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  • 00:00: [music] hello to all of me today a bright scent not Christmas cake for bakeries from pumpkin this recipe with me shared subscriber larisa bunny and big and for thanks for this recipe very successful lightweight and the cupcake turns out simply excellent let's cook so for a cupcake to us need chicken eggs sugar
  • 00:30: vegetable oil without smell pumpkin puree lemon juice or apple cider vinegar flour baking powder for test or salt ground spices for baking walnuts or yellow food dye if desired and I think I should start be careful what you need cook pumpkin puree can be use and invoice but home much better I smoke prepared in advance
  • 01:01: just baked gourds oven and operated and with the help of submersible blender just in case for those who do not know how bake a pumpkin for me on there is a small video how to do it as you can see the pen it turns out thick rich store so precisely you can not buy if you add nuts then also need prepare myself used the walnut nuts but I think any you love nuts you need dry
  • 01:31: frying pan or oven and chop Of course, it's better. make a knife well i took advantage of bender now let's start advise turn on the oven in advance because like all cupcakes this also done very fast and also prepare form in which you will bake a cupcake the form must be lubricated butter and sprinkle with flour or we will collect now a manga dry mixture in some dishes sift flour add
  • 02:01: salt baking powder and spices for Christmas baking baking powder 2 complete teaspoons me like time ended baking powder and sachets left 1 incomplete teaspoon so I additionally insured sir and I added to liquid constituent and so everything was mixed and have side now next step beat eggs with
  • 02:31: sugar first minute knock down by sugar then gradually add sugar and continue whip two three are just trying to get a magnificent film from that masses sugar is not completely dissolve well this is not scary and then disperse [music] [music]
  • 03:09: now add vegetable oil and whisk more half a minute [music] the now we are laying down prepared puree and again mix and I also added yellow but food coloring it's not at all be sure cyst and so will
  • 03:39: beautiful yellow color remote control have not been remnants of the dye I decided to use and search . by itself there is no acid and so I advise add and or spoon lemon juice or so I added a spoon apple cider vinegar generally in the original The recipe for this step is not was so you can is it to miss it so you know from each mistresses zamorochki but I think from this sourness tastes and cake only will benefit but if you will
  • 04:09: use soda or baking powder for test then it must be added on this here stage and in this case lemon juice or vinegar already a step mandatory in the test should be acid which to extinguish soda and now all that it remains to add flour mixture and at the end prepared nuts first add flour every time stirring the dough and end we add nuts the same mix it turns out thick dough
  • 04:40: [music] lay out our batter prepared form and bake at 170 degrees about 50 degrees minutes I baked 55 try it
  • 05:12: access to wooden skewers [music] Well, here's our cupcake ready and you can proceed or powdered sugar or pour some sweet I melted the tile chocolate dessert with butter and milk perhaps because of that that it was not chocolate but some kind of chocolate dessert will come out
  • 05:42: it did not turn out well successfully and therefore I am you share and nothing I do not advise on taste she did well looks like unpresentable the cake turns out tall beautiful yellow nuts it's very convenient here they give their own flavor and and the smell of pumpkin is not audible and also more one piece of advice from me let the cake stand day he is amazing varies in taste if the first day test like wet then on the second day of this importance
  • 06:13: less cake like insists and taste I do not know how I get express oneself more saturated than that well general if enough excerpts leave at least a piece for comparisons are not personal the cake has very much liked well, in general, like the whole pastry from pumpkins and more once many thanks Larissa in the hall is successful recipe but I congratulate everyone on Christmas holidays and up to new meeting new year [music]