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How to fry a liver that it was soft and gentle a master class from Chef \/ Ilya Lazerson  See details »

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  • 00:00: recently one of mine a friend called me and said you know old man my wife she is afraid of the liver so bloody by us and don't cook because she is afraid above consistency unpleasantly i understand by the way such women logan old man are you you can not fry Liver me with huge Understood to say my aspirations comrade called him in his culinary school ready to liver he was nipples so here obviously what is it
  • 00:30: male interest fried liver dish man love him like I rule you now I'll show you how easy it is cook now i going for Chonko's liver it's beef liver pay attention you it's not me now see and i will you now will show the liver is still a little bit when ice cream because what a bit of frozen liver
  • 01:00: always more convenient cut here look the liver is covered here such a film here I am look at her now quietly here look here I am her delete then the liver will be itself better lead on see the pan and will not this film liver squeeze it absolutely not difficult see and not difficult
  • 01:31: make here i am now a little bit by sight you look spectacle really scary here is blood here is the leg blood sitting on women sometimes hard and that's when liver ice cream look at her comfortable enough here cut it is cut still look quite decently i won't cut a lot
  • 02:04: probably probably still one piece the rest of the liver I will take away from us today small family so I will not I cook a lot I will do today something like chops from the liver then fry and and large chunks i'm this liver should a little bit soften me now I 'll post it like this
  • 02:34: look at the board Here I have 5 I will take the pieces rub food film see what i do cover the liver cling film and Now I have a little bit of it repel Now I see that the water has i'm boiling by the way in porridge known the subject of the cooks he
  • 03:09: called anesthesia because sharpener balls only on the head these subjects human falls into anabiosis and with it you can do whatever you want narcosis actually this hammer for beating meat has has this corrugated surface and smooth I think that liver need to be neat beat in this this case surface that is very neatly go too far don't beat your life this thing you just
  • 03:40: will now beat the bull very look carefully what liver is wet you saw how much blood was there because that she is very wet she is very bloody so that this no blood splattered you in the face when you beat the liver on kitchen wall on apron film perfectly protects liver so here such a return not liver she is a garden in gap spray vanie light i'm at the same time
  • 04:12: beat off five at once pieces look I boil water remove heat to minimum and cover lid because buckwheat will now cook without mine engagement but I sometimes I will glance here and god forbid water will evaporate see how I have clean on the table the film goes away trash I now liver salt always
  • 04:43: you need to salt products so i will do one thing that's wrong it is known in everyday life but I 'll do it anyway look like interesting mean for I need this bow fuck what am i now I'll clean the onions here the bulb is cleaned I 'll go take this
  • 05:14: flat bowl i I'll take even this one cover and grater and see what i do I'm a little bit now onion soda here on this flat lid here i'm not much I will rub now I will come to liver and so here bow and and poglazhu with one
  • 05:45: hand enough the magnifier will fall into these holes here which I broke through hammered liver and it will be very good to aromatize a little bit to enrich here is its juice it will be very useful liver and liver from this onion juice even a few softened I would said even the most main thing which allows liver soft
  • 06:17: I'll tell you in a little later here so stroked the liver bow I'm the remaining bow already rough cut here's the next thing i take the egg look egg the most simple product is
  • 06:49: egg eggs all starts in ancient grilling I think that here I am always you guys showing features cooking so simple that's how simple is no well here I am I think that in this make sure I don't I complicate namely showing you what food it's easy and that it's not for long it's not a chore burdensome for
  • 07:19: you and it always good result which is pleasant and you and to those people for which are you trying I cook something so here is the egg I called right now a little bit of water in I 'll pour it here a little salt i by the way parallel look liver yet and ground pepper yet I will sprinkle while remembered it appropriate to do here so here
  • 07:50: it's called liason a thing called lizon beautiful such word lizun here if you when lady for example this that's cooking show yourself more a spectacular man so knows everything Things to do kids nice and movement I recommend you when you are like this shake this fork plug raise it higher
