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  • 00:00: hello all started pumpkin season and today cook fragrant pumpkin pie what do i need for that need a pumpkin lemon flour cane sugar can be replaced by plain cinnamon vanilla olive oil which can
  • 00:30: replace with any other vegetable and the eggs first thing to do beat eggs along with sugar first beat eggs a little then gradually add sugar need eggs like should bring down to sugar completely dissolved until beat the eggs
  • 01:01: rub on fine grater pumpkin when the eggs beat well add a pinch salt and vanilla and again mix whipped eggs add flour and stir with a spatula add cinnamon and
  • 01:33: baking powder which can replace soda slaked vinegar or lemon juice well knead gradually add olive oil and mix when butter is mixed with dough add
  • 02:03: pumpkin and half juice lemon squeeze straight on pumpkin now need how to mix dough form for baking grease oil and pour send the dough there pie baked in
  • 02:37: preheated oven on 190 degrees 40 minutes I got past pie out of the oven and check it on willingness to help with using wooden sticks pierce at the widest reason if wand dry then he ready if wet so I mean need still remove the minutes for 10-15 in the oven passed another 20 minutes pie wand ready dry can be removed from oven and leave its such
  • 03:08: fragrant pumpkin I have a pie get try to cook all pleasant tea party to new meetings yet