Мягкие, Нежные ПРЯНИЧКИ. Полезный перекус. ОЧЕНЬ ВКУСНО! Pumpkin Cookies  See details »

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  • 00:00: Good day to all I'm cooking today very tasty pumpkin curd cheese cookies are cookies autumn she is always it turns out very delicious soft fragrant smell autumn connect please stone in mixing bowl I shift the test soft creamy add oil here sugar and mix whisk I test I will cook today
  • 00:30: manually add one here of he is a quarter tea spoons of pumpkin salt mashed potatoes cook pumpkin puree your favorite way like by his usually cook and if you don't know how to cook pumpkin puree I'm under video leave a link how do i do it add cottage cheese here zest of one lemon and squeeze the juice and about 1 one and a half dining room spoon and put it all together
  • 01:00: ingredients together add here pumpkin seeds sift a little flour flour add parts add 2 teaspoons baking powder without top and knead dough very cool dough
  • 01:34: don't mix it up should a little to stick to hands Do cover film any capacity and leave on the table 15-20 minutes roll out thick about 5 millimeters cut out a glass or any form all brest i
  • 02:07: gathered together and roll one more time greased cookie diluted yolk with milk and on top yet add a little bit pumpkin seeds cookies are sent to preheated oven
  • 02:38: turning is done look what it turned out very tasty and appetizing and cookies now we have it mind and see she is very soft straight how is the cake bun can say or cookies very tasty and look what is it air it turned out just like pumpkin gingerbread or pumpkin cake unusually rain and with pleasure it's autumn now please your loved ones this delicious recipe all the best and to new tasty
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