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  • 00:00: Hello everybody, I'm all friends again. was lost because we had a very a lot of work I love at the weekend I I like working weekend tranquility and calmness we give our customers somewhere there on the delivery throughout Moscow distribute them it's so cool that's it now they gave all their cakes and ran to make a video that we are today will shoot we have today it will be a mousse cake snickers I know how everyone adores asking for a cake snickers and today we will prepare it they are different and biscuit owls
  • 00:30: and so on, here we make him his variation where we will have caramel cooked where we will have a cream of belongings, they cream biscuit us is unusual a brown I I adore brownies. I love brownies until Do not fool with a vanilla ice cream ball it's crazy and that's all it is at We will be in a mousy under a dark dark dark chocolate or more precisely in the mus of dark chocolate 70 percent
  • 01:01: such a straight and better possible and in 89 So we start cooking with biscuit brownie what for this we need here We have dark chocolate 70 percent and butter I choose it in microwave oven for all pulse for 30 seconds every 30 20 seconds open the mix and completely melt to homogeneity and as long as we have it, we now we will beat the eggs together with
  • 01:32: sugar I always tell you About that when we pour sugar sand immediately on the stomach then yolk we are cut off with such flakes sweat hobby then completely can not be mixed and therefore fall asleep sugar or with them fell straight instantly turned on or on the go it do well, that is, we have included turnovers and fall asleep 1 3 seconds have passed and look here such
  • 02:05: here is the state of our chocolate together with butter a little bit like this mix and set for another 30 seconds only 2 and 30 years, and that's what we have here The consistency is already ready and that now do a little reducing the speed of the mixer and build the building here we reduce simply that nothing it was sprayed on our walls like this and here we have chocolate
  • 02:38: it turned out here in mass and now here fall asleep baking powder and flour continue stir all mixed up and now We send on parchment a little bit so distribute that is very thick us all we send in an oven we bake at 180 degrees include just the bottom and top
  • 03:10: how much time does it take all absolutely different approximately somewhere 10 maybe 10 minutes 10 to 15 minutes is unlikely and from above we should have crunch cool my favorite you know I many say I often say that I'm not very I love chocolate but I adore much not this just we recently had families in a restaurant jamie oliver in Moscow is simply awesome delicious friends if that's my
  • 03:41: advice man if someone likes italian The kitchen wants to enjoy the frankness and you eat in a restaurant jamie oliver in Moscow it was so delicious and when we are already on they cracked everything and needed to drink already tea and coffee we are there as far as we were six man we booked for six people 1 tiramisu and 11 brownies ice cream balls in the end, all the merge attacked at this level it was so delicious even after a dense dinner is always a buzz on and as cold as
  • 04:12: this morality shook all and Formed here is this thin crust on the inside, he must remain so slightly damp that is it is not the story where should you shelves quiet poke poking in order to check ready the linet rises is formed thin here is this crust is not after Well this might still be a couple of minutes a point you can get everything While the Brownie in our beluga rose from guards over form just me not
  • 04:43: high and did not want him to be strong rose Here and while the Brownies at us there we are prepared now prepare the salty caramel delicious incredible caramel show me a man who does not like caramel I I will picture a bunch of this you can not write caramel and so many friends We always receive questions about caramel and constantly write that she candles two things salting you apart from you to it is not quality dishes that you
  • 05:13: use thin but for example you need prepare a ladle with a thick bottom and a second the moment you do not bring the caramel to the desired when you need to say the right color, let's say then you start pouring cream there then when caramel is pale amber and therefore it is candied so that it does not sugary you need it to be straight dark amber Such around powerful caramel color in in general, that's all that's all these know tenderness type aa caramel bitter
  • 05:43: this for me, for example, is generally simple Well, so how should the taste you understand she caramel she caramel it is still here it's for me like a thin a touch of bitterness is a piquancy everywhere Our steep boss in Europe will learn that caramel should be slightly bitter imagine and we somehow have everything sissy all speak at so tender so we friends she can not see the first ghost of opera coffee with
  • 06:13: a thick bottom we have this eagle scoop and it will be referenced in the description to video naturally here's me sugar sand and water all I do is not touching anything do not mix minivans wmap chelini I can come here and and but the ships love and here and now that's the truth sandric no it's okay now we should bring our caramel to the dark
  • 06:44: amber color here and after that we will enter here the rest of the ingredients this cream creamy cream I have now in microwave oven let me now now for three and here I am I warm up to know at least so that there is not a very sharp temperature between this was then less shoots be sure have in your arsenal some kind of long stick trees because when we all have these fluids and all the oil is poured here so much
  • 07:15: shoots all the children of animal cockroaches all and take you away and do it here so that it does not scald all I can not get you all the stages of caramel show this here we can say the initial stage when the sugar is just boils and calmly with water to yourself here so that's gurgling maximum that you can do that what is here such here inclined movements if suddenly for example on the edges, here it begins sugar it is impossible to mix it
  • 07:46: then that it just gets here and then litter the only thing you can do it's like that here inclined movements but they are still here Do not need and so the next stage is already such here you see pale caramel color is obtained here are some places pieces of caramel sugar can here so you can radiate someone the account already goes for seconds all caramel My darkened and I'm adding here to eat see how far you are not behind and see
