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How to learn where there passes the electrical wiring in a wall...  See details »



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  • 00:00: hi friends with you channel master plumber today would I wanted to show you Here's the one here Chinese screwdriver bought in our store near the house costs about 60 70 rubles ordinary Chinese indicator a screwdriver of such a type with ringing shows phase shows 0 here 0 when you do not hold
  • 00:36: indicator weak weak light 0 more powerful light the phases are fainter brighter here is the usual Chinese screwdriver sparta but its what's the plus
  • 01:06: of course at can a show all kinds of interference here's the pro call it everything is clear, but its in than plus it can be ring up electric trails let's say we have goes rosette and somewhere there under the layer plaster passes electrical cable so that at least approximately determine
  • 01:37: where is this electrical cable we need only it 's just like this cheap screwdriver here no need then no buy super testers that costs several times expensive simple such here screwdriver in what her plus and plus and than when we need check where exactly in which place passes
  • 02:07: electrical cable in the wall we take this screw the screwdriver end of this slot screwdriver and prop and densely to the wall days on distance there let's say the dates a that's tight pressed against the wall and we start to conduct on wall approximately nail about here please, here we have in this place by layer plaster here brick house
  • 02:38: brick wall on plaster coat somewhere around 10 20 millimeters house old here is this screwdriver shows for vodka, that is, how once under the outlet as time more correctly under a socket with a screwdriver this outlet goes
  • 03:11: electric cable up there to the ceiling old wiring up ceiling and well and further she went on this Chinese the screwdriver she will show exactly where passes the cable is here and this the only plus the biggest beginners an electrician for this It's worth keeping in arsenal such a screwdriver because it is not enough what did they come to call up to find there
  • 03:42: hidden hidden defect hidden damages electrical wiring we called where must be pushed pulled wire restored and electricity went off further so that buy let it be will be in the arsenal of every wizard here see you caught fire here here it is necessary rosette passes
  • 04:12: such trails there upwards so here usually Soviet wiring tops down down and up the sockets so buy use this Here's a plus of this outlet you can call cable here, please but they are on the field defines with a bang so what is important is that it was like tightly connected
  • 04:43: took up the slot and began to call she reacts precisely on a magnetic field thank you all for attention and good luck friends goodbye