absolutely all the canvas we you knit with simple double crochets so let's take another look at scheme where do we have to start so how do we knit from right to left look on the first row 1 2 3 4 5 6 column here in black respectively, and started a chain of air loops we will also dial black color so we take the black thread hook our and recruit 118 air loops plus 2 loops for lifting and addition 120
  • 02:33: willingness the chain we are doing nakid we remember that two loops we left for lifting respectively hook is inserted into the third loop and on we all know what we need to tie 6
  • 03:05: double crochet but at this stage we need to pull the thread white in order to initially but we was tied inside for this we get and we hold it back like this hooking it while grabbing the thread black and stretch it through loop here it can leave here this way we continue to knit the first column knit two loops
  • 03:37: and 2 more loops here is our first column nakidom ready while we knit inside this column is a white thread all and further we continue to knit the threads we are constantly going white chain so we capture it also and she goes inside the column tie 5 bars and I’ll stop you
  • 04:16: show you how to change color because change we will be exactly at the end of the 6 column and here here we already see a string of white the colors we constantly have to pull here the main thing is not to overdo it with too much you will delay then you canvases will gradually taper us this is not necessary therefore there must be certain confidence We have 5 columns ready and we knit 6 we knit it not until the end because the change colors we happen at the end the last column at this stage we stop and change color we
  • 04:47: we throw the black medka to ourselves grab the white thread and knit the last column to the end That's how it turned out with this knitting we will have no bias colors the last column we will have black next column 1 next we will have white color then look at the scheme further we have 6 white columns we knit white color these posts and in doing so we have a black thread now comes over with chain of air loops
  • 05:18: knit 5 columns at the end of 6 column
  • 05:50: we are changing the thread now white to ourselves black knit here like this it turns out to be absolutely the same as the front so the rug we will have two-sided can both on the one hand put it the same with the other we look further again according to the scheme we have 6 black 6 white farther again 6 black 6 white
  • 07:00: since i'm constantly spinning in
  • 07:39: one side before the start so then here so I have accordingly and constantly thread intertwined with each other and it gets farther the harder it is to knit then there is no particular lifehack here I just when I'm getting knit hard unravels these threads like this way and all of course you can in another side spin but i'm not very like how it turns out so I just they spun all means look dacha
  • 08:11: patterns and finish the rapport pattern should two black and six white here we have tied 1 rapport further
  • 08:44: we knit exactly the same rapport and another 30 report loops till the end of the row and meet you at I will show you the end of the row move to a new row so as not to lose Colour stop is always better in one column to the end of the row and watch us waiting for the next row for example now in the second row themselves are waiting for a color change then there is if we are now in black then in the next row the first two columns
  • 09:14: we have to tie white accordingly, we must change the thread with you in advance we are the last column dovyazyvaem black but finish its already white as usual in this way, that is, we are finished row all right we have black color it means with him we will continue to knit white color air loops for lifting we with you will lose the black thread to us you need to raise it with you too for this we get the hook under the black thread cling white provyazyvaem first air loop and since we
  • 09:45: now black thread over white we are without we twist all kinds of twists air loop for lifting turn over knitting so we don't have to black rose to the same height and we continue to knit two white columns by color otherwise, according to the scheme we have 6 columns
  • 10:17: in black like this you and I got this our place will then close in viscous nothing here it will not be visible now I I 'll show you the color transition option where we are in the next row for sure the same color as in current that is in
  • 10:48: the beginning of the next version of the same color like at the end of this case white on it is actually still easier than when tsvetana need to change that is, we dovyazyvaem series in color in this case white is the last column misfit until the end we have to lift a little black thread so we enter the hook under the black we pull out the white thread
  • 11:18: last bar since we have now a black thread over white and without problems knit first air loop for lifting as well as we are now a black thread under we have her raise up for this under black thread grab white and knit the second loop for lifting now turn over knitting continue to knit the same color white new row [music] and then knit on the scheme absolutely
  • 11:56: as much as you need rows up height and us like this you get first row is our initial chain of air loops black knit knit knit knit I knit knit how much is needed and now i will show how change the thread when we finish myself. to me from just as I reached the place to us not finished black with this wanted say i always have black will end faster white not white there are about one gram left
  • 12:27: action and what less but black color and I'm over, I'll show you how I change the thread here a few words about how I basically do it I do know that many are lining up on the edge to make a change on the edge but I don't like it at all it turns out right here hay bureau exchange plus another such moment I feel very sorry thread trim when really worth a very big tail enough for me to peel off literally 80 percent of the number and me it is necessary to dissolve all this trim
  • 12:57: to withdraw it is in the end I feel sorry so to do so I do not see where I chu ends here even if I have here over is over some would change it would not end in in the middle of the canvas I would change it here it makes no difference to me I have already bound 2 pillows in this way I do the same changed and no where have hid tails and in fact almost a year now with this pillows and so far no one tail I do not got no cares, I see
  • 13:27: I take a new hatch new thread so here I always do old thread like that I enter the hook I tidy this thread a little I just take a new one and put it on this stage do not do any knots here He has captured a new thread as new threading the first part of the column the second part of the column and on continue
  • 13:58: press a new thread here tighten a little here, these strings of his I here and the old thread and new thread and continue to knit new thread [music] In general, I hide the tips at the end and here
  • 14:31: so that this place doesn’t bother me the columns did not bloom I just I fix it in one knot and everything in okay and see further then i hide Now I will show you on this example how I am hiding these strings I leave alone knot 2 I do in order not to there was no seal and then I just hiding one tail one way the second tail the other way inward Again, the column as I already have there is no to
  • 15:02: that is, I take the hook firstly smaller on here so I pierce pierce all its posts that go on this side is the tail and hide inside [music] [music] and so I bring it to the very beginning and
  • 15:43: then when i will be strapping i'm all I'll hide it [music] I'll leave everything like this later
  • 16:14: continue to knit I just cut this part of me sticks out and all I seriously say to you that nothing will fall out and even if it comes out uncomplicated will back refill but at the same time we have no nodes we have no irregularities and in doing so I can not see anything [music] I tied my rug on everything
  • 17:23: 85 rows this height is enough for me It took me 10 skeins of 5 of each color and there is still more white black smaller and now all I have left it will tie a rug i will just tie around the perimeter of the usual with single crochets in the corner we will do two columns so that
  • 18:01: I was not pinched I'll hide this thread right now and all those tails that I had too I hide over here this bandage [music] Here is such a rug we have with you
  • 19:26: In general, finished work, as always, I will wait in instagram for tag you now see on the screen if you any questions left ask them comments and be sure to look under video information there i have all the data on I put the mat in detail and there will be reference to the pattern of the pattern still advise you think about how to make a rug not slippery from the back because for example, I have a laminate flames it so it slips so much bought just such a litter
  • 19:56: see under the carpet she and 100% polyester is very similar to the filter looks like this is inexpensive I I'll sign it how much size he has a suitable 65 by 125 y I got a smaller mat in length so I just cut the waste residue and under the rug in style if need be will additionally take on the edges of the thread if not then there is no other here is such an anti- slip mat
  • 20:27: they still have such a mesh anti-slip too inexpensive you can see it [music]