  • 08:19: what a long I have this mixer Dug and then look at such a dark the colors I have caramel it is seen see when you mix in no case from the walls there will be such sugar points are still something from the walls here's nothing to crochet in the middle and send here gelatin here she is a crust
  • 08:57: my beloved's brownie if not this one crust is not brownie from just biscuit and since we make a cake snickers where are we without peanuts and do not go anywhere? snickers must be with peanuts and friends you noticed that we are in Caramel did not add salt because we now we'll add salted peanuts be sure to take the salted roast it. so delicious here I do not want it like this large halves put here
  • 09:29: a little fuck here and shower here here in caramel just like this on top of a little chop is necessary and [music] send nuts to caramel so friends as we are doing today Mousse cake here I have here such here
  • 10:00: mold form of the chase it is not new by the way but just so I like it and if not I wanted to do just that in her accordingly, we need two felling is a ring of 16 centimeters and ouch 14 she is centimeters and a ring in 7 centimeters and then cut out cuts But here this middle I'm wrapped food film ring and now We send candy here also remove it's in the cold stuffing us should
  • 10:37: to freeze a good caramel filling We already touched the freezer in the freezer enough grasped still should Stand up but her surface is already cold and she is so dense and now we do cream cream I want to do mascarpone with cream I have here Mascarpone and powdered sugar and pour 33 percent of the cream here and all this whipped cream [music]
  • 11:08: site which cream we have amazing the cream turned into a confectionery bag and now I want it not just smooth and even layer put here to trim on such trifles in a cut it everything will be very beautiful and now this is that's beauty back to frost stuffing us completely froze and now we have all
  • 11:38: all stages of cooking are ready for us except in the trash we have now let the husband be on the dark chocolate 70 percent so here I have a little sugar because that all the same this chocolate is so bitter and therefore we will add a little sugar, pour cream or Milk forgive and put in the microwave Milk we need to bring to a boil then The same thing can be done on the stove and while
  • 12:09: we will be heated up there with milk and whip cream 33 percent whisk until soft peaks [music] Milk has come down to now I'm here add chocolate and put a term here Gelatin pressed down is swollen here it is here chocolate mass we need to cool down to room temperature for about to be combined with cream until I here jumped ran it chattered it from me
  • 12:40: already cooled down and therefore connect but this one here with this one [music] all we have prepared and are now pouring part of mousse to the bottom of the mold and send in the cold it should take us a little bit grab because the filling us
  • 13:10: heavy enough that it does not failed at our university to pump biscuit, I honestly a little bit overdried sweating is shorter mature yes hurt by skidrow its a little bit all he overdid it is not something like mine wet inside as I wanted and it's only I told you there's a brownie and and and so guys here this formochku in which u us stuffing is
  • 13:40: I'm taking it right now like this cut out oh fell a little shorter with us lego I like the puzzle in general and cut it cut off all the yummies back and what ? This is what we did not give it, I, too, now
  • 14:13: I clean while in a frost [music] [music] I pushed, of course, even more rudely said but I did put it all the same stuffed
  • 14:43: all friends are cleaning in Morocco and this one its called Lego brushed gathered remove in the frost, the cake should be completely for us and day until we can get it from here pull out that we had glosses of frozen and covered with frosting mirror velyur 87 than for now and taste 7 than you want already tired of rocks and even Hello again, my friends are officially
  • 15:16: congratulations on the first day of autumn is not by calendar and according to the weather, she is standing outside the window in Moscow today is relatively cold already we are all already such a jacket we go cake promo got a mirror glaze prepared and now what remains to us it remains to cover the cake to make a small chocolate decor cut it and tastes and since I will pull out of the mold I will not show you that everything is necessary very much to make a quick bet iniem all glazed
  • 15:46: [music] [music] [music]
  • 16:20: [music] [music] I do not have the cake as always
  • 17:02: defrocked at me full sensation that know that they eat ice-cream snickers crispy nuts caramel mascarpone and all this in stunning mucina dark dark chocolate friends this is very very delicious it's piquant it's very interesting it primacy is really here, here's the snickers I for example, I do not like ice cream at all
  • 17:33: I like ice cream only from McDonald's Here it is that's such a listless it happens that I can eat more ice cream these are the bars that are fashionable bounty twix and or snickers snickers this is the only ice cream in general which exists in the world that I can looks like it 's not like ice cream here and here it reminds me very much bar snickers is shorter it is very tasty it was very interesting to see this some decor we did showed
  • 18:05: you are such a decor as this You can do it all guys like this Here 's a cake for today how his name is Snickers recipe will be like always on our website I link you I leave in the description for this video also I remind you that today we worked with utensils taller stunning quality my favorite now utensils each of you has a discount of 15 percent in the store alex milano
  • 18:36: be sure to check out this products here and you will not regret me condemned I will also leave all the information for you. The tile shop below there will be links 7 tool which we enjoyed today's also promotional code information all for today, all the whole-hug we all lie now surely warm each other passionate passion in these gloomy cool autumn days I by the way, I belong to that category people who are generally so on the drum that
  • 19:06: going outside what time of year what there is the temperature there is the weather because that when the house is all right and this is the most the main thing that inside is good here more or less we are friends from home all is well you in general so it is all the same that I on the contrary, the tilde is worse than The warmer the house the cheeks evening goggles and so on all whole while embracing a proverb