  • 08:20: just spectacular here so here yes how are you as if pulling for itself a little bit like a magician some thread like as if pulling if zone but on show off in front of home because all our life is at its true life of a man all show off in front of a woman so cooking I repeat before my eyes you can always love turn into a show and agree it will be always better than just poking around in front of my beloved there in some go there
  • 08:50: that means my in chatted season now i need big plate flour is flour I'm tense now take less us less all the same
  • 09:20: pan and start it heat in the meantime, I'll check everything do i have here on place the liver is flour is a reason fine here on this I pour the pan Little vegetable oil and put a bow let him while it fries onions are fried here
  • 09:50: the liver loves the bow so me and smeared the liver grated onions and onions I fry it separately with us go know so addition to the liver now i put in I will change the pan places burners put the pan also warming it up already to the liver here we are now the complex works
  • 10:21: and in the meantime here remember now because it is necessary here realize that i am I will do it now Liver first I'm liver immersed in flour I now her under fixes a little bit she absorbs herself the moisture that is on surface of the liver Now I 'll allow my liver look down I
  • 10:54: fingertips all do that fingers u I was not in the flour and then again I will return the flour called double toning and here now the liver is leaving on the subsidiary plate still do see first flour then zones and then flour again we
  • 11:24: moisture from the liver We absorb the flour in me all the same on fingers see growing layer such wet flour but it inevitably inevitably me will have to later still wash your hands I hear that onion is fried already started to roast good bow
  • 11:54: here are my 5 5 liver onions fry see how I have a warm butter is good and now I just simply let's start laying griddle liver add butter
  • 12:27: the most important most the main secret is to the liver was soft and tender not overcook and and here this is the most important the thing you are must remember how Our Father don't perry cook little liver a little serenko this ideal condition Liver need to this come on before it feel right away not work but need to
  • 12:57: strive for it Yes here is a fried onion will now be shown full technology preparations tasty dish
  • 13:27: good tasty plates where there will be 5 another third but everything its time Now you need to understand that since i declare that the liver must have such the easiest mote to stay soft then if it was meat if it were such I’ll say pieces of meat let's say chops chops would have to
  • 13:57: fry longer than liver in particular if it were not pork chops, these and the liver is preparing faster now we are with bow do now very peculiar i I think that buckwheat ready to be fried liver
  • 14:29: she is almost ready here this little I’m ready to slice exactly now liver bye put aside already ready on a platter it will not cool for a long time I'm putting a new one now batch of liver on pan and we work on
  • 15:14: look what good is already I have fried to the side of him these pieces are thicker so I fry them a little longer and here is the last a piece of liver can be turned
  • 15:48: anything you want spatula want something else i love work with a fork now it's liver it is not ready yet, I I will take look great a plate I'll take a look smart buckwheat
  • 16:18: see what buckwheat crumbly elementary I have cooked I'll take two shmatko here and so liver I'll put on the liver
  • 16:50: look like this here I am fried onions I'll get maybe onions even on buckwheat this is quite good and here on free I will pour the place my sour cream onion sauce tell me is it not male dishes is it bad i I think it's good and
  • 17:22: a man cook this dish absolutely easy and look how fast but everything cooked because what we tried work rationally in the kitchen and just and so buckwheat porridge it's easy to cook chop the liver hard no beat problem is not a problem egg flour what can be simpler and most importantly do not overcook
  • 17:52: here in it is the secret preparations fried liver which will be inside soft i so many times heard all those crying and women who are ready not hard liver learn to cook from men dear ma and well however I started talking I come across of course strongly on women i am all the same go to the frontal place to tell you friends the liver is very masculine
  • 18:24: the product is very masculine product and therefore worth cooking it and fear him totally inappropriate because we are quite can quickly cook from such which liver now in front of me bloody scary raw here rich tasty a plate which will delight you and probably those whom you take the trouble cook this dish