Тыквенный Пирог Краски осени - самый нежный и вкусный!

Тыквенный Пирог Краски осени - самый нежный и вкусный!  See details »



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  • 00:00: hello with you channel food on any taste we are preparing the most bright and tender pie with pumpkin recipe is light and of course a delicious pie a wet purified from seeds and peel the pumpkin on fine grind here 400 grams in two eggs add pinch salt and tea floor spoons of vanilla sugar slightly vzobem a mixer then continuing whisk add 150 grams of sugar beat about two
  • 00:31: three minutes to white foam now you can add one tablespoon sour cream for dairy taste and immediately send to mass rubbed gourd all stirring but already with a shovel or can be used corolla flour 180 grams mixed with baking powder in 1 teaspoonful spoon and in two stages we put into the dough after each carefully stirring at the end
  • 01:01: pour in 50 milliliters vegetable oil again carefully stir to the oil was distributed according to consistency dough this is not much liquid but not thick reminiscent of sour cream very airy and easy if you are very juicy dough it will be more liquid in this case you can add more one two dining rooms spoons of flour bringing the dough to the right consistency we are pouring the dough lightly greased
  • 01:32: form can be use split diameter 24 centimeter exactly distribute and bake preheated oven to 180 degrees before the dry stick approximately 40 50 minutes need here orientate already on your oven 45 minutes later my we get the pie ready and let him cool down in form approximately 10 minutes at will pie for now warm can be sprinkled sugar on taste in the dough you can add cinnamon and or an apple of pleasant
  • 02:02: tea drinking if you liked the recipe I will be glad only thanks for comments to new video bye