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How to remove isolation from a cable and a wire. The machine for cleaning of a cable. To Master  See details »



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  • 00:00: If you have an alternate access time and waste Wire and cable insulation from clean And provide, for example, non-ferrous metals or the receiving tank Try to make all kinds of copper wire Crafts with their own hands. You see, what beautiful beautiful Decorative screen in the top left corner. When I started to clean copper wire I used an ordinary Videos knife, wherein the first notch insulating outer Cable, and then delete it.
  • 00:33: It remains to remove the color of insulation, which I filmed Such a simple method. Sharp knife cut the insulation and almost perfect It does not damage the copper wire member. If you decide it is important in the manufacturing sector Crafts made with copper. In general, such purification methods insulated for me, Because it is a single core. However, after some time, I began to think about mechanization Cleaning wire insulation to accelerate the process. By flexible, stranded cable insulating outer
  • 01:05: Cable is completely removed, but with the copper twisted pair Live with knife to remove color insulation problem. Knife through one or more veins and complete He stubbornly unwilling to move on. That I did not even take the wire, so how to clean it, The method is almost impossible. When I face a lot of fine Multi-filament wire, who is only a pity So throw out, I decided, it's time to make equipment Insulation from clean.
  • 01:36: The apparatus is between, wherein the two halves Propylene groove. Side of the device designed for trimming External cable insulation. The opposite side also has a groove And in his slightly less than the queue for Direct removal of insulation and copper wire. There is a paint knife blade, wherein It peek grooves so, make an incision in the insulation, But do not touch the copper part of the wire. The purpose of the next device is to clean isolation true Fine stranded wire. In a single piece of wood I made a portrait propyl
  • 02:06: Hacksaw and drill bolt holes 2, This is a gripping wooden blade. Now, I'll show you how it is with a flexible work Stranding. So that the slit blade spacer, not cling Silk, it is impossible to do a painting knife. It is still easy to separate from the hand-movement isolation copper.
  • 02:36: Let's take a closer look with these devices. The device halves screwed Press and hold puck between the blades. Wire tip through the slot as the blade Cut insulation. This device may be using a blade Plain and not suitable for other works. When the blade fragment thereof sufficient to tip Acute our purpose. In extreme cases, the front end of the blade can be adjusted Diamond needle files.
  • 03:07: To the device. Twists and screws we expect the blade of exposure We isolated the depth of the groove. To delete a tail rotor outer insulation made A little more, because it is thicker peel With fewer wires. Then tighten it to lock blade. These devices are safe, because the blade In the groove.
  • 03:40: They can not be transferred additional protection. Equipment fine line I did a whole A piece of wood, which cut through the longitudinal grooves Hacksaw. The following side groove others are doing form blade. Mounting the blade, the apparatus, as Previous. Do not forget to adjust the blade It is only in the insulating cuts and does not involve copper conductor
  • 04:12: wire. It is necessary to insert fast enough tupilos. As for the handicrafts manufacturing copper wire is Even important, because copper does not leave marks Thin stranded wire cutter remains unchanged. Cleaner insulation from the wire pocket As convenient and practical. With it accelerates the process of cleaning wire
  • 04:42: Especially fine stranded. Now I think the creation of a mechanical Cleaning equipment further wire Improve the processing speed of the insulation removed. As long as I have it made, be sure to share with Your assembly process and its work. If you like this video training format - Subscribe
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